Thursday, July 26, 2018

Scrap Frenzy

Focus has been my word for 2018.  
I’m one of those quilters who has multiple projects in the works
at one time.
I thought maybe I should just work on one project until it’s finished.
But that didn’t last long. 
I am in a scrap frenzy!
I think I need an intervention!

It all started when a quilty friend came to visit
and presented me with a bag of scraps
that had been cluttering HER sewing space for too long.
But that's a whole 'nother post!

In the meantime, I started a quilt in Texas
from leftover fabrics, in my attempt to use what I have,
and brought it back to Cape Breton to finish.

I have always been a big fan of Wendy Sheppard,
who shares her wonderful skill and creativity over at Ivory Spring,
and I wasn't surprised when I spotted this quilt 
and discovered it was hers!
Not only that, but it's a free download from RJR Fabrics!
And, the blocks finish up at 16" square,
which is perfect for a pillow
in ANY fabrics!
Ask me how I know!

I didn't have enough large solid scraps to make all the blocks,
but this one finishes up at 52" by 70",
and I'm okay with that.

I love to work with scraps and 'grow a quilt'.
To me, it’s like tending a garden.
Sometimes it takes a few years to complete a flimsy.
I’m okay with that!
So, while I have the solid scraps on the table,
I'm working on this:

You can see another scrap project peeking out at the top.
There is one more on the 'design floor'.
And one being quilted on the Janome.
I can't stop myself.


Every little scrap!  These squares are 1/2" finished!


Maybe if I cleaned off my cutting table,
I wouldn't feel so compelled?
Naw!  What's the fun in that?

BTW, the tutorial for the cute little pincushion is here!
If you scroll through Karen's archived posts,
you'll see lots of cool stuff!
Sometimes, that's what I'll do. 
I'll choose someone I admire, then go for a nice, long scroll.

Thanks for popping in!
I love it when you come to visit!