Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

I had the opportunity
to receive a lot of feedback from
the comfort quilts I make and gift others
in my community.
It warmed my heart.
But sometimes,
a picture (or three) says a thousand words.


My broken young friend
is doing very well.
Just the other day, she had all pins, screws, and the brace
holding her spine, hips, and pelvis together
and walked, with aid, for the first time
in over a month.

Although she faces grueling and intensive PT now,
she's young, strong, and determined.
Her boyfriend of 3 years did not survive the accident,
but I know he is watching over her
and her memories of the love they shared
will guide her through
the next few months of her recovery.
For me,
this is what making quilts
is all about.
Again, many thanks to Natalia
for casting her magic spell
over this quilt
and making this possible for me.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Imagine My Surprise

It is worthwhile to pay attention to what's happening
right in your own backyard.
I find lots of interesting things lurking about.
Most recently, while  snapping some last of the season
photos of my young hummingbirds,

a flash of yellow landed in the tree nearby.
Assuming it was just another American Goldfinch
(I have lots of them)
I didn't even look.
But, I did automatically pan the camera up and click a few times
before getting back to the hummers.
Imagine my surprise 
when I imported the pictures into the computer
and discovered I'd taken a picture of a new yard bird!!

This is an immature Nashville Warbler,
(Vermivora ruficapilla),
just passing through,
and a first-time yard bird for me.
A locally common breeder here in Nova Scotia,
as well as north central North America,
and preferring second-growth mixed woodlands,

the Nashville Warbler was considered rare in the 1800s.
It is one of those few birds that has actually benefitted
from the clearing of old-growth forests
for timber, agriculture, developement,
and greed.
Since I go out of my way to avoid those areas,
I've only seen one once before!
On the sewing front,
an elderly friend was recently gifted with an IPad
so she could keep in touch with her growing family
across the U.S.
Because she walks with a cane,
I made her a special tote.
I found the pattern at the Henry Glass site,
as part of the PDQ (Pretty Darned Quick) series.
Not only was it pretty darned quick,
it was lots of fun to put together!
There are more in my future.
The fabric was a gift from the lovely Lesley
Expecting an envelope with a few pieces of tone-on-ton scraps
so I could finish a small project,
imagine my surprise
when THIS showed up in my post office box!

Glad I wasn't walking that day!!
I usually do.
Thank you, Lesley!
It is a scrap quilter's delight!
Have a nice day!!
Thanks for stopping by.