Thursday, July 16, 2020

My Little Corner of the World

I've become a real news hound during this pandemic,
simply because I feel the need to know what's going on.
Things aren't pretty.
It doesn't really matter what political party you align with,
the facts are the facts.
It's time to stop laying blame for all the things that were done wrong,
and time for everyone to get on the same page,
and to start doing everything right.

This morning I read a new post from
and she has graciously shared a free
Quilt of Valor pattern.

Stars of Courage is a FREE Quilt of Valor pattern designed by Julie Cefalu at The Crafty Quilter.

Thanks ever so much, Julie!
This would be a fun quilt to make no matter what the colors!

I also want to bring to your attention that
Stephanie of Loft Creations
has reissued several of her patterns for incredibly low prices
and they are available in her Etsy Shop.
Her incentive is just to keep everyone sewing
during this incredibly difficult time.
I have made many of her creations
and have many more to make.
I love them all.

Know what else I love?
This quilt!

Signed, sealed, and delivered
to Crafty Daughter's boss, and well received!
It came out beautifully.

I also completed the second quilt top for the two children
who lost their mom in a vehicular accident last summer.
This one is for the little boy.

I used Bento Box blocks with a Fandangle fat quarter bundle
I found the perfect flannel to use as backing
for each quilt,
so all I need to do is layer and quilt them!
I just know that one of these mornings,
I'm going to wake up and say,
"Today's the day!"

Last, but certainly not least,
I'd like to share Crafty Daughter's Little Free Library suite.

She asked her significant other to build her one for her
November birthday,

and asked me to register it for her as my gift.

The yellow library is the original,
and when it became such a success,
the children's library was added.
Crafty Daughter takes her stewardship
of this little free library very seriously, and does a great job.
On instagram, check out #LittleYellowLibrary!

Please stay safe,
use caution when you go out,
and wear a mask!
Don't be part of the problem,
be part of the solution!!