Tuesday, February 24, 2015

QuiltCon Revisited

Quilt Con was great!

Upon arriving, we had to register, of course.
The delightful lady at the registration booth
recognized my name as soon as
my ticket was ejected from the machine,
introduced herself as Julie, The Crafty Quilter,
and opened her arms for a welcoming hug.
What a way to start my morning!

Speaking of Julie,
in November, she had a fun quilt along
that I couldn't participate in because I was in migration.
The Nordic Mini Quilt Along
has been at the top of my list to make
once settled, and I have the first two rows completed.

Back to Quilt Con.....
there were so many quilting celebrities there.
Amy Garro, Victoria Findlay Wolf, Jenny Doan....and more,
but the highlight of my adventure 
was meeting up with Linda of Flourishing Palms!

She is just as sweet and perky and lovable
as she appears to be in her blog!

Here she is, in all her glory, beside one of her beautiful entries,
and donning her cute, little selvedge edge skirt
and matching bag.
Don't ya love it?
She spent the entire morning volunteering as a white glove lady,
tirelessly hobnobbing with the public.
When we met for lunch around 2:00,
she was still just as bubbly and perky as if she'd just started her day.
I, on the other hand, was almost totally drained!

And now a tour of quilts, beginning with Linda's other beautiful entry:

There were so, so many more gorgeous quilts
that just took my breath away.
Seriously, pictures just don't do them justice.

Many of the vendors booths were just as much fun.
Some had crafty projects for charity,

others had crafty projects for fun,
and many hosted games and prizes,
and then there were some that were just beautiful!

We strolled through the vendor sale booths, too,
but I chose not to purchase anything.
They were just too crowded.

My only disappointment was the lack of products
for sale featuring QuiltCon...
no totes, no mugs or cups,
only t-shirts that read  "QuiltCon" across the little capped sleeves.
Cute, but youthful looking and awfully small.

 I'd like to take this opportunity
to thank my CraftyDaughter
for taking me on this amazing quilt adventure.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Quilt Con 2015

So, I'm going to Quilt Con tomorrow! 
It's only an hour away,

CraftyDaughter is humoring her mom once again
and taking the day off
to accompany me.
How lucky am I?

Bless her heart!  It's either nature or quilting.
The poor girl doesn't have a chance!

I'm not a modern quilter
by any stretch of the imagination,
so it will be fun to
broaden my horizons
and get a few lessons in thinking outside the box.

The above picture is my whole modern quilting repertoire!
A wonderful cushion top designed by
Scrapmaster (Linda)
and published last fall in 
the Quilter's Connection magazine for Candadian quilters.
(Yeah, it's still hanging on the wall
waiting to be turned into a pllow!

It seems to me that
Modern Quilting is as much about the FMQ magic
that has been performed on these unique quilts
as the quilt pattern designs themselves.
New to FMQ, I am looking forward to observing this art form
up close and personal.

There's no telling
who I'll meet!
I'm pretty excited!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Is What It's All About

The 'We Support You' Blog Hop
has come to an end. 
What an amazing journey.
Thank you, Madame Samm and Pat,
for your part in making it such an incredible success.

As you can see,
Sarah was just delighted with her gifties.
This, my friends, is what it's all about!

Thank you all so very much for your sweet comments,
world-wide prayers, and positive energies.
I just know this will make a difference in Sarah's recovery!

It pleases me very much
to announce the winner of my give-away.
The random number generator chose #67,
I met Julia online last summer while participating
in the Canadian quilters blog hop.
She left such a sweet comment on my post
and we started emailing back and forth.
Turned out she was born and raised 
in the small community where I now spend my summers,
although she moved away to establish her career and family.
It's a small world!

Congratulations, Julia.  

A big thank you to Martingale
for providing the e-book version of
patchwork loves embroidery
by Gail Pan.

Every day is a new day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Day on the We Support You Blog Hop

Greetings from Texas
and welcome to my stop on the
"We Support You" blog hop.

Shortly after I made the commitment to participate in this hop,
and while passing through Massachusetts on my way to TX,
I was dining out with some old family friends.
While catching up on each other's news, 
one of my dear friends said, 
"We just got some bad news.  
 My sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer." 
So, sister Sarah, this is for you, honey!
It is truly an honor for me to be able to dedicate
this project and my stop on the hop
 to you.
Because I wanted to put the WE 
I decided to start by making a tote bag,
so my friend could fill it with some of the items
Sarah might love and need during her big challenge.

And a little closer look.

Measuring 13" x 13" x 4",
I took a few liberties and changed the lettering for a better fit.
Inside hangs a tab with a clasp for keys.

I also included a few matching accessories.

a covered journal (I'll be making more of these!!
I love the little pocket on front for pens.),
a key lanyard, and last but not least,
a chapstick cozy to hang off the inside key clasp.

The layout for the tote was inspired by
Gail Pan in her book,
patchwork loves embroidery
which was my Christmas gift to myself this year.

Here are the facts, ladies,
approximately 12% of women in the US
will develop some form of
invasive breast cancer in their lifetime.
(I wonder what the worldwide statistics are?)

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death,
exceeded only by lung cancer.
There are currently over 2.8 million breast cancer survivors.

To help me celebrate this blog hop,
honor all women who are breast cancer survivors,
and cheer on those fighting this dreaded disease right now,
Mary Burns, Marketing Coordinator for Martingale,
is graciously offering
a copy of the e-book version of
patchwork loves embroidery

by the renowned Gail Pan,
to one lucky visitor!
Just leave a comment to be entered to win!
A winner will be selected at the end of the hop.

Thank you so very much for stopping by today.
I hope you've been enjoying the hop.
Please take a moment to visit today's other participants:

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To peek at the full schedule, visit Pat, our wonderful cheerleader,
at Life in the Scrapatch.  Thanks, Pat, for all your hard work!
And a special thank you to Madame Samm,
who is always there to remind us
that everything is possible!