Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Individual Goals

Two Red-shouldered Hawks flew into a nearby tree,
calling and calling and calling.

This House Finch was grooming himself on top of the fence
when he heard the menacing, relentless calls of the hawks.

He thought he might be safer

if he dropped down a level
and watched and waited patiently,
he'd be safe.

He's just so cute!

While his goal is to stay alive,
mine is to make a quilt for my nephew, a Marine,
from start to finish,
by month's end.

His sister received hers at Christmastime

and now it's his turn.
I want to leave it in Maine with his mom
for his June birthday
when I pass through next month.

I started with this pattern,

changed it up a little bit,

and got right to work.

This is only as far as I've gotten,
but I know if I commit
by linking up to
Sew Bitter Sweet Designs

I'll be sure to meet my goal.

I'd better get back to my machine!
Those small sawtooth stars are a lot of work!