Wednesday, March 29, 2017

One Monthly Goal March Finish

It's time for

And I did finish my green paper lanterns flimsy.
However, I packed it into my luggage before photographing it.
Sorry about that!
But I'm on the road, now, so it isn't going to happen.

Before leaving TX, I made a Diaper Clutch from a tutorial at LemonSqueezyHome. I've made several of these because my sweet friend in Houston asked for one when she had her first child 7 years ago, and she STILL uses it. Whenever she needs a shower gift, she asks for another.  Her husband told me that it's all he brings when he has the babies out.  I surmise that carrying a diaper bag isn't always the manly thing to do!

There's little that frustrates me more than turning a project right side out, then having to try to manipulate a mere quarter inch to fold under and finish.

I thought I'd share my trick, which is easy enough to do, and produces crisp, clean finishes with that professional look.

First, I measure out an extra quarter inch in the seam allowance to be turned, giving me a 1/2" seam allowance.

Next, I pre-press it, but open it back up and pin it as I would normally do.

Then, I just stitch around my project, whatever it might be, and turn it right side out like always.

Finally, I am able to fold in the seam allowance neatly and accurately to close up my hole.  It comes out perfect every time!

You may also notice that the bottom corners are rounded.  Rather than clip those curves, I take the pinking shears to them.  Makes a nice smooth corner!

Just prior to heading north, we visited our Houston friend and had a wonderful time, especially with the kids, including a very cold visit to the Houston Zoo.

The baby loved his pillow case.

The 4 year old wanted to try her hand at crochet!

And the 7 year old wanted to 'learn to knit'!
She finished a hat before we left!

Be sure to visit Patty
to see everyone else's monthly accomplishments!
Let's make this linky party
a real party!
I know each participant will appreciate your visit,
and it's a great opportunity to meet someone new!

Enjoy your day!
I won't complain about going from 80+ degrees
to only 39!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Counting Down

Eight days and counting,

before I head back to the northeast coast.

Progress is being made in my sewing room,
despite all of life's distractions.

Here's a quick pic of my design wall
(I'll never live without one again!).

My green Paper Lanterns quilt is just about all sewn together.
Just a couple more rows to sew to meet my one monthly goal.

While I was constructing those hearts blocks,
I kept thinking about how nicely they would play with one of 
Loft Creations' recent pattern releases,

Paper Dolls

Even though I don't have the time to make the quilt,
I did take the time to try the paper doll block.
TOO much fun!
I will definitely be revisiting this pattern again, 
and soon!

Click the picture to enlarge

Some of you may recognize the fabrics?
Circa late 1970s.
When Crafty Daughter was just a toddler,
I made her little sun dresses using this whole line.
(Yes, the scraps are still in my stash.)


When I am pinning pieced blocks or rows together,
I have a simple process I always use
that I thought I'd share today.

First, I pin at the beginning and at the end.

Next, I sweep back across and nestle all the matching seam allowances.

Then, I travel across one more time and secure all of the 
seam allowances that lay in the opposite direction than I'm sewing.
This gives me the opportunity to ease in any extra fabric
without compromising my corners.

Finally, I stitch it all together!

I'll bet a lot of you approach it in a similar way. 

Well, here's hoping it won't be too, too cold
in Massachusetts and Maine after next week.  It will be difficult enough
to be away from a sewing machine for a few weeks,
but to be c-c-c-c-cold, too?

Enjoy your day!
Thanks for popping in for a visit!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Secret Life

As my green Paper Lantern pile grows,

my secret sewing is closer to being finished.
I look forward to replacing one for the other on the design wall.
I only have ten three more lanterns to make!

I fly back to the east coast in just a few short weeks,
and I'd like to be packing a finished flimsy
instead of a baggie full of partially finished blocks.
So why not link up to 

this month?

As I've been attaching lantern tops and bottoms,
I am reminded that I finger press,
a lot,
when I am pressing seams with the iron,
especially when there is bulk.
It makes a big difference.
I know, I know, it also slows down the process,
but the process is the best part!

I've been stitching up some smaller gifties, too.

I never got beyond these first two blocks during a past QAL,
despite my best intentions,
so two little totes for two sweet little girls,

pillowcases for my three Houston kids,

and necktie onesies for my
Houston kids' new baby boy cousin!

With a forecast of 100% chance of rain for the entire weekend,
it's back to the sewing machine for me!
My blogging break is over.

But, before I go,
I had to share this picture.

I made Crafty Daughter a pillow to match her quilt.
And when she's not looking.........
.....The Secret Life of Pets?

Hope you have a quilty day,
no matter how large or small your project,
no matter your weather!