Monday, February 27, 2017

New Pattern, New DrEAMi! Project

You know that charm pack you couldn't resist purchasing,
but you only bought one,
because you didn't have 'a plan',
and it was an impulse buy?

And it sits on the shelf looking pretty,
but you don't know what to do with it,
because you only have one?

Or maybe you won it in a give away?
Received it as a gift?

Well, let me tell you,
Stephanie @ Loft Creations,
has just published the most adorable pattern,

Paper Lanterns

and you're going to want to make it!
As a matter of fact,
I'd be surprised if you can resist!

My initial intentions were to collect the needed fabrics 
and pack them, along with the pattern,
in my luggage,
to make when I get back to Cape Breton,
because I already have my projects lined up to work on.

Well, I took my morning stroll yesterday,
which led me right to to Joann's,
just in case they might have what I need 
to augment what I already have,
so I can start stitching up this sweet quilt
right away!

They didn't have a lot to offer,
but I found this all green charm pack
and I didn't want to wait!
I wanted to start to make it immediately.
Not too exciting, but I think it will finish up ok.

I had to take some 'secret sewing'
for the NSQBQ's* 3rd annual challenge
off of the design wall to take this pic,
but it's going right back up!
You'll have to wait until springtime to see.
Sorry.  But something tells me,
it will be worth the wait.

Since this project jumped to the head of the line
in only the blink of an eye,
I think it's the perfect post for

mmm! quilts' DrEAMi! Linky Party

*What is the NSQBQ, you ask?
Four Nova Scotia quilters who get together a few times every year
to attend quilt shows and what not.

Linda @ Scrapmaster
Sheila @ Sheila's Quilt World and
Lesley, The Cuddle Quilter,
as well as myself, comprise the group.
After finding each other online,
we've been gathering for maybe about 5 years?
For this challenge, we have been doing a round robin!
It certainly has been a challenge, too.
But a fun one!

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Double the Pleasure

Blogging has taken a backseat  
since arriving in TX for the winter.
There has been a lot going on in Blogland,
and I have to admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed.
It overcomes me every so often,
 as I'd like to be able to make everything I see,
But I know I can't.
So, I plug along and do my own thing.
And the sewing machine has been humming!

Almost as soon as I arrived,
Crafty Daughter asked for Twins' Quilts for her first college roomie.
Twins at age 40; I can't imagine!
But being her first successful pregnancy,
we wanted to make it special for her.

We had lots of fun working together to plan and make
these quilts.  Sewing for my daughter is one of my many delights.

The little word 'lamb' is part of her last name,
and will be the theme of the nursery.

Grey, white, and beige comprise her color scheme.
Can you tell that the little lamb in the lower picture is purple?
I think it's hard to tell. 

I used a darker gray solid,
a lighter gray pin dot,
and white for the gingham look.
The sheep's heads and legs
are leftover batting.
What fun it was
to make these quilts!
They finished up
at 40" x 50".

Sadly, the baby shower that was to be held this weekend
was cancelled, as the little mother had to be
hospitalized for high blood pressure.
The doctors are hoping she can hang in there
for 3 or 4 more weeks.


Recently, I had the pleasure of quilting alongside an old friend.
We worked on her scrappy blocks, so I prepped, and she sewed.
She was a little miffed at how much I used pins,
declaring that I've been doing this for so long,
why do I need to?
This sparked quite a conversation about:

talent vs. skill,
patience vs. speed,
developing good habits vs. making do,
and having focus,
as well as an understanding of good practices.

Not all fabrics are the same.
They don't all play well together
without proper preparation and consideration of the next step.
There is so much to pay attention to
from how you press and handle your fabrics,
to being sure to square up as you go along.
Pinning is somewhere in the middle!

What one good habit would you encourage?

Enjoy your day!