Monday, May 30, 2016


Oh, my goodness gracious!
It's the end of May, and I haven't posted all month!
Contrary to popular belief,
I did not journey so far north
that I fell of the edge!
Here's living proof.

The NSQBQ met up this past Saturday
for the annual Thistle Quilt Guild Show
in Westville, NS
and what a time we had!
From left to right, (you already know that the tall goof is me),
Linda from Scrapmaster, Lesley, The Cuddle Quilter,
and Sheila at Sheila's Quilt World.
Linda has posted about our lovely challenge swap!
I'm sure she'd love to have you pop in for a visit!

I've only been able to grab snippets of sewing time,
as I've been helping The Ranger through a total hip replacement.
My sewing room was turned into a bedroom,
so he wouldn't have to negotiate the stairs.
But I have found time to reacquaint with my Janome,

Click picture to enlarge.
practicing on a pillow that I saw on Sew Mama Sew awhile back.
It was lots of fun to make!

Needless to say, I've had to relocate my machines!
My trusty Kenmore now lives under the kitchen window,
beside the wood stove,
which on one hand is a good thing,
considering it has been terribly cold
way up here in the Arctic
Cape Breton.

But a word to the wise...if your passion is sewing
and not so much cooking,
it's not a very good idea to have your sewing machine in the kitchen
when it's time to (begrudgingly) stop what you are doing
to prepare a meal.
Just sayin'.

While we're in the kitchen,
here is my new favorite one skillet meal.

(And yes, I can mess up this simple recipe, too,
especially now that my sewing machine lives in the kitchen.)

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day if you are in the states.
Let us remember the true reason for the holiday!



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what a beautiful braid you have - I wish my hair was that thick, if it was I would grow my hair long for sure - instead short is best for this fine hair of mine. Hope the Ranger is recovered or well on his way. not a bad idea to have the machine in the kitchen - I tend to walk away from the stove and then all of a sudden hear something bubbling over!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Hope you had a great time with the girls. I need to pop over to Linda's blog to read all the details.

Lynn said...

Pretty pillow. It was so humid and hot here today I was dreaming of a cold day by the wood stove! Pretty pillow!

Linda Reeder said...

That's some mighty fancy quilt stitching!

Karen said...

Wow on your quilting, Karen!!!! And you told me you are "just a beginner"??
It was great to see you guys on Saturday. Thanks so much for the beautiful cookies. I am off to check your recipe, we could use some new ones around here.

Lin said...

Absolutely beautiful quilting - your cushion looks gorgeous! That pasta looks delicious too. Hope the ranger is making a good recovery and that he was a good patient! xx

hetty said...

Wow! Love the quilting on your pillow! I am definitely going to try that pasta dish. It looks delicious. Hope the Ranger is doing well.

Needled Mom said...

I hope the Ranger is doing well following the hip replacement.

I love your gorgeous pillow.

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Wow is your hair long, ever tell you I had mine all cut off when I reached the dreaded birthday? I can't talk about it or I will cry :( I love the cushion, I just hopped over and had a look at the other one but seriously, I prefer your version myself. The recipe looks great, only I'm vegetarian so I'd have to omit the sausage, or find some sort of substitute in quorn. Hope it warms up soon.

Anonymous said...

Hip replacement recovery and stairs - makes me shudder to think about that! I love your pillow - the quilting is fabulous and it looks good from a distance, too. Very elegant. I'm checking out the recipe, you betcha! I'm glad you got together with friends for some show fun. I can tell by the way your are all dressed that spring is not there yet! Or maybe that is spring in Cape Breton?

Sondra said...

I messed up first try on the comment hope this is not a dupe...
Helped Mom with 2 hip replacements, she is like the 6 million dollar man! Glad you got out with the Gild ladies and the pillow is very striking, good job!!

Createology said...

I love seeng your photo and your hair is amazing. Lovely pillow. Healing Energy for the Ranger as he recuperates from his hip surgery. Bye to May and onward to June...

Fiona said...

how lovely you all manage to get together.... such fun.... hope The Ranger is doing well - he will be up those stairs in no time.
Kitchens have good height benches for sewing but to stop to cook would be very hard!

Dan Kelly said...

The pillow is pretty and I LOVE the quilting!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, lovely ladies and photo! So glad you were able to get together. Your pillow is pretty and the pasta looks delicious. Happy June! Enjoy your day!

Sandi said...

Saw pictures on your friends blogs, love all the different pillow. Hope you had fun with your friends.

Allie-oops Designs said...

What a lovely pic!!! And wow, giving up your sewing room- well, for a good cause, anyway! Hope your Ranger is recovering well. That's a hard one. Your pillow is STUNNING...

Karen Ackva said...

Nice to see you made it back home safetly. And I am sure you are the perfect nurse for The Ranger too. I don't think I could have my sewing machine in the kitchen anymore...I would always be eating! I totally love the quilting on the pillow. You are teasing me with your Janome!! I might have to buy a new machine! Hugs, from Germany! Karen

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen ,what a fun get together,wow I love your cushion it's gorgeous,well done my friend xx

Judy said...

So glad to read a post from you and hear news about your life! It sounds like you've been busy and lucky you to meet up with your quilting and blogging friends :-) I love your machine quilting, I'm impressed. It's so much harder than it looks and your project turned out so nice!

Linda said...

I checked out the recipe you shared and tried another one that was similar to something I have made before but was much easier and less messy to clean up. Lots of great recipes on this site. Might have to try one out on you when you visit!
Sheila's pillow is just fabulous and looks wonderful in your room. The perfect spot! I adore the pillow you made. What a great job you did with the fmq. You are getting better and better all the time.

Vickie said...

AH HA ! There you are ! I love seeing the person behind the words ! And I see that you must be home away from all the waters of Texas! Isn't it just the coolest thing to meet the people of the blogs you read.....sorry we didn't make that happen......we will next year ! And by the way you are beautiful !

Binsa said...

Hi Karen, you made me laugh, I feel the same way now with the quilting frame. I have to stop to prepare meals.Love to try this recipe.Regards, lYN

Janice Holton said...

I just happened to run across this post with the blue pillow and wavy line quilting. GORGEOUS!!! Do you mind sharing with me how you did the quilting? I'd like to try that!