Sunday, April 29, 2018

If I am going to squeeze in an April post,
I guess I had better do it today!
My absence has not been for lack of sewing, 
just the inability to stop long enough to boot up the laptop.
(Have I mentioned lately how much
I hate my (Dell) laptop?)

I was getting ready to make Crafty Daughter
a shoulder travel bag,
(aka diaper bag *wink*).

It took me a week!  Three days just to cut out the pattern!
But it was worth every minute.

She can wear it comfortably as a cross body bag,
or simply slipped upon her shoulder.

I learned many new techniques,
one being the insertion of a magnetic snap on the outer pocket.

Although it was a lot of work,
I'm hoping she wants a new one next winter.
I wouldn't mind making it again
and making some changes to better suit her needs.

In the meantime, small projects have prevailed, 
in the vain attempt to use up my scrappy stash 
so I can start anew next winter. 
 And, as always, the more scraps I cut up and Sew, 
the more scraps I generate!  They just keep getting smaller and smaller!
Thank goodness for Crazy Mom Quilts.
I have been having lots of fun with her
scrappy churn dash blocks.
Sorry, no pics.

I’m less than a week away from my annual spring migration 
to the northeast corner of the continent!  
I’m truly looking forward to a week long visit in Maine with my sister, 
and finally arriving at my Cape Breton summer destination 
on May 12th.

Just a little heads up:
It pays to shop around.  I have been looking for a roll of Heat'n Bond Lite to take back to Nova Scotia for a Quilty friend.  Joann's doesn’t carry it in the stores, but it is available online for $19.95 plus shipping, which if I remember correctly, is $8.00.  So, I checked on Amazon, and found it for $10.34, free shipping with Prime.  Today, I was wandering around our local Walmart, which has resurrected a very small sewing department, and there it was, for only $7.97.  I had just placed the Amazon order, but I'll remember next year!


I leave you with a bird picture.
This beautiful male cardinal was framed so prettily,
against a gorgeous Texas sky,
during a mid-winter visit to a state park,
I couldn't resist snapping his photo.

As always,
thanks for visiting!
Sorry it's been so long.
I'll share more pictures next time.



kiwikid said...

Well done on the bag Karen, it is fantastic! Love the fabric. The photo of the cardinal is wonderful. Best wishes for your migration north.

Sandra :) said...

You squeezed in a very lovely post, if I may say so! The bag looks awesome, and it's always good to learn new things :) Small projects prevail with me as well, lol! The older I get, the shorter my attention span seems to be, so small is good - plus I get to use up lots of scraps, which is a bonus :D Do you visit Mardens when you go to Maine? I have a friend from Nova Scotia that raves about it. It definitely pays (literally, lol) to shop around - sometimes Amazon is a deal - other times, not so much! I love hitting up Walmart when we go Stateside - I get their beautiful fat quarters for 97 cents, and last time, I picked up a package of poop (like the emoji) buttons. Now - who could resist POOP BUTTONS??!! Not me! Have fun in Maine, and safe travels to Canada-land ... we had snow last night, but the weather reports assure us that things will warm up this coming week ... I sure hope so :D

O'faigh said...

Enjoyed your post Karen safe travels

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen love your daughter's new bag,and love how it goes across the body too,also the fabric is gorgeous,a wonderful finish xx

Fiona said...

Always so good to read you.... the bag is great and I love the fabric you found... Crafty Daughter looks pleased with it too.... looking forward to seeing your scrappy blocks.... have a fun and safe migration...


hetty said...

Great bag! Love the fabric. Most of my projects are small ones too. And my scrap bin just keeps overflowing. Love that photo of the cardinal. Safe travels.

Karen said...

Enjoyed your post, and am happy to see you are keeping busy, and well. The bag is lovely, as is your cardinal picture. I think I would frame that one. Wishing you safe travels on your journey north. Each day here is a little warmer, so we should be bathed in sunshine by the time you arrive (ha! :).xx

Maria said...

Hi Karen....
Love the bag you made for your DD. beautiful fabric too.
WOW sure does pay you shop around and when you thought you had a good buy you find something cheaper....Grrr!!

Lovely photo of the Red Cardinal.

Safe travels...

Lin said...

Great bag Karen. Yes ,I agree about shopping round. Here I use both Amazon.UK and Amazon.France because the prices can vary so much between the two - it is cheaper to buy batting from a UK supplier via and get free shipping for instance! xx

Needled Mom said...

That is a great looking bag. I'm sure she will love using it.

Have a safe journey to the NE. It's a good time of the year to migrate back there.

Ioleen said...

Love the bag you made for your daughter. I really hope to meet you in Nova Scotia when I come home in September. I will let Linda know the dates.

Louise said...

Oh, I love that framed cardinal! It's like he just knew how good he looked up there :) Your daughter's bag is lovely, great job!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Loving the bag and my that is definitely my favorite bird.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sorry you hate your computer so much - maybe it is time to find a new one! but I know that is not always an option - great looking bag - the months just fly by and here you are heading back north - hope it will be warmed up by time you get there!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

That's a great bag. Well done. Safe travels home. It's been raining and cold.

Createology said...

You have done better than I on capturing the last of April. Great bag for Crafty daughter. Safe travels North Dear. <3

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

I envy all of you stateside and your bargains . I made my daughter a travel bag (which looked like a diaper bag) . I used webbing for the strap though and it stretched and stretched and dug into her arm . I never have changed the strap

Karen S said...

Love the end result with the bag.It does sit well and looks great.

FlourishingPalms said...

I admire you for all the work you put into Kirsten's bag. I know how intricate these lovely purses and totes can be, especially when they're loaded with pockets and zippered areas. I'm getting ready to make a bag that has one of those magnetic snaps. I'm sure you guessed that the secret is to give the interior side of the snap some stability. I used a piece of plastic template for the first magnet snap I installed. I'm happy for you to be planning your trip back north, and it will be nice for you to see your sis on your way. No doubt that will be a good time. Have a safe trip.

Judy said...

So glad to hear from you again! What an awesome bag and how nice to make it for your daughter. Bags are such great gifts, aren't they? Thanks for sharing the photo of the cardinal. We don't have them here and I miss seeing them.
Stay safe,

Raewyn said...

The bag for your daughter looks fabulous Karen - a great fabric choice. I love the photo of the cardinal. I hope you have safe travels back home - and a wonderful visit with your sister.

Raewyn said...

PS I just checked out the churn-dashes...super cute!

Sheila said...

Love the bag you made for your daughter , the fabrics are gorgeous . Love the cardinal photo , sure would love to see one in person . Enjoy your visit with your sister and see you soon ❤ Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

The bag looks great on your daughter. You have more patience than I do, I think! I guess it is time to go back to the NE, but it seems like such a short time ago, you were going the other way! I think it's still cold up there. This is OUR first warm week, and we are much further south!

Cheryl said...

Great bag, what a perfect size for a travel and diaper bag. I love the print on it.

Tish Stemple said...

Oh, my goodness, this bag was worth every stitch and I'm sure she will love it! I hope you are able to sneak in much sewing time before you make your way back north.

Allie-oops Designs said...

That is a GREAT bag!! I always want to make them twice, just to get it perfect the second time...seems like there's always something I want to tweak...
Good to know about Walmart. I'll check there first next time. I too ordered from Amazon, but my friend has Prime so no shipping fee. Enjoy your travels!!

Sondra said...

Sweet Bag! I look forward to all your crafty posts and kayak adventures when you get back up to the Cape.

Mia said...

Great bag for your daughter, Karen. I missed you, my friend. Hugs!!!

Preeti said...

Now why does that young lady look so familiar :-p That is a lovely bag. No wonder she has a big smile on her face :-)