Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My World Tuesday: So, It's Hunting Season

Hunting season really cramps my style. 
I have to compensate by paying closer attention
to what's going on in my own backyard. 

This year I'm delighted to have
 a new backyard environment
to nose around in while
I am visiting my daughter in TX. 

One just never knows who'll come for a visit!!

Perhaps it might be a handsome Northern Mockingbird,
the Texas State Bird,

or a caterpillar that will some day grow up to be a 
 Great Leopard Moth

This Variagated Fritillary, (Euptoieta claudia), although a little
tattered around the edges, was a delightful find!

A lizard type visitor?

Or a friendly neighborhood owl or two!

For a simple,
fun tutorial
and pattern,
to make this
sweet owl
visit Juicy-Bits

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Anonymous said...

Love the owls - did you make those?

Beyond The Garden said...

I agree! I hate deer season. Moments ago a shot scared birds away from my feeder located near the front door. The same door out from which I bolted with a scream of "hey! Stop that!" (love that Latin grammar)

KaHolly said...

Wren, thanks for visiting today and yesterday! I was so tickled to see you'd stopped by. Yes, I made those little owls. I can't stop, they are so cute and easy. My goal is one a day.

BTG, That's a little TOO close for comfort! Thanks for the visit!


Stephanie said...

How fun to have a sweet nose to love. :o) Great photos but I'm loving the owls!

Carver said...

Those are all great shots and I love the creative owls.

EG Wow said...

Very cute owl. Lucky you to be in Texas. Will you be there through the holidays?

Pam said...

Now that looks like a wonderful world of all things great and small.
How utterly delightful, kaHolly.

Enjoy your week

K-Sue said...

I like that dog nose pic. Cute owls, too.

Rambling Woods said...

Hunting season always leads to some awful things here..already a teenager fell into a gorge, but is still alive and a middle-aged guy fell out of his deer stand and died. I won't be taking any walks for a bit anywhere interesting.. Lovely to have a warmer place to visit.... Have a great Thanksgiving....Michelle

NatureFootstep said...

looks like an interesting world. :)

Anonymous said...

What charming visitors!

Audrey said...

It looks so nice and warm there!! Can I come too?

swamp4me said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your visit to Texas. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Craig Glenn said...

Lizard looks like a brown anole. I love the butterfly! The shadow makes for a really nice shot.


Linda said...

I'm glad to hear you're outside, enjoying the environs and nicer-than-Canada weather. I really enjoy seeing the wildlife in places different than home. Thanks for sharing your views. Have a nice Thanksgiving. Blessings.

Self Sagacity said...

A lot of fun photos! Thanks for stopping by Self Sagacity. There are so many wonders in your backyard.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Looks like you're having fun in your temporary Texas stomping grounds. :-)

The owls are too cute! I think I'll make one a little bigger with velcro to add to my niece's playhouse. Thanks for the link!


Carrie P. said...

Lots of fun stuff to see in your new environment. Love those owls.
We call those wooly worms around here. They are supposed to be able to predict the weather for winter.There is a town in the mountains called the Wooly Worm Festival. Haven't been yet.

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

It's always fun to discover things in a new place. Nice shots.

Darryl and Ruth : )

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Those owls are super cute!

Linda said...

Your owls are so cute, as you are very talented! I love your butterfly and mockingbird and doggy's nose...The caterpillar is neat and very different! I love your composition and detail on the reptile! He camouflages quite well against that wall... cheers, Linda

Simone de Klerk said...

I love them, Karen!