Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A More Than Worthy Cause

Today, at Wren's site, I became aware of a program to assist children with the financial burden of their classroom projects.  As a former educator, I can appreciate the efforts of this website,, and applaud, not only their goals, but the ease in which they are making it possible for children to gain access to hands-on knowledge across the learning spectrum.

The classroom project that Wren is promoting involves frogs!  Oh, my!  I wish there had been such a project and as dedicated a teacher when I was in school.

There are many more classroom projects that need your support and the website is user-friendly.  So, if you choose to explore the possibilities, you may find a project in your locality that better reflects your personal interests and passions!  Or, you can go to Calling All Scientists: Frog Life on View Classroom Project at and make the purchase of a new aquarium for this one teacher in Detroit, Michigan!!

Won't you take a few minutes to check it out?!?

And Wren, thank you for the heads-up.  To excite children about the wonders of nature fills me with delight.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kaholly, for helping to spread the word.

There are so many worthy projects, and so many teachers and classrooms who need help. I often worry that my little bit won't be enough to make a difference, but a lot of little bits add up to a huge difference to a classroom teacher.

Kay Baughman said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks for telling us about it. As education chair of a local Audubon Society, I'm reimagining what educating our youth could mean. We don't have to do the educating ourselves as a club--kids are "booked" too heavily that they don't have time, anyway, for enrolling in our programs. Now I'm thinking that giving support to our schools would reach the most kids. As a retired teacher, I should have thought this through earlier! Your blog makes me realize what can be done.Thanks so much!!

Linda Reeder said...

I followed the link and found my school! It's my neighborhood school as well as the school I retired from. I donated. Thanks for this information!!!

walk2write said...

What do you mean, "former educator"? Once a teacher, always a teacher, Karen. I wish you were nearby to teach me your skills with the needle! Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

Audrey said...

What a great idea! Teachers who have special projects in school are some of the best teachers. It's so wonderful when they take the time to teach the children but still make it fun.
Will check out the site.

Just Ramblin' said...

Karen you are always on top of "good" things. This is a fantastic idea and I will be checking it out. You are still an educator! You educate me each time I read your blog and as you share you talents. Thanks so much for bringing this wonderful cause to our attention. Nola