Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Worthy Read (Natural History)

"The important thing about wilderness, any wilderness, is the effect it has on the human spirit.  Hiking a wilderness beach is different from hiking a resort beach, or even a national seashore beach where development is held to a minimum.  It has to do, I think, with the great value of seclusion, with places that are wild and remote and provide the illusion, if only for a few hours or a few days, of being untouched."  Salt Tide; Cycles and Currents of Life Along the Coast by Curtis J. Badger

My new favorite read, Salt Tide is written in tribute to the "eighteen separate islands buffering the shores of Virginia from the Atlantic Ocean, forming the last unspoiled barrier ecosystem on the East Coast".

Curtis Badger takes you on a journey of exploration and discovery into this diverse wilderness with meaningful and easy to understand text laced with his incredible gift of the sense of wonder.

A worthy read, and the price is right!


Laura Trevey said...

I need to get this.... thanks!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I didn't know these islands existed!
Thanks for the info. I think 'Salt Tide' would make a great gift for a friend of mine who lives in VA.

Anonymous said...

Ok..I am going to get that book. You are a true nature lover...Michelle