Thursday, February 6, 2014

This and That

During the Be a Hexie Queen Blog Hop,
I had the good fortune to win a beautiful Hoffman fat quarter bundle
Thank you, Beth!
It was waiting for me when I arrived in Texas.
As soon as I handled it, I knew what I wanted to make.
I don't have an e-reader, I just liked the bag.
I don't even carry a bag.  I just like to make them!
It's a cross-shoulder bag and a fat quarter friendly project.
I was lucky to find a button that mirrors the pattern in the lining
which, of course, I didn't photograph.
I do wish I'd paid a little closer attention to the pattern
in the main fabric when I was cutting.
This was my first time following a WpCP pattern
and it was so well written.
I learned how to make hidden pockets,
and if you follow the link,
WpCP has a great tutorial.
It's amazingly simple.
 I predict more of these bags in my future!
I'm linking up to Terry's Treasures today
to show my 2 hastily photographed Goodnight Irene Sew-Along rows.
I find these blocks are a great leader/ender project
or are perfect when I becomed overwhelmed
and need something simple to ground me.
I have a lot of projects on the go
and can't help starting new ones,
and sometimes that makes me wander around in circles.
Of course, there's a bird.
Don't want you to be too disappointed,
although it's photographed from quite a distance.

Female Golden-fronted Woodpecker
(Melanerpes aurifrons)
Length: 8.7–10.2 inches
Wingspan: 16.9 inches
Golden-fronted Woodpecker Range Map

On today's plate are bibs and burp cloths
for a last minute, impromptu baby shower tomorrow
for a set of twins that almost didn't make it!
They are thriving now,
so it's safe to part-eee and celebrate their arrival.
Have a stellar day!
Stay safe and warm.
Thanks for visiting.



TexWisGirl said...

nice carry bag! :)

john bord said...

This and that, ..... likes that title and enjoys your posts.

Lesley said...

Love your Irene blocks...such bright fresh colours. Great work on that bag too!

Montanagirl said...

I really do like that bag!

Sheila said...

Love the bag Karen and your Irene blocks are looking great ! Have fun making the bibs and burp cloths :-)

Terry said...

I love your Irene blocks! I'm on a mission to finish projects at the moment. I actually have two empty project tubs, and that's never happened before! LOL

Fiona said...

the bag is lovely.... I had to laugh that you don't even use them though.... fun to be sewing for little fighting twins...

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love your bag! sounds like you are busy in Texas. Love the bird :)

Linda said...

Gorgeous bag! I really like Whistlepig patterns. Very user friendly. Your Irene is just wonderful. The fabrics you chose are so pretty. Sooo pretty. I know what you mean about going in circles..I have a lot of starts going on right now and just can't seem to settle down and finish.

Just Ramblin' said...

You have been busy! I really like your bag and your Irene blocks are coming along nicely. Glad the little twins are thriving and I'm sure their Mama will appreciate the burp cloths and bibs. One can never have too many. Great picture of your woodpecker. Nola

Our photos said...

WoW! That is a beautiful bag!
Greetings, Sonnja

Abby and Stephanie said...

I love making bags too. Your quilt is making me long for Spring. Pretty florals as I sit in a deep freeze. Stellar bird. Such happy news about the twins. Happy sewing.

Barb said...

love your bag and your "Good night Irene" looks wonderful..

Carrie P. said...

that fabric is gorgeous and you did a fantastic job.
Your blocks look so pretty together.
Thanks for showing us a new bird to me anyway.

DeniseinVA said...

Great post Karen, the bag is gorgeous and so is your quilt. Also enjoyed the woodpecker picture. Another nice selection of goodies today and so happy to hear the wee twins are doing well after their rough start in life.

Kerstin said...

I love the bag! wonderful. Have to check out that link.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What a nice win! Sometimes it's just fun to have something whether you use it or not.....grin. You Irene looks great and the photo of the woodpecker is wonderful. Love looking at the birds in my yard.

Vickie said...

That turned out to be a very pretty bag !

Karen said...

Your Irene blocks are really coming along. I like them. I need to find a place to lay my blocks out so I can match up my scrappy x blocks with the scrappy patch blocks.

JRandSue said...

A big well done,you bagged it.

Judy said...

What a nice bag! I like the design and the fabrics. Thanks for sharing the bird photo and information. It's fun reading about what other people get to see in their part of the world. Bibs for twins? I have identical twins who are almost 29 now. It was so neat raising them and seeing them grow up. They were best friends while growing up and they are best friends still, living within five miles of each other. Best wishes to the mom!

FlourishingPalms said...

Of course I like that bag! You don't carry one though? You must always wear clothing with pockets then. Well, the bag turned out great, and the way the print is arranged, it looks like you spent considerable time appliquéing it!