Sunday, April 29, 2018

If I am going to squeeze in an April post,
I guess I had better do it today!
My absence has not been for lack of sewing, 
just the inability to stop long enough to boot up the laptop.
(Have I mentioned lately how much
I hate my (Dell) laptop?)

I was getting ready to make Crafty Daughter
a shoulder travel bag,
(aka diaper bag *wink*).

It took me a week!  Three days just to cut out the pattern!
But it was worth every minute.

She can wear it comfortably as a cross body bag,
or simply slipped upon her shoulder.

I learned many new techniques,
one being the insertion of a magnetic snap on the outer pocket.

Although it was a lot of work,
I'm hoping she wants a new one next winter.
I wouldn't mind making it again
and making some changes to better suit her needs.

In the meantime, small projects have prevailed, 
in the vain attempt to use up my scrappy stash 
so I can start anew next winter. 
 And, as always, the more scraps I cut up and Sew, 
the more scraps I generate!  They just keep getting smaller and smaller!
Thank goodness for Crazy Mom Quilts.
I have been having lots of fun with her
scrappy churn dash blocks.
Sorry, no pics.

I’m less than a week away from my annual spring migration 
to the northeast corner of the continent!  
I’m truly looking forward to a week long visit in Maine with my sister, 
and finally arriving at my Cape Breton summer destination 
on May 12th.

Just a little heads up:
It pays to shop around.  I have been looking for a roll of Heat'n Bond Lite to take back to Nova Scotia for a Quilty friend.  Joann's doesn’t carry it in the stores, but it is available online for $19.95 plus shipping, which if I remember correctly, is $8.00.  So, I checked on Amazon, and found it for $10.34, free shipping with Prime.  Today, I was wandering around our local Walmart, which has resurrected a very small sewing department, and there it was, for only $7.97.  I had just placed the Amazon order, but I'll remember next year!


I leave you with a bird picture.
This beautiful male cardinal was framed so prettily,
against a gorgeous Texas sky,
during a mid-winter visit to a state park,
I couldn't resist snapping his photo.

As always,
thanks for visiting!
Sorry it's been so long.
I'll share more pictures next time.