Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mammouth Wasp

Check out THIS bad girl,

hanging out on the leaves of Little Sister's beans!

A very nice person at identified it for me as a

Pelecinid Wasp

Common during the late summer in New England, males are rare
as the female doesn't require their services to reproduce.
I think they would be a welcomed visitor because
they are parasitoids that lay their eggs
directly into the grubs of the June beetle
(genus Phyllophaga) which is buried in the soil
and ruining your lawn.

Growing up to 3" long,
it certainly has a formidable appearance,
especially when you are engrossed in
making your way through the leaves
to the beans!

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Barb said...

Now THAT'S a stinger! She means business!

Denise said...

What an amazing bug and I would not want to be anywhere near that stinger. Great photo!!!
An English Girl Rambles

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Can't say I would want to get too close that wasp!

Stephanie said...

very cool, would not want to be near him!

Stephanie said...

Not an attractive lady but a fantastic photo.

Rambling Woods said...

and I knew this one as they ided on for me too..It is something isn't it...

Rambling Woods said...

If you want to join Nature Notes, it's like the other memes only much smaller..LOL...I usually post Wednesday night and at the bottom of the post is a linky from Mr. Linky and you click on the box and type in your blog name and add your blog post by cutting and pasting the address. You can use the Nature Notes little photo badge as you do here for the camera critters...any questions and give me a holler or post and I can add it for you as I have your blog in my reader....Michelle

Heather said...

Yikes, Karen! Now =THAT'S= a wasp!

walk2write said...

Fascinating picture and information, Karen. One can see that she's certainly not going to put up with being the butt of any male wasp jokes:)

The Early Birder said...

Now that's an interesting beastie ... mind the fingers! FAB.

John said...


That is some beastie, never seen anything like that before. Alien from outer space.

Brilliant photo Karen.

Thank you.

Manz said...

That's crazy... why did tou risk getting so close! For a cool photo I guess :)

Linda said...

Sharp detail, amazing stinger! I have never seen anything quite like it! This year, I did see, here in Maine, a spider that looked like a crab, rather frightening, as I captured a night photo of the creature....He crawled away to scare someone else.. cheers, Linda