Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Find the Magic in the Ordinary

Thank you for visiting my stop on Preeti's blog hop last week.
It was so nice to see so many old friends.  

One of my goals this summer was to complete as many UFOs as possible.  In June, 2019, The Crafty Quilter, hosted a Disappearing Nine Patch QAL.  Once the top was completed, it was time for my annual migration south, so it was tucked carefully away.  Well, we all know what happened next.  I wasn’t allowed across the border into Canada again until August, 2021.  The border opened up, with restrictions, on August 9, and I was on a flight north the very next day.  

Fast forward to summer, 2022.

No longer willing to climb around the floor on my hands and knees, I thought I’d be smart and purchase some tables like we have at the 'hall'.  I ordered the tables that fold in half for easier storage.
The joke was on me.  They are so heavy, I can’t lift them!  Living on the ocean, the best time to layer a quilt out on the deck is early morning, before the wind picks up.  So, if I give Ranger Ron, not a morning person, plenty of notice, he's more than willing to set them up for me.  He even hangs around, and helps me layer the quilt with spray baste, so it goes very quickly.  

With the Serpentine Stitch, 
this one quilted up pretty quickly, too.

I named this quilt “Find the Magic in the Ordinary” not only because it started out with just ordinary nine patch blocks, but also because I’m gifting it to a young acquaintance who is struggling right now, and it’s my secret message to her. 

Today we started battening down the hatches.
Hurricane Fiona is heading right at us on Saturday.
It’s difficult to know just what to expect at this point,
but it could be ugly.  
I do admit to being little nervous.

I'm within that little red circle.

One thing for sure is I’ll lose this 8+ foot tall sunflower!

What joy it has brought me!

Thanks for stopping by.
Now that I’m figuring how to post using my iPad,
maybe I’ll be around a little more often!



Christine B said...

Lovely finish Karen and I hope that you stay safe!! Hugs Christine xx

Sondra said...

Look at me first! Because I got up at 5 What a lovely piece of Quilt has the Perfect name...IM sooo sorry that dang storm is heading your way May as well pick the flower and enjoy it inside...I will be on pins and needles till that storm passes and you give the ALL is good here sign...You and Ranger BE SAFE!!

Maria said...

Always great to finish a UFO. Perfect name for it and lovely gift for your young friend.
Hope you stay safe hugs🤗 Maria.

Binsa said...

Stay safe Karen enjoyed your post

Chookyblue...... said...

I do hope Hurricane Fiona is kind and not to destructive........
the nine patch quilt looks great I love the purple/plum in the border...frames it nicely.......nice to have a quick catch up.......covid sure has interrupted lives.......

FlourishingPalms said...

It's always wonderful to see what you've been up to, Karen. Your excuses for not posting for so long are perfectly acceptable. :-) Love seeing that Disappearing Nine Patch, and learning about how you baste a quilt. Next time you baste a quilt, please take a picture of your set-up. I'd like to see those heavy tables you talked about. I'm really glad Fiona didn't pack as big of a punch as anticipated. You deserve a break, and I hope that sunflower came through okay too.

kiwikid said...

Somehow I missed your post! Your finished quilt is beautiful and has the perfect name for its purpose, very nice thing to do. Hope your sunflower coped ok.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

I love your colorful D9P, Karen!!! What a happy quilt for your friend. How did you fair with Fiona?

Raewyn said...

A catch up read - know this was an older post. It's been a strange old time hasn't it, I didn't realise you'd been 'stranded' at your daughters. Love your quilt - nice to have another one ticked off and then gifted too :-) Hope the hurricane didn't treat you too badly?

kiwikid said...

Great to see a finish, well done! Hope you had a great Christmas and that the weather has been kind to you.