Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sweet Summer Days

Another glorious summer day has dawned
here on Cape Breton Island.
We certainly are being rewarded for waiting so long
for it's appearance!

This past Saturday, the NSQBQ (minus one)

(Karen, Lesley, Linda)

was on the road again;
this time, their yearly trek to Pictou, NS for the

(Click picture to enlarge)

annual quilt show.

Sadly, Sheila of Sheila's Quilt World
was unable to join us this year
and we really missed her.

I love this guild's wall hanging.
The lighthouse is shining right down onto Pictou
on the applique of Nova Scotia mainland.
See Cape Breton Island at the upper right?
And that small land mass in the center is Prince Edward Island.
The red plaid applique on the left is New Brunswick.

This quilt shows the maritimes
appliqued in the different tartans that represent each province.
Extremely clever!
I like clever.

Seemsas though we liked, and photographed, the same quilts,
so I defer you to The Scrapmaster, aka Linda,
and Lesley, The Cuddle Quilter
to see all the quilter's eye candy
on display at the show.

Lesley and Linda brought two beautiful quilted creations to
photograph against the harbor scene at Pictou,

but the wind had other ideas!
See how 'straight out' those flags to the left are flying?
I'm surprised the girls weren't launched skyward!
That's sure a funny image in my mind's eye!

Making memories!
We certainly had fun.


In my last post,
I showed you a picture of Ruddy Turnstones
and gave you a little information 
about them.

Yesterday, I was paddling in a more sheltered location,
and came across more!
I thought you might like to see one closer up.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Check out those bright orange legs!
From a distance, it's head blended right into the rocks.
I kept waiting for him to turn around,
but he was actually staying really, really still
hoping I couldn't see him at all!

Click on picture to enlarge.

The Ruddy Turnstone is so named 
because it is best know for its habit of inserting its bill
under stones, shells, etc., and flipping them over to find food underneath.

The other migrating shorebirds we saw
weren't as obliging as this little guy.

Ahhh, sweet summer!
Hope you are enjoying yours!


Friday, August 5, 2016

Full Force

Summer is in full force
and finding time to sew can be difficult!
But I did manage a few finishes.
As I've already mentioned,
I participated in the Repeat - the QAL

with Patty over at Elm Street Quilts.
I sat each evening after the supper dishes were cleared away
and foundation pieced my letters,
a few at a time.
I called it my dessert!

I quilted it with an all over design
of Angela Walters.
I found the design fun to stitch,
but had trouble making it look random
yet all fit together.

I purchased the whole alphabet here
and have already started a new wall hanging.
As it's a gift, it will have to remain 
a secret sewing project until fall.

Color Play
by the late Carol Turznik
aka MamaCJT

is a finish
with some simple straight line quilting.

I had emailed Carol during the late winter months
to inquire about her health.
During the course of our correspondence,
I asked about the availability of this pattern.
She very kindly dug around and found one lingering in her cache
and sent it to me right away.

Sadly, Carol passed away on May 7th.
Her family has left her blog intact
and I often revisit it for inspiration and rememberence.
Carol was incredibly talented,
loving color and whimsy.
I know she touched the lives of many quilters
around the world,
and that she is greatly missed.


Our first paddle of the season took us out into open ocean
and what a fun ride it was!
While the sea was relatively calm,
the water was rolling in a big way
as it made its approach toward the huge rocks
that so beautifully adorn our coastline.
No breakers, just rolling.

It made it a little difficult to get pictures,
but managed this almost nice one
before I almost crashed into the rocks,
making the Ranger just a little nervous!

(Click picture to enlarge.)

Ruddy Turnstones
(Arenaria interpres)
8" - 10"
"A squat, robust, orange-legged shorebird with a harlequin pattern."

Arenaria is latin for 'sand-loving'.

These shorebirds breed during the summer months in the arctic tundra
and are now on their way south for the winter!


Have a wonderful, funderful weekend!
I am joining the NSQBQ
for a quilt show in Pictou, NS on Saturday!
What are your plans?

Friday, July 29, 2016

Finally Finished

I am very pleased to be able to declare
finally a finish!  
And about time, eh?
(That's Canada Speak.  I practice when I can!)

I eventually finish everything.
Sometimes it's a year,
sometimes it's six years!

You can't really tell in the first picture, 
but I wrapped the upper right hand corner 
binding of the same fabric as the bird 
(and framed the label with that blue, as well).

Speaking of birds......

Seems that in my little world, I mark the passing of time
with the comings and goings of my fine feathered friends.
And oh my, time is passing at warp speed.

I had the pleasure of hosting a breeding pair of Cedar Waxwings 
and was treated to several feeding times throughout the day.
Unable to catch a shot through the leaves of the willow
to show mom tending to baby's needs,
I did get a pretty nice pic of baby with a full tummy.

They are gone, now.

I'm linking up to What a Hoot!  TGIFF

I have also linked to Angie's

Have a great weekend!
It's a long weekend here in Canada.
A civic holiday, I believe, tucked into the calendar 
just to give everyone a day off!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Repeat - the QAL


Thank you ALL
for your sweet words.
I almost turned off the comments for that last post.
But, now, I'm so glad I didn't!
Your loving kindnesses have been so healing!
I am truly blessed.

I have been participating
in Elm Street Quilts'
Repeat - the QAL.

I chose a scrappy approach
and had lots of fun.
I saved paper piecing the letters
until after I cleaned up from supper... was a calorie free dessert!

It is now in the queue
to be machine quilted and I'm so excited!
I've already freed up some space above my sewing area
to hang it in all it's glory.

I'd like to send out a big thank you to Patty  for hosting this fun QAL.
I know it was a lot of work putting it together and keeping it going.

By the way, the entire paper pieced alphabet
is available for purchase in Patty's Craftsy shop!
I know I'll be incorporating them in future projects.

I am linking up to
Elm Street Quilts Let's Party!
Stop by and see all the different Repeat - QALs
that are being posted!

Enjoy your day!
And thanks, again, for all your support.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Embrace Life

Sometimes........ just happens.
And you have to 'get a grip'.

You need to sew,
you need to keep busy,
but your brain is going in a million different directions,
your emotions are a tangled mess.

Such has been the case for me these last few weeks,
and, thank goodness that when The Scrapmaster
could no longer deny her alter ego,
and introduced The Fabric Pig,
she also became a fabric snob,
and I was in the right place at the right time.

Armed with two big bags of her cast off solid fabrics,
and inspired by this beauty made by Smiles from Kate
I was able to do some mindless 'cutting and sewing therapy'.

My father has passed away at the age of 83.
Despite the age factor,
it is always a tremendous blow
when you lose a parent.

I feel so blessed to be a quilter,
to have this passion,
to be able to channel my energy toward the positive
while I process life,
and yes,

Perhaps it is the teacher in me, but isn't there always a lesson?
Today's lesson:

Embrace Life

Sunday, July 10, 2016

"I Challenge You", She Said.

I think I'm catching on.

This one's for you, Anja!
If you hadn't challenged me, I'd probably still
be staring at it, wondering where to begin!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

June OMG Accomplished

June has been a funky month.
The weather didn't decide to cooperate until 
the very first day of summer.
That was a long, cold, wet, miserable wait!

That said, there's nothing like stepping out first thing in the morning
and smelling that ocean air!  Rain or shine!

Justly so, there was a lot of sewing time
and I was able to complete the top for my June OMG.

My rule is to use what I have
and I only had enough dark navy for a 60" x 60" top,
so I will incorporate the remaining blocks into the backing.

Dare I try to commit to having the quilting completed
for my July OMG?
I'm giving it some serious thought.

Linking up to Red Letter Quilts.
Hop on over to see some more beautiful finishes!

Enjoy your day!