Monday, May 30, 2016


Oh, my goodness gracious!
It's the end of May, and I haven't posted all month!
Contrary to popular belief,
I did not journey so far north
that I fell of the edge!
Here's living proof.

The NSQBQ met up this past Saturday
for the annual Thistle Quilt Guild Show
in Westville, NS
and what a time we had!
From left to right, (you already know that the tall goof is me),
Linda from Scrapmaster, Lesley, The Cuddle Quilter,
and Sheila at Sheila's Quilt World.
Linda has posted about our lovely challenge swap!
I'm sure she'd love to have you pop in for a visit!

I've only been able to grab snippets of sewing time,
as I've been helping The Ranger through a total hip replacement.
My sewing room was turned into a bedroom,
so he wouldn't have to negotiate the stairs.
But I have found time to reacquaint with my Janome,

Click picture to enlarge.
practicing on a pillow that I saw on Sew Mama Sew awhile back.
It was lots of fun to make!

Needless to say, I've had to relocate my machines!
My trusty Kenmore now lives under the kitchen window,
beside the wood stove,
which on one hand is a good thing,
considering it has been terribly cold
way up here in the Arctic
Cape Breton.

But a word to the wise...if your passion is sewing
and not so much cooking,
it's not a very good idea to have your sewing machine in the kitchen
when it's time to (begrudgingly) stop what you are doing
to prepare a meal.
Just sayin'.

While we're in the kitchen,
here is my new favorite one skillet meal.

(And yes, I can mess up this simple recipe, too,
especially now that my sewing machine lives in the kitchen.)

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day if you are in the states.
Let us remember the true reason for the holiday!