Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dressing Up Granny

How often we read about quilters finding inspiration everywhere, from nature to bridges, floor tiles to ceiling tiles, even fruit and vegetable displays at the grocery store.  And that's true for me, too, and I snap all kinds of pictures, but never do anything with them.

Well, the other week, I was at a local drug store, and in walked an elderly lady, dressed to the nines in skinny black jeans and coordinated accessories.  But, what stood out the most was the shocking pink swatch of hair at her left temple!  I watched her move about the store and she was a real pistol, and I thought, "Why NOT dress up granny?"

So, I came home and I did!  

I love making Granny Squares, 
as evidenced by this picture of my 
scrappy leader-ender project from over the winter.

Here are the first two grannies I came up with.

I decided I would keep the consistency of the white line throughout all my blocks.

The next one is ready to sew up,
which I will do leader-ender style while I work on another WIP.

I'm having fun trying to think of creative ways to 'Dress Up Granny'
and look forward to working on these,
one block at a time,
as the spirit moves me,
over the summer.

I have no idea where it will go from here
or how long it will take!

Happy Quilting!