Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Too Much Fun in a Nutshell

The NSQBQ girls,
Linda, Sheila, Lesley, and myself,
gave a quilt show at
the 10th Annual Fibre Arts Festival 
in Amherst, NS
this past weekend.

Our venue was the town hall lobby, 
so space was at a premium,
but we made the best of it!

A special thank you to the Town Hall personnel
for tolerating us on such short notice.
We didn't make it easy!
Can you just imagine the four of us buzzing around
trying to set this up right under their noses?
It was quite the flurry of activity.
In the meantime,
I've been doing some secret sewing,
and now I can show and tell!

Linda has a very significant birthday coming up,
so I invited some friends and her modern quilt guild
to, as Lesley so aptly phrased it,
"give her a birthday hug by making a block"
for a special birthday signature quilt.

The other Karen, from Sugarfree Quilts, drove down to Amherst
to see our show, and, as prearranged, 
lured Linda away for a little while.

I pinned her quilt over another quilt, 
so it would be the first thing she saw when she came back in.

Upon reentering Town Hall,
she spotted this quilt right away and said,
"What's that quilt?  Where's my wedding quilt?"

"Oh," said Sheila, "we sold that and put this one up in it's place."

Half believing her, Linda approached the quilt with trepidation,

and started looking it all over


and then the light dawned

at which point I lost it,
started to cry,
rushed in for a hug,
and missed any more photo opportunities.

Linda did email a photo of the wonderful back,
the paper pieced panel contributed by Karen Chase.

I added the right hand column
which consisted of the label and a special block signed by Karen
before I brought it up to size.

That was our weekend in a nut shell!
I'm sure when you visit the other NSQBQ members,
you'll learn more about it.
I know we all agree 
that too much fun equals exhaustion!

Hope you had a wonderful, funderful weekend, too,
and are looking forward to a great week!


Thursday, October 5, 2017

"Sew" Much Gratitude

I am truly blessed
with some pawsitively awesome quilty friends,

As I visit one blog, and then another,
or take an extra minute to check out Instagram,
I'm seeing Dog Gone Cute blocks
popping up everywhere.

Here is a very poor,
and I apologize for that,
picture of the blocks I've rec'd from 
my Canadian blogger friends,
with a few smaller blocks thrown in by me.

Thank you all!

I will be basking in the afterglow of my birthday
for months to come, when I return to TX,
unite with the rest of them,
and get to work.

I couldn't ask so much of you without giving back.

I've made, and sent, two blocks

"...this blog, written by Kat, sponsors an ongoing project called Covered in Love. Kat is a nurse in a med-surgical unit at East Texas Medical Center. She supports the dying process for some of her patients. Knowing the comfort it provides the patient, and the family of that patient, she tries to provide a quilt for patients nearing the end of their life in the hospital. As the family transitions and grieves the loss of their loved one, they are able to keep the quilt as a treasure to bring them comfort."

                                One more thing before I go:

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for peanut butter cookies that I've ever made.
You'll want to double the batch!

So, again, thank you all 'sew' very much.
Now, I'm off to research a photo editor to replace PicMonkey!
Any suggetions?

Making a difference, one block at a time, with your help,