Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Think Win-Win

It's time to confess!
I did NOT accomplish my One Monthly Goal!
But, that’s okay.
I have made a lot of progress, and my purpose,
to have it ready by the time I travel to North Texas,
can still be accomplished,
since I’m not going until mid-March.

Why DIDN'T I accomplish my goal?
I kind of got sidetracked
by sneaking small projects into my sewing time.

One of them was a lot of small pieces!

I just couldn't resist
It's not too fancy.  I just used Kona Solids scraps,
a leafy tone-on-tone for the background,
and some Texas A&M fabric for the heart,

and the back.

I inserted a hidden zipper
and bound it with a solid maroon.
This will make a lovely, one of a kind gift
for an ATM student or graduate.
The pillow is 18" square.

Speaking of making lovely gifts,
Valentine's Day is quickly approaching!

Picture courtesy of Sugar Free Quilts

This sweet pattern, by SugarFreeQuilts is paper pieced,
finishing up at 20" square.
And there is still time to make it!
I'm always looking for something different
and fun, and this pattern fills the bill.
I haven't decided if mine will be another pillow,
or a mini wall hanging.
I'm tending toward wall hanging,
because it will be easier to store away.

Just one more thing.
Let's talk about donating blood.

Image result for donate blood

As I was reading through the statistics,
I found these numbers staggering.
"Approximately 60% of the population
is eligible to give blood at any one time,
but less than 5% of those who are eligible
actually make a donation."

Image result for donate blood

Aren't we always looking for a way to make a difference?
This act of giving only takes about an hour or less of your time,
every 8 weeks, if you are able,
and it's cost free.

Congratulations to all of you who DID
accomplish their January OMG!

Stay sweet!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

A Post in a Pinch

This is a test.
I was gifted a new iPad for Christmas!
My old one was a mini, and I couldn’t post with it,
so let’s see if I can, now!

Hmmm, pretty good!
I prefer to use my camera and laptop
for a more refined look,
but now I know I can do a post in a pinch
from my iPad!

Now, let’s give this test more purpose!
I am making a QOV
from scraps and leftovers,
and I would like to have the top completed
by the time I travel to North Texas
to spend two weeks with my old friends.
They both have awesome machines
that I can use for FMQ!

The pattern is Celebration Cake

I will be linking up to Elm Street Quilts
One Monthly Goal

because it would be nice to have this top finished
ASAP, since I don’t yet know 
when my visit will take place.
You see, I have to schedule things around
I’ll be there!
Will you?

Enjoy your week!
Thanks for visiting!