Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bald Eagles for Christmas

Bald Eagle
(Haliaeetus leucocephlus)

Before you ask, YES!  I was this close!
However, this is really a story for my Cape Breton blog,
Why, then, am I posting on this blog?
Good question.  And I have a good answer!
Because, I joined Early Bird Christmas Crafting.
(see button on sidebar)

KaHolly, which began as a craft blog 2 years ago,
morphed into a natural history blog instead.
Not entirely comfortable blogging about
my crafts and quilts and materials,
I wanted to be able to link the two together.
for my first Early Bird Christmas Gift,
I made a set of cards using this picture!

I use actual photographs on my cards.
This set has the Charles Dickens quote
 on the inside that reads,
"Nature gives to every time and season
some beauties of its own.",
which is also matted in the same colors.

On the back of the cards I wrote my favorite interesting Eagle fact:

With a visual acuity 4-8 times better than a human's,
the Bald Eagle is a formidable predator. 
An eagle riding a thermal at an altitude of nearly 1,000 feet
uses its binocular and peripheral vision to spot prey
across a distance of nearly 3 square miles.

The complete set of 4 - 6 cards
 will bundled together with a pretty ribbon
and wrapped in plastic.

Yes, I was working on a quilt, everything just pushed to one side
to make room for card making,
so when I took this picture,
I thought it only appropriate to lay it upon
the pile of blocks I was working on.

How's that for coordinating a nature site with my crafting?



Crafty Gardener said...

gorgeous photo of the bald eagle and it makes a perfect gift

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Karen: How wonderful to get this close.

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Great shot. We have a few shots from Busch Gardens which has a sanctuary for injured eagles. It is amazing being that close to them.

Darryl and Ruth : )

Rambling Woods said...

Wow..those are going to be outstanding cards...

Linda Reeder said...

I like the idea of combining art crafts with nature. Nature is, after all, the perfect model.

Carrie P. said...

Awesome photo and great idea. I told my daughter she should do that with some of her fantastic photos she has taken.