Friday, January 10, 2014

If It's Not One Thing........'s another.
That's my collective excuse for not posting.
Or sewing.
But I'm slowly getting back on track.
I will say that I am completely overwhelmed with all the things
I WANT to make,
pinterest being the bain of my existence!
Before I left for my winter in TX, I ordered this
project tote pattern

from PatchworkPlus,
and it was waiting for me when I arrived.

It doesn't just 'whip' up, so I am forcing myself
diligently working on it daily.
Sorry, no pictures yet.

Terry's Treasures is hosting a fun sew-along
(Goodnight Irene)
and I DO have a few pictures to share!


I actually have two rows completed now.
Luckily, I had a nice length of vintage calico in my TX stash
for the X blocks that was perfect.
Thank goodness for Terry. 
She kept me sewing even though I wasn't very motivated.
I have a new sewing machine!
It's a 1964 cabinet model Kenmore,

and we are busy becoming acquainted.
My home machine is a 1974 Kenmore,
and I wouldn't part with it for all the tea in China.
(The fact that I don't drink tea has nothing to do with it!!)
I'm excited that this one is in a cabinet
giving me ample space to practice my FMQ.
What would my blog post be
without a few pictures of birds, I ask you?
I wasn't disappointed when I arrived in TX.
Every morning there was a different raptor sitting in
a neighbor's tree.

is a neighborhood bully
and is around quite a lot.

I think he see's me.
Much to my surprise, the following morning I saw a Crested Caracara up there.


And when I stepped out further to snap a photo,
discovered not one, but two!
I believe they travel in pairs, seems as though I always see
at least two.
This pic shows the 'crest'.

The third morning, I looked up
and this little guy was in the Raptor Tree.

I believe he's a Red-Tail.
He's been back a few times.
I have lots of pictures of him, but I think
you've endured enough for today!
Here's wishing every one's New Year
is off to a great beginning!
( Thank you to Kathie's Birds for helping me correctly identify
the Red-shouldered Hawk!)


TexWisGirl said...

i love getting to see the caracaras, too! such a treat. and i think your sewing machine is COOL! (and i don't sew!)

hetty said...

Love your Goodnight Irene blocks! Such pretty flowered fabrics. It will be a beauty! Interesting raptors. I never like to see them around my place because it means that my little birds are in danger.

Terry said...

Your sew-along blocks look great! They're going to make a beautiful quilt! :0)

Kerstin said...

I like the look of the projekt tote pattern.
Congratulation to the new machine.
and now Im off to check on the sew along.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love the birds!! I had three blue birds show up in my yard yesterday and I rarely see them for some reason, got a photo I will post it tomorrow. Nice sewing machine and cabinet - have fun with it.

Lynn said...

Oh yes, the list of what I want to do is so long and the list of what I should finish, probably just as long. And you are right pintrest doesn't help at all. I like the bird photos. I've been watching the birds here today, there's lots of activity at the suet feeder, woodpeckers and bluebirds, vying for spots. And don't get me started on hawks. I have a red tailed one here (maybe more than one) plaguing my poor chickens.

Lesley said...

Nice to see you in blog land! Love those blocks with such gorgeous fabrics! Looks like there is lots of bird watching going on! And a new to you sewing!

Sheila said...

Oh your new quilt project is gorgeous , love those colors! Love the new machine too , I think I had one similar years ago , great machine. Oh lucky you to see such great birds , I so enjoy seeing different birds . hugs Sheila

Miss Holly said...

Wow!!!! The caracara!!!!! I've never ever seen one!!! Incredible !!
Love the fabric you are using for the quilt...absolutely beautiful!!
I had all these post holiday plans and I seem to be lacking in big drive!!
Hand embroidery...yes...a little knitting...yes but my paint the whole house and sew all new everything...hmmmmmmmm not so much....
Still have my tree up!!!

Fiona said...

great to see your birds... they look so regal...
pretty sewing too... such happy colours in your quilt and the tote is going to be gorgeous.
great new machine too.... you won't know how you managed without that extra space...

Roy Norris said...

Have a great 2014 Karen.

Linda Reeder said...

I am impressed that you use and love the old mechanical, pre-computerized sewing machines. You sure know how to make them work for you.

Binsa said...

Hello Karen, I enjoyed catching up with you in this the caddy pattern. Hugs O'faigh

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the bird photos, Karen, but I'm tickled pink about your '64 and '74 sewing machines, because I have a story...
I'm no seamstress, believe me, but in 1967 I got married and my mother got pregnant.
Having failed sewing classes in school, I was nevertheless determined to make something special for my new sibling (described, early on, as "this is your brother Robbie" as Mother patted her abdomen, and she was right).
But, sewing...yes, I bought a sewing machine, a basket with the framework for a canopy, lots of blue fabric, lots of white eyelet, and lots of child-patterned padded plastic.
First I lined the basket and canopy with the plasticized padding. Then I made a mattress to fit the basket. Then I trimmed the whole thing with blue ruffles, themselves trimmed with white eyelet.
Then I made a quilt. I, who had never seen a quilt made nor read anything about it. My method was simple, make a zillion little pieces of fabric and sew them together as if I had never cut them up.
My mother, who of course knew I had failed making a potholder and an apron in Junior HIgh, was thrilled.
Robbie was very tiny, and slept in that cradle for many months.
I then made two dresses for myself, and gave the sewing machine to my other brother's wife.
The 60s weren't all free love and wild living. Sometimes the 60s were determined young women doing things they couldn't do for someone they didn't know yet.
My brother Rob is now 45, successful, handsome, charming, funny, talented, adventurous, and just generally one of the world's all-time great young men, all because his big sister made him a cradle.
True story.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Looks like you are enjoying your TX sojourn! The projects are wonderful and the birds are a treat; thanks for sharing them with us. We have Cooper's and Red Tails here in NC, they can be quite pesky (and loud) in the summer as they nest close by, and will scold me when I walk out to the mailbox. But... they always amaze me when in flight, they are awe-inspiring as they command their air space! Happy New Year!

DeniseinVA said...

There are some lovely birds out there in Texas but I have only seen these in photos. One day for real hopefully. Love your sewing creations :) Happy New Year if I haven't already said so.

Maria said...

Great photos of the birds...
Nice sewing case you are working on.
Just love the fabrics you are using for your SAL

grammie g said...

HI Karen... First I have to say I just love my phone case!! At first it was a pretty snug fit as I had put an outer cover on the back, but it has giving some so we okay!! : )

Glad to see your getting into your Texas hibernation mode : )!!
You'll have the new machine zinging away in no time!!
Love the colors in the piece you are working on, the blue is gorgeous!!

Good birding to !!


PS Saw your comment on my blog and yes I do eBird counts but had slacked of some!! I am back on the ball with it again!! Maybe that's where the familiar name came from!! Next time you are here we'll give it a try to visit!
Like you said Monmouth just around the corner well at least 30 minutes !!

Carrie P. said...

glad you are enjoying your time in TX. Great find in the sewing machine. You are working on some neat projects. Love the blocks.
I wish that coopers hawk would come bully the moles and voles in my yard.

Just Ramblin' said...

Love your colors for the sew along blocks. Wish I could do them, but have to draw the line somewhere. How fun that you found the sewing machine. Now you'll definitely be back in the sewing mode. Amazing pictures of the birds. You really have a knack for capturing them. Have fun sewing and snapping pictures. Nola

Rambling Woods said...

Oh the sewing machine took me back to watching my grandma sew.... Glad you had a good time.... Michelle

Abby and Stephanie said...

Even if time consuming that is an adorable tote. The purple and white blocks are so vibrant and pretty -- just what the doctor orders in the dead of Winter. However, I can tell you that gorgeous blue Texas sky that you are not suffering Winter too much! What a wonderful machine and cabinet. Mom still has her original Singer and cabinet.

Vickie said...

Welcome to Texas ! I'm sew impressed you know the names of the birds. My daughter lives in High Island,you probably know about the birding that happens there in March and April.

FlourishingPalms said...

You've been missed! I've been wondering what you've been up to, especially following your ankle injury. All healed now? So glad you're sewing, even if it's a bit reluctantly. Your project tote will be great, and I love your quilt-along pieces. That purple color is smashing! I hope you're feeling well, and happy.

Lynette said...

What a cute project tote! And I love the sew-along that you're doing. Your colors really are delightful.

Karen said...

Very pretty Irene blocks. I like your tote. It is adorable. Thanks for sharing pictures of the hawks. I bet they are awesome to see.

Julie G. said...

The patterned fabrics used in the sew-along quilt are really quite beautiful. Sounds like a fun project! I hope you are enjoying your new sewing machine ... very exciting!

How lucky you are to see the Crested Caracaras! Every time I vacation in Florida, I have my fingers crossed that I will see one of these very cool birds. No luck yet. Your neighbor certainly has a great tree for spotting raptors. Delightful post!

Bob Bushell said...

The Caracaras is a beauty, and the things that you have made are works art.

Rosa said...

Your blocks are awesome,love your fabrics combo and tote pattern.Have fun playing with your mchine.

Looks like you are enjoying TX day,that`s great.Thanks for the pics.

Tudy said...

Love the purple blocks.

swamp4me said...

You make me want to drag my sewing machine out of the closet and work on that quilt I started 33 years ago.
And I love your hawk pictures.

Kathie Brown said...

Karen, you know I love seeing all those birds! Cascaras in your yard! Wow, what a yard bird to have! However, I think your first hawk in not a Cooper's. I think you have a Red-shouldered hawk there. The tail is far too short and there is absolutely no gray cap on its head. Take another look at your bird guide and tell me what you think! That would be a nice species to add to your list, don't you think!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Love seeing all the bird photos and I'm like my old machines!