Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Market Cornered

I love spring!
And I get to welcome this time of renewal in Texas,

Puppy helping me clean out and rehang birdhouses.
then in Massachusetts,
up into Maine,
Trout Lilies on the bank of a stream.
and now back home in Cape Breton.

My new barn quilt, compliments of Crafty Daughter.
(I might enjoy it more here in Cape Breton if it was a little warmer!)

After a month of travel and a week back,
I've finally set up my sewing stations,
reacquainted myself with my Janome,
and made my 'to do' list.

I've visited lots of friends and family,

My little sister, The Fern Lady, and my Birdman BIL.
have seen many migrating birds,

Yellow Warbler
and went hiking at some new places,
but now it's time to start sewing again!

I'd say I've got the Spring Market cornered, for sure,

and instead of new lines of fabric and patterns,
I enjoyed 'the fabric and patterns of nature'.

Speaking of visiting friends,
I had a lovely visit from Julia, all the way from Yarmouth, NS.
She blogs over at Jada's Quilting Adventures.
She was raised on the island and still has family here.
She brought her sweet sister to meet me, too!
She's a new quilter!
We never thought to get a picture, though!

Have a great week!