Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ten Reasons Why

Pictured here are ten of the reasons why
I've returned to Nova Scotia, Canada
for my 12th summer in a row.
Camping at Dover, NS after a long paddle

Relaxing on my front deck - back when
I had short hair.

Getting ready to paddle
with Little Sister at Gabarus, CB
A bird's eye view at Gabarus, CB
Pileated Woodpecker tree - my favorite

Looking out over Margaree Valley, CB

Black Brook Falls, a rain forest in Cape Breton!

Primordial Forest in Guysborough County, NS
This tree is so big, you can barely see me nestled into the bottom!

Stopping for lunch in the bog at Baleine, CB

An oil painting version of me at a stop-over
in Bras d'Or Lake, CB.
It's kind of cool!  I like it!
Bras d'Or Lake practically divides CB in half,
it's so big.

It was difficult to narrow it down to just ten! 
Cape Breton is a great place to be,
despite the man-made threats to the environment,
fueled by greed,
that grow in number every day,
just like every place else in the world.
(This is for you, Kathie!)
Thanks for stopping by today!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Finally Spring!

I must have done something right in a previous life,
because despite working very hard to mess this one up,
I am a lucky girl in so many ways.
Take spring, for instance.
I get to welcome spring to S. Texas,
Texas Bluebonnets
then to Massachusetts,

next in Maine,

and FINALLY, Siberia Cape Breton,

May 29th, 2014
Cape Breton interior

where I thought spring would
never show it's pretty face.

Spring-Beauties, first of the forest flowers

But there you have it!
Not many ephemeral flowers were in bloom
in the Cape Breton woods,
maybe in another week.
It's been a longgggggg winter.
Haven't cranked up the sewing machine, yet,
but it has been professionally serviced,
and is raring to go!
First up is to finish this very old UFO.
About 4 or 5 or 6 years ago,
when the Disappearing 9-patch became popular,
I thought to increase the size of the squares to 6.5"
so I could include these Colorado Blocks in the mix.
It's a wedding gift for my niece,
who's ONLY been married almost that long!!
I think she's waited long enough for her quilt.
I foolishly thought it was time to strip, sand, and paint
the bathroom cabinets.
I'm SO sorry I started THAT project!
But, it comes first, because I know me.... soon as I fire up that machine,
all I'll want to do is.....
Hope you are looking forward to
a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pay It Forward

I totally forgot
that I was participating in a 'Pay It Forward'
with Kerstin at Cookies Treasures.
I signed on to play
5 months ago.
I've had a lot of sleeps since then!!
Imagine my surprise
when I walked up to the post office this morning
and the post mistress handed me a package
from Kerstin.
I had to open it then and there!
Our post mistress, Rosie, is a quilter, too.
Isn't it beautiful?
And the most fun is,
she designed it herself!!

It measures 12" x 18"
and the gorgeous fabric is heavy duty.
There is a big, zippered pocket on the inside
and some smaller pockets with snap closures.
It will get a lot of use.
Thank you so much, Kerstin!!
So, the deal is, now I have to Pay it Forward
to three more people
sometime within the next 365 days.
Kerstin really raises the bar, but I think I can do it!
Anyone who would like to receive something handmade
by me will have to, in turn, pay it forward to 3 more people.
Any takers??
Have a wonderful day.
It was beautiful here, today!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jiggity Jig

Home again, home again,
jiggity jig.....
After 6 long weeks on the road,
I've finally landed in my favorite spot
and can sit tight for the next 6 months!
While only able to spend 2 full days in Maine,
I had the most delightful time birding and meeting a new/old friend,
birding extraordinaire and author of Kathie's Birds.
I was able to link her up with my brother-in-law and sister
for future birding adventures,
and introduce her to some of the birding hotspots of Maine.
Here she is with my little sister, The Fern Lady,
striking the all to familiar 'Geeky Birder' pose!
I'm sure she had Warblers' Neck
at the close of this fine, but cold, day.
And again, with my BIL

scanning the yet still wintery marsh,
hoping something new will fly in
before we make our way back.
On this day, we spotted a Northern Wheatear,
an arctic species that doesn't visit this far south very often,

as you can see from this species distribution map.
Birders from near and far have been stopping by the marsh
for a look at this beauty.
I have no pictures of the wheatear, and here is why...

she's a little brown bird somewhere out there,
best gazed upon through a scope,

as Kathie is doing here.
She had a much fancier camera and if I know her,
she was able to capture a beautiful image
of Mrs. Wheatear!
I hope she shares with me!
I haven't finished compiling my list,
but so far, between birding in TX, Mass., and Maine,
I've added 11 new birds to my life list.
Just between you, me, and the lamp post, I don't want to add
too many new birds 
too quickly,
because it is such a joy when you do,
and since you can only count them once,
I'd like to play it out as long as I can!
As of today, I have 327 different species of birds on my life list.
I'm sure I'll show you more,
Thanks, Kathie, for joining us for a very special day
of welcoming the warblers to Maine!!
It was such a pleasure meeting you after all these years of blogging.
Now that I'm home, I'll be trading my binoculars
for my sewing machine.  6 weeks is a long stretch to go without sewing!!
Have a happy day!