Wednesday, June 3, 2020

One Day at a Time!

With everything that's going on in the US,
it's difficult to know how to begin a new post.
I am so thankful that I have the quilting bug 
and not the corona virus,
and I can lose myself in my sewing.

I was still in a slump
during the initial stages of the pandemic,
so I whipped up this simple little top
using a 5-piece fat quarter bundle by Kanvas Studio
called Cherry Twist, that I found for only $5.99

Measuring 58" square,
this quilt, along with the one I am currently working on,
will be sent to my extended family in Maine.
There are two young people there who lost their mom
in a fatal car crash late last summer.
I'll show you quilt #2 in my next post.

The first week of sheltering-in-place,
the bobbin winder on my Singer broke.
Considering all my options,
and was saved!

Simplicity SideWinder Portable Bobbin Winder

Reviews were all over the place,
but I took a chance, and since I knew what to expect beforehand,
 I'm not disappointed.

The second week of sheltering-in-place,
it became quite obvious that I was going to run out of thread soon,
and I had to place another online order.
Thank goodness, Quilt in a Day was having a sale.

That's pretty much the extent of my
Pandemic Blues,
other than not being able to return to Canada.
It is what it is!

Piecing my simple quilt top did the job
of  hoisting me up and over that slump
and I was ready to get back to work on something
a little meatier!

Working with 3/4" and 1-1/4" strips,
I really took my time building each of the 20 blocks
for this quilt top, which measures 54" x 66".
The block is called Roman Square by Amy Sinibaldi.
I mentioned it in my previous post.
I hope to have it quilted up
and ready to gift to Crafty Daughter's boss/friend next week.
You know how sometimes you immediately 'click'
with someone?
That was the case with these two gals!

I always have a leader/ender project or two in the works,
so thought a quick pic of my design wall was in order.

I couldn't resist making a shelter-in-place quilt.
Village, by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.,
was released for free by Moda Fabrics when the pandemic began.
The little houses whip up quickly.
I'm making some with chimneys, and thought I might
add some tree blocks.  Maybe.  We'll see.
The plus blocks were my leader/ender project
for RSC2020, but kind of took the back seat to the houses.

Last, but not least, the winner of my little give away!
With the help of the random number generator,
Angie's comment was selected to receive a scissors keep
from Gardenia Drive Etsy Shop.
Congratulations, Angie!
I'll be in touch!

As always, be cautious, stay safe,
and enjoy your day.
Take things one day at a time,
and we'll get through this together.



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have seen so many doing the house quilt but I didn't see it much until about a month ago so never started it. glad you got your thread and sidewinder - I use mine sometimes - depends on what machine I am using - stay safe

Maria said...

You have keep busy during your isolation , nice Quilt you completed and the Roman Square one great..
Always like house blocks and your RSC is slowly growing too.
Thankfully I have two machines Sew if my bobbin winder should break on one can use the other...
Take care.

Ioleen said...

I see you have been keeping busy. I completed my quilt for Nova Scotia and it’s on the way. Hope it arrives by the end of June and that it brings comfort to the recipient. Love your houses.

White Rose said...

Hi Karen oh bummer about your bobbin winder breaking.Your work is beautiful well done ,love those houses,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

kiwikid said...

Beautiful quilts Karen, you have been keeping busy. Great the side winder worked for you. I am sorry to hear about the young ones who lost their Mum.
Love your house blocks and the plus blocks. Keep safe.

Fiona said...

what lovely quilts you have got done.... it has been a difficult time and I think it's been hard to stay motivated.... sewing has been a real blessing... I do love the quilts you find to do. Since I did mini houses a couple of years ago I didn't join in that one... but I have loved seeing them... thank goodness some shops carried online...


Binsa said...

Good to catch up with your projects Karen. I am in a slump at the moment

Karen S said...

Thank you for sharing your projects. You have been busy with all your quilts. It is good you were able to get the items you needed and found your quilting helped you trough this time. said...

Pretty quilts. Good way to keep busy, thank goodness for online retailers. I have one of those bobbin winders and I used it often when I use my older machines.

Louise said...

Oh, I never thought about losing the ability to wind bobbins! Very important process. Having thread is vital, too. Glad you were able to persevere and fix those issues. Meanwhile, you're turning out lots of lovely pieces! Now I want to make house blocks. Even thought Cherry Twist is "simple," the end effect is dynamic and fun. And Roman Square is really fabulous. Wow!! I love it!! Looking forward to close up pics after it's quilted :)

Karen said...

I am glad to read you are doing well. I have loved the house pattern but never purchased it. Thanks so much for sharing it was available. I also love your plus blocks. That is also on my some day list to make. Take care.

julieQ said...

You are doing such amazing work on your quarantine days!! I love the quilt with the tiny string pieces...perfect!

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Very pretty quilt, and great that you bought the bundle at such a bargain price! Your design wall is very colorful. You've made the most of the world situation. It's nice that we can sew through times like this.

Sheila said...

I enjoyed seeing the beautiful quilts you have been working on during the lockdown . I am loving the house quilt and have been tempted to start but haven't had time , maybe someday . Take care and Stay safe my friend ❤

Sondra said...

I can just feel the eye strain working with 3/4" strips...but how lovely it came out..I also really like the houses and I think tree blocks would work wonderfully with that, and windmills too..
I hope your kitty is doing good I been thinking of you. Stay busy my friend.

Chookyblue...... said...

Your quilt is lovely at the top.....

Margo Yang said...

I’m glad you got out of the slum. Quilting has helped me too. Your quilts are beautiful. Stay healthy and safe.

Lin said...

I love the idea of adding chimneys to some of house blocks - they look great. Nice projects going on there. xx

FlourishingPalms said...

Even though you profess to having been in a slump, you sure know how to push yourself through to making. Such lovely things you have done and have going! The quilt for Kirstin's boss is perfect for her, and I admire that you set yourself to make it and give it away. You're very generous like that, as you are toward the two children who lost their mother. Glad you could get a Side Winder as a work-around to your problem. I have a Side Winder too, thinking I'd use it often, but I don't. Love seeing what's on your design wall, and both projects are great! Of course, those houses are just plain cute, and I know that for a fact. :-) Your idea of adding chimneys and trees is very appropriate for your Canada life... whenever that happens for you. The plus blocks are adorable too! I'm so glad you're still making, as I believe it's good for one's spirt. Keep it up!

Susan said...

Your projects are all wonderful, but I really like the little quilt you made for Maine. Serving others is a good way to get over the hump.

Linda said...

Things are messed up and I know you are longing to get back to your little piece of Paradise and your Janome too, of course. I am going to the valley on Tuesday to look at a Janome serger. All of a sudden, I need one! Go figure. Just hope I don't come home with a serger and one like yours! Your latest quilts are awesome. And you are awesome as usual, in sending quilty hugs. I know they will be so appreciated. I use my Sidewinder a lot, mostly for winding my Featherweight bobbins. Love it!
Take care and stay safe. Keep sewing!

Karen said...

So lovely to see your beautiful work, Karen. As always, you are so generous in sharing your projects where they will bring comfort. It's good to know you are staying safe. Nova Scotia will miss you this summer. Quilty hugs. xxoo

Frédérique said...

Beautiful quilts, and I love your blocks on the design wall. I have always wanted a sidewinder, I may give it a try one day...