Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Being a nature lover and a quilter,
it is sometimes difficult to connect the two in a post.
No doubt about it, quilters and artists have taken  the very best
of nature and incorporated it into their art for centuries. 

I've posted about owls, bees, dragonflies, and more dragonflies.

This morning, I found another connection, albeit ever so slight.

Several of my quilting followers have asked me
what a life list is
when I'm talking about seeing new birds. 

Birders are great listers. 
They have a life list, a yard list, day lists,
trip lists, wish lists, state, county, and even country lists.  
I'm sure I'm forgetting a few. 

Now there is e-Bird,
and they can keep track of their lists on the internet
with thousands upon thousands of other birders. 
This opens up a whole new playing field!

Visiting a new area?  Just hop onto the internet for a list
of birds that you can expect to see while you are there.

I looked 'lister' up on
and discovered that a list is also:

1. a border or bordering strip, usually of cloth.

2. a selvage.
3. selvages collectively.
4. a strip of cloth or other material.
5. a strip or band of any kind.

Therefore, although the term is now obsolete,
a 'lister' is also 'one who applies a border or edge to...'.
Quilters are great listers of lists, as well. 
It's the only way they are able to finish all the projects they've started,
and manage their life around their sewing! 
Have a great weekend.
Hope you check off everything
on your list!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

All the Rage

Dresden Plates are
all the rage. 

Miss Kyra

Isn't this one beautiful??

All proceeds from the sale of this pattern
are being donated to the family
of a very sick little girl.


To learn more, please visit

To order the pattern from Erin's Etsy store
because you're just too excited to help
 and want to do it right now,
click HERE!

Erin has graciously posted tutorials
on how to construct this beautiful quilt.

Not a quilter, but it is in your heart to donate?
Click HERE!

Thank you, Erin, for giving us the opportunity
to help this beautiful girl and her family
as they stumble down this long, rocky path.