Thursday, July 16, 2020

My Little Corner of the World

I've become a real news hound during this pandemic,
simply because I feel the need to know what's going on.
Things aren't pretty.
It doesn't really matter what political party you align with,
the facts are the facts.
It's time to stop laying blame for all the things that were done wrong,
and time for everyone to get on the same page,
and to start doing everything right.

This morning I read a new post from
and she has graciously shared a free
Quilt of Valor pattern.

Stars of Courage is a FREE Quilt of Valor pattern designed by Julie Cefalu at The Crafty Quilter.

Thanks ever so much, Julie!
This would be a fun quilt to make no matter what the colors!

I also want to bring to your attention that
Stephanie of Loft Creations
has reissued several of her patterns for incredibly low prices
and they are available in her Etsy Shop.
Her incentive is just to keep everyone sewing
during this incredibly difficult time.
I have made many of her creations
and have many more to make.
I love them all.

Know what else I love?
This quilt!

Signed, sealed, and delivered
to Crafty Daughter's boss, and well received!
It came out beautifully.

I also completed the second quilt top for the two children
who lost their mom in a vehicular accident last summer.
This one is for the little boy.

I used Bento Box blocks with a Fandangle fat quarter bundle
I found the perfect flannel to use as backing
for each quilt,
so all I need to do is layer and quilt them!
I just know that one of these mornings,
I'm going to wake up and say,
"Today's the day!"

Last, but certainly not least,
I'd like to share Crafty Daughter's Little Free Library suite.

She asked her significant other to build her one for her
November birthday,

and asked me to register it for her as my gift.

The yellow library is the original,
and when it became such a success,
the children's library was added.
Crafty Daughter takes her stewardship
of this little free library very seriously, and does a great job.
On instagram, check out #LittleYellowLibrary!

Please stay safe,
use caution when you go out,
and wear a mask!
Don't be part of the problem,
be part of the solution!!



Sondra said...

So happy to see you are engaging yourself in what's going and sharing the positive idea of doing what we can, it's all we can do. Your quilt projects are as always so creative and shows your generous nature to no end. Stay safe and keep doing the good work! The library is such an excellent gift to the community.

Maria said...

It's good to keep with what's going on at this time...
Great photo of your daughters boss with her beautiful quilt.
Lovely quilt you've made for the little fella..
Great job your daughter is doing with the free Library . Such a fabulous idea..
Stay safe and well. 🤗

Christine B said...

What wonderful quilts you have been making Karen and I love your daughter's library, it is beautiful as well as generous. Take good care. Hugs Christine xxx

ButterZ said...

A big cheer for the community library. So special.

Karen S said...

Lovely to see those great quilts. Looking good.
And that library is amazing. Love seeing these popping up everywhere. But this one is special!

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Just after I was thinking of you I got notification of your post. Not for the first time this has happened, strange! I’m thinking of all of you across the pond and beyond, thankfully it’s improving here, for now. I absolutely love the quilt for your daughter’s boss, I would have loved a close up of your quilting, I know how talented you have become. The library is a wonderful idea, she is obviously as community spirited as her Mom, and such a fun design too. Great post Karen.

Julie said...

So proud of yours and your daughter’s extra mile attitude! The world is a better place with both of you in it. I applaud you!

FlourishingPalms said...

It's so good to see a post from you! I've been missing knowing what you've been up to. But no surprise, it's all good stuff. How lovely to see the gifted quilt with the recipient. That's gotta warm your heart, as it does mine. And your two quilt tops will be great finishes with Christa's gorgeous geo-looking fabrics (no flowers, yay!) and flannel. No doubt you'll be able to knock out quilting fairly quickly. Those little libraries are darling! That Snoopy is just perfect! I am sure the kids love it, and it's a well-used spot. Those are waterproof boxes, right? After learning about the Little Free Library system, I checked into it. Unfortunately, our community developer's rules do not allow them, just like I can't use a clothesline. Darn. I understand your disappointment with our country, and peoples' behavior. It seems that difficulties bring out the worst. Like Texas, our Florida numbers are horrifying, and are keeping us at home. The end is NOT in sight. Sigh.

Lois Evensen said...

I totally agree that we all need to keep up with the news about Covid-19 and need to follow the data to make decisions wisely. We're keeping very busy here, too. At least we were already retired when this virus hit. If hubby had still been working at sea, this would have been a real mess. We have Captain and Chief Engineer friends who are out there floating around on huge cruise ships with a skeleton crew and no guests. The ships need to be kept "alive" so need to have crew on board. What a mess.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love the little libraries! I so agree with you - people just need to work together and get this virus out of here - if they would just come together! love that quilt

Louise said...

I love how you laid out the colors in the Bento box, with the darkest color making that bold diagonal! And the little library for kids is just the best idea ever. Readers become voters :)

canuckquilter said...

I love Little Free Libraries. Thanks to Craft Daughter for tending one.
As usual, your quilts are lovely. I particularly like the blue and green bento box one.

Paula, the quilter said...

No sewing is happening at my house right now. Son and DIL and the grands are moving in for several months while they look for a new house/built one. My sewing room has turned into a storage room. �� but it will be fun to see more of them. At least that is what I keep telling myself to stay on the positive side.

Fiona said...

Lovely post, lovely quilts and lovely library.... all great ideas. I don't understand the blame game that goes on... its seems it always has to be someones fault... we all need to be responsible I think...

kiwikid said...

Great post Karen, I am am the opposite to you, I try to avoid the news, head in sand I know but feel happier that way. The virus is bad in Melbourne again, luckily it has not spread down here yet. You have made a stunning quilt for the young man, love the colours you have used. Love the Free Little Library idea, your daughter (and her significant other) have done a great job having two libraries on the go. Beautiful to encourage reading. Stay safe. said...

Great quilt for the bosses daughter. Also the one made for the little guy who lost his mom. Oh love the little libraries.

Createology said...

You have said i so well. Let us all fix the problems. Love your quilts. Your heart is huge and you are so very generous. Love the little Free Library Suite. Snoopy is adorable! We are wearing our masks and trying to stay home as much as possible. Blessings Dear Karen.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

The library is such a great idea. I hope you are doing well in these trying times.

Carol S. said...

News has definitely been good and bad for getting information on what's happening. The hardest part is knowing what is true. In spite of that, I try to stay informed. I love your quilt to the! It is beautiful. That library is such a sweet way to get kids to read.

JanineMarie said...

This post thrills me, Karen. Well, not the news part. I’m torn between watching too much and not enough news. I feel better when I turn it off and sew, but not knowing what’s going on seems like it could be a dangerous thing on many levels. The thrilling part is seeing your gorgeous, sophisticated quilt on the lap of its new owner and your other projects. AND the double-decker Little Free Library. I take photos of these wherever I find them. Your daughter’s is fabulous, and so neat to have one that can be reached by children. What a sweet partnership for you.

Susan said...

Please bear in mind that some people with breathing difficulties, heart problems, and PTSD cannot wear a mask, and don't think the worst because they aren't. People attacked a woman in Wal-Mart this last week, physically AND verbally abusive to her because she had no mask. With every other single person wearing one, why were they that afraid? No one would listen to her, the manager wouldn't help her and she finally had to call the police to get people away from her, ramming their carts into her. That's not right, no matter what one's opinion is. Be kind and compassionate!

Thanks for the QOV link. I also like that red and white and black quilt - way cool. As is the library idea. Wonderful plan to share books.

Janice Holton said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That white, red, and black quilt is a stunner! Lucky recipients! The Bento Box quilt is a winner too. You've made some gorgeous quilts this month, Karen! That little library is the cutest thing. What a lovely idea and kudos to your friend for faithfully taking care of it. I enjoyed your post a lot. Keep it up!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I find myself turning off the news more and more, but then there is FB, Twitter, etc. LOL. I guess I need to turn off everything, but the AC.

Nann said...

What a charming LFL! And kudos to your daughter for being its steward.

Nann said...

P.S. We watch the PBS NewsHour and the local PBS news, Chicago Tonight. Print sources are the Chicago Tribune and Christian Science Monitor. (And I get Washington Post online.)

Roy Norris said...

Hi Karen, well said.
Your not running for the top job are you,
I would vote for you.:))

Pink Rose said...

Hi Karen oh I love the idea of the library,great idea. the quilt looks awesome ,stay safe and take care my friend xx

R's Rue said...


Preeti said...

The best part of this blogpost is the expression on the face of Kirsten's boss' face. She has the expression of someone who feels secure, is at peace and knows that she is loved... everything that we as quilters wish our quilts can do. You killed it, Karen!!!
Like you, I refuse to switch off the news because I refuse to bury my head in the sand. These are trying times and we cannot afford to be distracted.
Hugs to you. Please stay safe.

Frédérique said...

Beautiful projects, all of them, quilts and little free library!

Sheila said...

I love the quilt you created for Kirstens boss , it's beautiful and seems well received. The quilt for the young boy is adorable and will also be well received. I love the idea of the library , I've seen a few pop up around Nova Scotia as well , it's such a wonderful idea ,i applied Kirsten!
You are right we need to all work together to put an end to this pandemic , just do what needs to be done , wear those masks , wash those hand's and Stay isolated !

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the QOV pattern! Love the photo of the recipient loving her quilt!!!! Excellent finish for the son who lost his mother. Quilted hugs, for sure.

Binsa said...

Enjoyed catching up with you via your post Karen. Love the community library, great idea.Stay safe and well.

Barb said...

Beautiful quilts....and I am sure the two that lost their mom will love their quilts. That library is just adorable and so functional....

Bonnie said...

I love seeing Little Libraries springing up. There's one quite near my daughter's house but I'm not sure she or her kids use it. I should give her some of my books to put in there. I'm sorry to say that it appears that Stephanie is closing her Etsy shop as of the end of the year. Thanks for the link. I'll be going back to check out her patterns. I may "need" one. Yep, we are mask wearers whenever we go out. I was happy to see everyone at Costco was wearing one today when we shopped. I'm guessing I'm staying home for the rest of the week. Watch out sewing machine I'm going to be quilting a storm.

KaHolly said...
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Lorna McMahon said...

Beautiful quilt and top! Those libraries are adorable and FUN!

Barb said...

Where are you?????? I love the quilts and am so impressed with the library...what a fun thing to do for the neighborhood. Hope you are safe and well.