Sunday, June 26, 2011

Guilt-free Marathon Sewing

I'm a ""glass is half full" kind of girl, but this Cape Breton weather isn't even for the birds!  Cold, north winds continue to blow, and if the wind changes direction, it's coming off the water from the south and is just as cold!  I don't mind the rain; I DO mind the cold!

It's great for "guilt-free marathon sewing!

On the top, I have made a Sugar Baby
bag designed by Stephanie at Loft
Creations.  It was a delight to make!
All of Stephanie's patterns are "fun".

Here in the middle, I've fashioned
a crayon roll to send off to a very special
young friend in Texas, if Canada Post ever
settles their strike and the mail starts moving.

Lastly, my current Leaders and Enders
project.  I've already made one quilt,
but am so enamoured with this pattern,
I decided to keep right on making squares.

Hope you are enjoying better weather!


texwisgirl said...

well, come back to Texas - we've got plenty of the opposite. HOT AND DRY!!! :)

Simone de Klerk said...

Beautiful projects, Karen! Your Sugar Baby is so sweet! And I totally agree, Stephanie's patterns are a joy to make. So well described!
The crayon roll is very sweet. Somebody will be very happy.
And the block you made looks very interesting! I'm trying to figure it out.
Hope some warmth will be coming your way soon!

Anonymous said...

I don't sew myself, but I can appreciate the value of a great excuse to indulge in a hobby.

It looks like you have great results to show for your day's work.

Stephanie said...

Such a cute Sugar Baby! When the cold wind's time to sew. Right? Great projects.

Linda said...

Well, cold weather... be "darned!" You're making great use of indoor time. I especially like the Leader/Enders block, but them I'm a push-over for all super-scrappy quilts. Is this block in Bonnie's book?

Just Ramblin' said...

I'm glad you are having some chilly weather so you can sew, sew, sew to your hearts content. I love your Sugar Baby Bag. I'm going to have to check out Loft Creations. Your special little friend is going to love the crayon roll as much as "mother" will having crayons all in one place! Now, I am sitting here trying to figure out your quilt block. It looks very complicated but if you've already made one quilt and are working on more, I'm sure it is rather simple (for you at least!) So good to see all the fun things you are doing to keep you busy when it is cold and miserable. Do hope your weather will soon warm up so you can enjoy that beautiful outdoor area you live in. Nola

swamp4me said...

Hot and bone dry here. Try to talk those clouds into moving south :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Karen, cold here ...southern tip of Australia...cannot expect much less for our Winter....enjoyed seeing your projects....Warm Regards, Lyn

Carrie P. said...

Looks like you had a great day sewing.
Love your version of Stephanie's bag.

Denise said...

Lovely! You got some beautiful creations done there.

Michelle said...

It was cold here for a couple of days too...I wish I could quilt...I would love your projects..

John said...

My daughter will love these creations when I show them to her. She hasn't started sewing yet (too young) but she is constantly doing crafts. It's a good thing her mother is talented in that way, because I am not!

LesQuilts said...

I jumped over to your blog from Passion for Applique!
Where is the pattern for the last picture, ie: block from?
It is a great leader/ender block. I use that technique for new blocks, but also to save thread with at least 1 inch wide strips, sewing, over and over again on the double folded scrap!
Take care, Leslie

LesQuilts said...

P.S. I became a follower!
Take care, Leslie