Wednesday, June 27, 2018

One Monthly Goal - Check!

I'm running low on patience with my Dell computer,
so this will be a short post
to link up with Patty at Elm Street Quilts

My goal was to do something I seldom do....
finish a BOM/QAL.

I proudly present my 
(Texas) Star Spangled BOM

All my close up shots were blurry,
but I am on Instagram,
secret code name -  ksroy54
(kaholly was taken, but isn't being used, hmmmm)
and my blocks are there.

While I was attempting to take pictures this morning,
I had to share my tree with a Hairy Woodpecker,
who was undaunted by my presence.

Computer issues always put me in a sour mood,
so I leave you now before I say
something I might regret!

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Jiggity Jig

It's been a blustery, cold spring in rural Cape Breton.
The thermostat reads 50*, but it feels more like 30. At least it's not raining anymore.
I've returned later than usual this year
and thought I might have missed the usual cold spring.

It was certainly raining when Lesley, The Cuddle Quilter,
drove us safely for our first annual meet up with Linda, the Scrapmaster, and
at a delightful little quilt show sponsored by

and Sheila's home guild.
She was our personal tour guide!
Here are a few pictures.

Lesley and Sheila

Linda and Sheila

Lesley and Linda

Sheila with her award winning Splendid Sampler!

Lesley admiring another beautiful example of Sheila's work.

On the homefront,
I've been getting a little sewing accomplished,
inbetween mowing the lawn,
which is more like a field right now,
and trying to get into sync with being back
after a long winter away.,
It might be cold, but it's peaceful here.

Early morning calm.  I can't resist reflections!
This is the view in front of my house.

The ocean smells so good when I step out the door to greet each new day
and the birds are singing from sun up until sun down.

Happy to be reunited with my sewing machines,
I'm working on the Star Spangled BOM
by Lindsey at Fort Worth Fabric Studio.
Lindsey was kind enough to send me the directions for the last
two months early so I could kit them up and bring them back to finish.
My Star Spangled BOM has a Texas theme
made from the leftover fabric from another long ago project.
Completing the blocks and sewing them all together into a flimsy
 will be my One Monthly Goal
for June.

Hope your week is off to a great start!