Saturday, September 20, 2014

I'm a Wimp

Fall has arrived in Cape Breton a few days early
and with a vengeance.
But that's just my opinion.
I'm a wimp.

Most of the birds are gone now,
even my favorite migrants,

the Whimbrels, 
large shorebirds that breed in the Arctic
and pass through on their return to South America, Africa,
south Asia, or Australia for the winter.
Check out those sexy blue legs!
Or is she just cold, like me?

And there are still some American Goldfinches
feeding their young.

Mother Nature is pretty smart. 
Goldfinches breed late in the season
 to coincide with 
when Thistle goes to seed.

Now that the weather has so abruptly turned cold,
I'm able to afford more time to forge my relationship 
with my new Janome.

Goodnight Irene is a complete finish now
(are you sick of looking at it?)

minus the half constructed label,

as is my little sailboat quilt.

The extra sailboat block made a cute label.

Now that my great niece is two, she needs a bigger quilt.

But it's a surprise until it's finished!!

Before I go, I'd like to congratulate fellow Nova Scotia quilt blogger,
Linda, over at SCRAPMASTER,
on having her first pattern published in a magazine.
Well done, Linda!!
If you have a minute, stop by, check it out, and join me
in patting her on the back!

Hope you are having a funderful weekend.

PS. A Quilting Reader's Garden is having a give away
to celebrate a very important milestone.
This is a new-to-me blog
that looks like one I need to follow!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cool, Crisp, and Calm

Today dawned cool, crisp, and calm.

This was the view from my window.

It didn't surprise me at all when I turned around
and saw this morning moon.

I love early mornings the very best.
Sights like this give me hope
and inspiration to start my day.

While I was sewing yesterday,
I glanced up to look out the sliding glass door,
and discovered I had a little visitor.

This juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk 
took advantage of this puddle
and had a long and lengthy bath.

These are the types of distractions
I love best!!

It's been a busy end of summer.
But I have managed to do a little sewing.
My Crafty Daughter requested seasonal wallhangings
some time ago and I manage to put one or two together
each year.

Meet April.

This pattern called, "Use batiks!!" to me,
and I love how it came out.
I know you all recognize it as one of
I've made a few now and they are lots of fun.
I raw edge appliqued this one through all layers,
so it was self quilted!  Upon completion, all I had to do
was apply the binding.  I felt pretty safe using this technique
with batiks, they are so tightly woven.

Cute, quick story.  
One of my quilty friends here on the island 
(who laughs a lot)

has a son who lives in Tennessee and plays bass guitar,

most recently for Thompson Square.

 After growing weary of being on the road, he quit playing with the Thompson's and was freelancing for a little while.  My friend stopped by for a visit the other day and told me that some girl, who will be the opening act for Garth Brook's new tour, asked him to be her bass player.  He was pretty excited because he was going to get to tour on Garth's private jet instead of on a bus.  Come to find out, 'some girl' is Tricia Yearwood, (Garth's wife).  My friend obviously isn't up on her country western stars.  (When Thompson Square played in San Antonio a couple of years ago, he got us tickets to the concert.)

Well, it's time to truly start my day!
After being greeted by such a beautiful morning,
I can't wait!!

Happy day to you.