Monday, January 27, 2014

I'M the Winner

Thank you all for commenting on my latest post.
I have closed the little give-away and am pleased to announce
that Karen of Quilts...etc. is the winner.
I hope you enjoy your cards, Karen.
Watch for the mailman!!
I'm actually the winner
because I have so many wonderful bloggers to visit each day
while I have my morning coffee,
who leave sweet comments on my posts,
and who inspire me endlessly.
Last evening, I finished the pillow I was making
for my wee one year old friend
and I am so excited at how nicely it turned out.
The stitchery pattern is from an earlier issue
and was so much fun to do. 
It held a special attraction for me
because it has that old-fashioned appeal.
In lieu of a ruffle, I tried putting binding around it
and I WILL be doing that again. 
I got the idea from THIS post on Sew Mama Sew.
I'll be traveling to Houston to visit my little friend
this weekend and I can't wait!
I hope everyone is having a glorious day.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Texas On Ice

San Antonio joined the rest of the nation
and was iced in yesterday.
The whole city was practically closed down,
including the highways.
San Antonio is a BIG city and has lots of highways.
There are highways on top of highways!
I'm not a city girl, so it kind of makes my head spin.
So, what do you do when you can't go out? 
Get busy in the sewing/craft room,
like everyone else!

While I worked on a Valentines' Day wallhanging
and finished up my project tote bag
my daughter got busy in her craft room,
making Valentine Day cards
at my request.

Her creative juices were flowing
and she couldn't stop!
We have more cards than we need.

So, she has generously offered to donate
a set of 4 of these sweet, homemade cards
for me to give-away.
(Anyone who purchased quilt label templates from me
is automatically entered for an extra opportunity to win.)

Unfortunately, there isn't enough time to mail these overseas
to arrive in time for Valentine's Day giving,
and I feel so badly about that.
I'll make up for it later!

Back to my wallhanging and project bag-
in an attempt to work with what I have,
I cut up an old chambray jumper,
used a charm pack that I won last year,
and found a length of natural canvas in my stash.
I was working on that Sweet Dreams stitchery
(pictured above with the tote)

for my evening handwork project,
so tried to do something quick and easy on the front of the tote,
no time for hand applique....this time.

During the evening hours, we worked on some cookies. 
I had just put out an order for a baby shower,

so there were lots of leftovers.
My daughter had meetings all week
and didn't get to help with the order,

so she finished up the batch of icing for me,
 so there would be no waste.

I apologize for the quality of today's pictures.
My computer is dying a rather slow and agonizing death,
and I can't really see them very well.
Not only that, I didn't exactly take the time to 'stage' them.
That's just like me.
Maybe if I publish them small.......

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!
Thanks for stopping in for a visit.

 **Give-away now closed.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Quilt Labels

I love making quilt labels.
Sew much sew, that the ladies in my little quilting group
often come to me for this final step
in finishing their quilts.
The last one I made before heading south was a polar bear!

In an effort to accumulate a little pin money
sew I can purchase some of the wonderful
creations that I've recently added to my wish list,
I'm offering these quilt label templates for sale.

(Update:  These labels are
no longer available.)
They are very versatile.
Sometimes I take the time to embroider them.
Often, I just leave them in ink.
Seldom do I think to take pictures of them.
But here's one that I embroidered:

  I print out what I want to say in the center
and use my light box or the sliding glass door
to trace it.
Sometimes I just freehand it.
My writing is similar to the font I used for the label.
Here's one more that is not embroidered,
and matches the design on the topside.

My wish list, you ask?
How sweet of you.
Well, there's Loft Creations' new book
And Piece'n Quilt's new book

And ALL of Michelle Ridgeway's stitchery patterns...
...Val Laird has been designing up a storm,
and Inklingo has been on my wish list since
Karen at Quilts...Etc.  started post pictures of her Lucy Boston quilt,
which I totally fell in love with. 
New to my wish list is Loft Creations' irresistible new bag
called "Prairie Tote".
(This is just a partial list.  I want to make everything I see!)
I know some quilters struggle when it comes time to make that label.
Hopefully. these templates will fill in the blank and make it easier.
I've put it on my sidebar, too.
Do one little, special thing for yourself each day this week.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Everything's Bigger in Texas

And that includes lemons.
Yes, that tape measure says 16"!
These are Ponderosa Lemons.
First time I saw them, I was shocked.
When a neighbor dropped these off,
I could think of a half dozen delicious recipes to try.
Sweets, however, are being avoided in this household.
Instead, we made bath scrub with salt and with sugar,
using some recipes we found on Pinterest.
(Lemons are very cleansing and are widely used to alleviate acne.)
All of the ingredients were already in the cupboard!!
And, it only took a few minutes.
I love the fresh lemony scent in my morning shower,
 enjoy the gentle exfoliation, and appreciate the moisturizing oils
on my overdry, winter skin.
Here are the two recipes we've tried so far:
Lemon Scrub w/sea salt,
the recipe called for coarse salt, but we only had the more refined.
Worked great and is less abrasive.
Lemon Scrub w/sugar.
We added just a little food coloring to tint the scrub yellow
and some of the zest to add interest to the texture,
as well as a little more natural lemon scent. 
We intend to try more recipes, so we can choose our favorite.
There was plenty of juice and zest left over.
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, January 10, 2014

If It's Not One Thing........'s another.
That's my collective excuse for not posting.
Or sewing.
But I'm slowly getting back on track.
I will say that I am completely overwhelmed with all the things
I WANT to make,
pinterest being the bain of my existence!
Before I left for my winter in TX, I ordered this
project tote pattern

from PatchworkPlus,
and it was waiting for me when I arrived.

It doesn't just 'whip' up, so I am forcing myself
diligently working on it daily.
Sorry, no pictures yet.

Terry's Treasures is hosting a fun sew-along
(Goodnight Irene)
and I DO have a few pictures to share!


I actually have two rows completed now.
Luckily, I had a nice length of vintage calico in my TX stash
for the X blocks that was perfect.
Thank goodness for Terry. 
She kept me sewing even though I wasn't very motivated.
I have a new sewing machine!
It's a 1964 cabinet model Kenmore,

and we are busy becoming acquainted.
My home machine is a 1974 Kenmore,
and I wouldn't part with it for all the tea in China.
(The fact that I don't drink tea has nothing to do with it!!)
I'm excited that this one is in a cabinet
giving me ample space to practice my FMQ.
What would my blog post be
without a few pictures of birds, I ask you?
I wasn't disappointed when I arrived in TX.
Every morning there was a different raptor sitting in
a neighbor's tree.

is a neighborhood bully
and is around quite a lot.

I think he see's me.
Much to my surprise, the following morning I saw a Crested Caracara up there.


And when I stepped out further to snap a photo,
discovered not one, but two!
I believe they travel in pairs, seems as though I always see
at least two.
This pic shows the 'crest'.

The third morning, I looked up
and this little guy was in the Raptor Tree.

I believe he's a Red-Tail.
He's been back a few times.
I have lots of pictures of him, but I think
you've endured enough for today!
Here's wishing every one's New Year
is off to a great beginning!
( Thank you to Kathie's Birds for helping me correctly identify
the Red-shouldered Hawk!)