Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nothing But UFO's....Well, Almost

It's already the end of January.
Where did the time go?
I signed up with Carrie at A Passion for Applique
for Nothing But UFO's in 2013
with this post
but I fell short of my mark.
There are just so many things to make,
techniques to try, babies being born,
I got side-tracked, and the month flew right by.
However,  I did complete 2 out of 3.
Here's the baby quilt I was hand-quilting,
signed, sealed, delivered, and in use.
And the small tote for my daughter.

She was at the dr. office the other day,
and one of the patients in the waiting room liked it so much,
she called me and ordered one for herself!
Oh, boy, more money for fabric!!
Here's a UFO that I finished that wasn't on my list,
also delivered to it's new owner.

A hexie Doll's Quilt for my favorite Little Princess.
I guess I could work on UFO #3 today to finish it up real fast,'s not in line at the sewing machine
or on today's list.
I'm making bibs, burp cloths, and cookies today!
Thanks, Carrie, for hosting the January edition of
You can go HERE to see all of the other finishes!!



Thursday, January 24, 2013

Play Tea Bags

On a trip to Houston,
I attended
a little tea party.
The lovely hostess
was a princess.
I brought a special
blend of tea,
inspired by
this post.
Here's a little closer look.
Crafty Daughter stamped the muslin tags
with an initial on one side
and a flower on the other.
They were very cute,
and there's no expiration date!

(Do they clink tea cups?)

Mommy gets a big thank you for
such a fun tea party!

Lovely bonnet!
More my style than a tiara!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

For the Birds

It's been a tough winter for the birds.
Found a few fun things to craft
 with our feathered friends in mind.
First up are these cute tea cup and saucer feeders.

I found them at
Or, if you prefer a hanging feeder,
check THIS out!
Busted Button has a great tutorial.

Stephanie, at The Ladybug's Garden
takes them a step further with a
tutorial featuring  several different tea cup ideas.
Next up is a very unique peanut feeder
from Vesey's.
Not a tutorial, but if you're clever enough.....
might be something you could entice the man of the house to figure out!
I thought this was pretty clever

Perhaps you'd like to engage the kids
in a project, too!
Pink Pistachio has a great tute
for making hanging seed treats
in all shapes and sizes!
I just want to add that birds need water
during the winter, too.  I know it's freezing
in some parts of the country, but you could set
a dish out daily and bring it in each night.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

101 Uses for a Quilting Hoop


1. To hand quilt.

2.  To take a well deserved nap. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 01, 2013

I didn't think I had much to post about,
until I imported the pictures from my camera.
Should do it more often!
I'll begin with the most recent.
Anxious to see my first bird of the New Year,
I headed out the door this morning
to a birdless yard.
Thinking maybe the birds had celebrated too late
into the wee hours of the morning,
or were kept awake by all the fireworks,
I studied the trees,
and then I spotted the reason....
Never very confident in my hawk identification,
I've narrowed this handsome devil down to
either a Cooper's Hawk, who is here in S. Texas year round,
 or a Sharp-shinned Hawk, here during the winter.
He seemed to be pretty big.
Here he is, flying away.
One of the first little birdies to venture out after the hawk scare
was this sweet Carolina Wren.
Not a bad start to the New Birding Year,
OR to my Texas Yard Bird List!
I'm just now getting my sewing area set up.
I've been pretty busy since arriving in TX on 12/15.
Crafty Daughter had a birthday cookie order for us to work on.
Cows, of all things.
I just snapped a few quick, unstaged photos. 
(You can see that one is on a stick.
We attempted our first cookie bouquet.)
Then we moved on to Christmas cookies,
and had lots of fun experimenting with
the different cookie cutters we'd collected.
I always describe this areas as being within the northern fringe
of South Texas, and was surprised when a neighbor
invited us over to pick grapefruit.

She was away when we passed out Christmas cookie plates
to all the neighbors,
so she's getting a special plate
of New Years cookies.
Oh, my, this is becoming too long.
Well, down to business.  The purpose of posting today
is to link up with Carrie from A Passion for Applique.
Just choose three (3) UFO's a month
post about them,
and link up with Carrie.
1.  A Christmas Table Topper that never got finished
before I started my migration.
(At least I brought it with me!)

2.  A baby quilt that I've been handquilting since I left
Cape Breton.  The baby has just been born and is only in Houston!
3.  Crafty Daughter wants a small bag to wear for work.
She picked out the focal fabric.
This hasn't been started, but it's a UFO
because she asked for it last summer!
Stop by A Passion for Applique to say hello,
and to check out some of the links!!
Okay, I'm finished!