Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nature Update/February UFO Challenge

About the only things nature-related that
I've done since the first of the year... some winter Texas butterflies around the yard...
{The butterfly in picture #2 is smaller than a dime!!
As yet, I've not remembered to take a Butterfly book
out of the library (I've only gone a half dozen times, now),
so they are yet to be identified.}
...wonder what kinds of trees these are...



...and rake leaves.
But, I've gotten in some good sewing time

and baking time

to help Crafty Daughter get ready for a baby shower today.
It's time for Carrie's Nothing but UFOs February Challenge.
The first of my three entries will be to finish these fingerless mitts

that I've been lugging around with me since fall.
By the time I get them sewn together, winter will be over!
My second UFO is a combination stitchery/quilting project
that I started during the summer. 
I had made a Dresden Plate quilt with quotes encircling the plates. 
Because I live in an Acadian French community.
it was suggested that I do them again IN FRENCH!

This is as far as I ever got!
I had found some linen napkins at the Goodwill store
and thought they'd be a good backing.
I just need to finish embroidering one more word
and I can start on the plate.
I'd love to return with at least one completed!
Here is the picture of the quilt that started it all.

And lastly, when an ad for Fons and Porter magazine
came in the mail,
I fell in love with one of the quilts pictured
called Flowers for Hannah.
This UFO will have to be completed in steps,
as I'd never finish it by the end of the month
with all of my other little projects.
All of the applique has been completed,
the quarter square triangles constructed.
By the end of February, I would like to at least have
the blocks all sewn together.
There are 9 cornflowers, 4 daisies, and 12 QSTs.
I was determined to only use fabric contained in my meager TX stash,
so it won't be as pretty as pictured in the Fons and Porter magazine.
I guess now
I had better get to work!
Thanks for stopping by today.
Be sure to visit A Passion for Applique to see other entries
for this challenge.
Thanks, Carrie!!



TexWisGirl said...

those COOKIES steal the show! dang! really wonderful!

Roy Norris said...

Lovely shots of the yellow butterfly Karen, wish we had winter butterflies here. The first we may see are in late March.

DeniseinVA said...

An excellent collection of pretties. The butterfly being smaller than a dime makes me even more impressed with your photography skills. And you baking skills, and your quilting skills, and anything else I may have missed :) Have a great week Karen!

Fiona said...

lots of lovely projects.. I love the dresdens with quotes and I also like finding linens at the charity shops.... those biscuits are great...

Carrie P. said...

butterflies in the winter! interesting!
cute cookies. great to see you linking up again. Good luck!

LynCC said...

Those cookies are amazing!! Good luck on your UFOs. I'm hoping to get mine squared away.

Stephanie said...

Lots of pretties. You cookies are truly amazing. Professional and beautiful.

grammie g said...

Hi Karen ...A butterfly is wonderful to see this time of year!! Your trees and berries are beauties, but I with Teresa on this one ...those cookies are some darn do such a great job !! ; )

john bord said...

Hey... save me a cookie.... headin out the door.... coffee cup in hand.... floatin like a butterfly

FlourishingPalms said...

You have such admirable goals. That French embroidery is simply charming! How fun to stitch. And those decorated cookies are divine. I bet they were a huge hit at the baby shower. You two are quite the team when it comes to making awesomely decorated cookies. So much talent!

Lesley said...

Everything you have here is wonderful...but especially those cookies and those blocks! If you were here, you'd be watching the snow which turned to freezing rain, then rain, and snow in the morning! Enjoy Texas!

Miss Holly said...

Oh my gosh the've become a master!!!! And I adore the French! Your lettering is exquisite!!!

Anni said...

I don't quilt, but I've so wanted to try it and remain scared for the fact that I'm pretty sure I'd mess it up from the very beginning.

Your post was a delightful read.

Sheila said...

Beautiful butterfly , you have some interesting projects for the month , I love the Dresdan quilt and to do it in French is a wonderful idea. I also love the quilt you have just started , I saw that in the magazine and also fell in love with it .

Cindy said...

Okay, those cookies look TO GOOD to eat. So you may as well share them - I'm right here....LOL

Lynne said...

The tree with the berries is the Chinese Tallow Tree, Sapium sebiferum or Triadica sebifera. We grew one at our previous home in western Sydney. They grow very easily from the berries, especially if digested by birds first! According to Wikipedia, it accounts for 23% of trees in the Houston area.

Kathie Brown said...

Well, I am glad you are getting out in nature a little bit. It's funny to think of how close we are to each other once again! It sure looks like you have been busy!

Just Ramblin' said...

Beautiful little yellow butterfly. Can't wait until we have them coming back. Your pictures are lovely. Cookies really show off your wonderful gifts and talents. Glad you are getting so much done! Nola

Tammy said...

Pretty butterflies! Your sewing talents are really incredible! LOVE the adorable bib & cloth...and the cookies, wow!