Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keeping a Nature Journal

Keeping a Nature Journal
Discover a Whole New Way of
Seeing the World Around You
by Clare Walker Leslie
& Charles E. Roth

I picked up this book as incentive to start
to draw in my journal(s).
My sister, The Fern Lady, was born with
the creative genes in the family.
She can draw,
she can play almost any musical instrument
                            she puts her hands on,
she can cook,
                                 and as if that isn't enough,
                                 she's smart.

Me?  I need lots of instruction!

I am delighted with my purchase.  If you would like
to encourage someone to
pay a little closer attention to nature,
this book would make a great gift!

I really wanted to do a post about this book
because I wanted to share this picture!

It's classic!