Thursday, November 21, 2013

Upon My Soapbox

Christmas can be quite hectic and stressful for many.
Funny thing,
it is only one 24 hour day
and yet look at how consuming it has become.

I read a quote yesterday that struck a chord.
Simply said,
  "Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling."

Perhaps if more people could embrace this philosophy,
there would be more goodwill, more tradition, less commercialism.
Gifts would come from the heart.
Expectations would be less, finances wouldn't be as compromised,
and people would all be a whole lot happier,
(with the exception, of course, of the big commercial retailers!).
We would be able to free ourselves from the clutches
of the modern day concept of 'Christmas' ,
and get down to the business of
building upon memories  from our past Christmases,
while at the same time,
 creating new ones..... it should be.
I have long held the philosophy
that a handmade Christmas is the best,
and my family and friends have come to expect gifts that have been
thoughtfully constructed with them in mind.
I do not always make the gifts.
But I always give handmade
in an attempt to support other artisans.
I know in my heart that many of you do the same.
I'm really only preaching to the choir.
I wish
that the non-crafties in this world
would free themselves from the department stores
and shop handmade, too.
I wonder if they stop at Walmart on their way home from
the crafts fair that they didn't purchase anything from
and do their shopping.
There, I feel better.
Hope you have a wonderful day,

P.S. As an afterthought, might I add, if you have to shop,
try to shop local.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Count Down Begins

I have exactly 3 weeks
until I begin my migration.
I have a list with exactly 12 things
I need to finish
while I reorganize and store my supplies
for the winter.
(Upon my return,
I won't be able to find a thing!)

Yesterday morning,
 I rose nice and early, ready to work.
And work I did!!

But I...
(Oh, my goodness, it's snowing!!)
...didn't do one thing on the list.
I started a new project instead!
And was obsessed with working on it ALL day!

Need a new 'take a-long' recipe for the holidays?
My daughter found this dip recipe on Pinterest.
It is out of this world.
(picture courtesy of
Although it's called "Skinny Poolside Dip",
I think it would be a delicious addition to any holiday get-together.
I don't like to cook,
but I'd make this and bring it along with me anywhere,
any time,
and I believe it would be a big hit!
It calls for chopped jalepeno peppers.  I don't think it's too hot,
as a matter of fact, I don't think it's hot at all,
but if that concerns you, I don't see why you can't substitute a can
of chopped green chilis.  This will give you that spicy taste
without the heat!

This little kitty rides back and forth to university with her mom.
Looks like she's ready to go!!
As am the cutting table!!
Have a wonderful day,

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Good Day

It's difficult to believe that after such a perfect autumn day
and a starry, starry night,
I could wake to such a storm!
The winds are gusting out of the south from across the water.
This house was built in the mid-1800's
and has withstood many a storm over the years.
I know it's not going anyplace,
but when it shudders,
so do I!!

It's a good day to play with scraps!
My obsession with Dresden Plates began when I purchased
Loft Creations' Lady Fingers and Sugarbaby Bag pattern.
I've been addicted ever since!!
It will also be a good day to layer and finish this:

Gail Pan Designs had a BOM in 2009
and I've finally finished all the blocks.
I think this is where I confess to taking a little spill
and doing nasties to my ankle.
Nothing like a little down time to work on stitcheries!!
I couldn't wait to sew them all together!

See?  I do, eventually, finish things!
It only took me 4 years!
But, it's not quite finished, yet.
Thank goodness for such talented ladies like Stephanie and Gail!
Their creative abilities make me shine.
It's also a good day to have a birthday!
Happy Birthday to Linda at Scrapmaster,
one of my Nova Scotia quilting blogger buddies,
(try to say that 3 times fast!).
If you have a second, stop by her blog and
help make her birthday that much more special!!
Have a great day full of quilty goodness!