Friday, July 25, 2014

Into the Tobiatic, Day 1

How silly of me to worry about having time
to spend on my new sewing machine.
Our weather hasn't been the greatest!
This morning, it's 68 degrees and raining.  Oh, darn!
I'll have to stay in and practice my FMQing.

But lookie where I've been
when a stretch of nice weather was in the forecast!
It was my pleasure and delight
(ticks be damned!)
to have had the unique opportunity to do a little wilderness camping
in the SW interior of Cape Breton.
We were rained on a little,
but it was all just part of the adventure.

The Tobiatic Wilderness Area,
protected under the Wilderness Areas Protection Act
and designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve,
 encompasses over 257,000 acres of ultimate beauty.
Included in the Biosphere Reserve is Kejimkujik National Park,
the darker green area on the map,
with an area of 156 square miles.
(So yes, I had to do the math for the Tobiatic.  
257,000 acres equals 401.5 square miles.)

I hardly know where to begin,
or just what to say.
I was totally entranced.

The area is rife with landscapes influenced by glaciation-
outwash plains, eskers, kames, drumlins, and moraine ridges.
the last glacier passing through a mere 10,000 years ago.
These massive boulders, known as erratics, 
are strewn about everywhere,

including in the middle of the lake.

Evidence of inhabitants occupying the area 
date back more than 5000 years.
The Mi'kmaq Indians were present 400 years ago
when the first Europeans appeared.

Perhaps they pulled their canoes up into this very same spot.
Hope they watched out for the frogs!

Pickerel Frog
(Rana palustrus)
Green Frog
(Rana  clamitans melanota)

During our 13 miles of paddling
over two days,
there were little distractions around every bend,

We came across an active beaver's dam.

In the middle of one night, I was awakened by a loud
and mighty slap, splash, 
when a beaver felt threatened by something
lurking in the darkness,
and slapped the water's surface with his might tail
as a warning.
It was quite the awakening!
And even thought I didn't 'see' it,
it was exciting to hear.
Anyway, all along the shore of the lake were areas
showing slides in the mud 
used by the beavers to slip into the water.
So cool.

The Ranger waited patiently while I spent 
what must have seemed like forever

floating among the waterlilies
enraptured by all the dragon- and damselflies.

They don't mind sharing space.

Seeing a bear on an old logging road is one thing,

but being able to observe one REALLY in nature,
foraging along the shore,
was a whole new experience.
One more bear sighting, and I'll be able to declare 2014
as The Year of the Bear!

But at the moment,
it's The Day of FMQ,
so off to my new machine I go.

Have a great day
in your little corner of the world.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like you had fun - what a beautiful place to camp - glad you have a friend to go with

TexWisGirl said...

such a neat area! beautiful waters!

Lynn said...

Beautiful quilting! What an amazing place! Thanks so much for sharing. It looks like paradise!

Karen Ackva said...


FAB said...

Hi Karen.
That was a very interesting paddle with many exciting finds, especially Beaver and Bear. One of the dragonflies looks a lot like the (European) Yellow-spotted Whiteface .. not seen here in the UK.
Thanks for sharing this unique scenery.

Roy Norris said...

Amazing images Karen.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

FMGing is gorgeous. I love all the photos as well.

Fiona said...

I can read the excitement in your words.. what a lovely place to explore and so much to see .... wonderful... your quilting is fabulous... "Go the FMQers!!!"

Sondra said...

What a fantastic adventure you had, bear and all!!! I so want to be able to paddle again, who knows I'm not giving up!!
Enjoy that new machine!!

Sheila said...

Wow , your quilting is fabulous and those pictures are amazing , sad to say I have not explored that part of our province , sure is beautiful !

Linda Reeder said...

Your free motion quilting is beautiful. You are very skilled.
What a beautiful adventure you had.

Unknown said...

Hi Karen,
What a beautiful place - thank you for sharing!!!
Your quilting is fantastic!!

Teresa in Music City said...

Wow! What an amazing adventure!!! And ur FMQ is looking downright gorgeous!!!!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Mother Nature in all her glory. Gorgeous and fascinating. The same goes for your FMQ. Wowzer!

Debbie said...

the pics are fabulous! What scenery! And you have such mad FMQ skills!!!

Maria said...

I really enjoyed seeing some of your beautiful country through your photos... Thank you.
Fabulous FMQing too.

Raewyn said...

What an amazing place to visit and such a treat seeing all the wild life - wow! Your fmqing is beautiful too!

Carrie P. said...

WOW! your feathers are fabulous!
Looks like you had a great some. So much to see. Looks like you had good weather for the most part.

Di said...

Wow, what beautiful photos! This area looks so unspoiled and tranquil it must have been a real treat to spend time there. Love the dragonfly shot! And as for your quilting, it's just exquisite.

Katherine said...

Looks like you're getting the hang of FMQing on your new machine, Karen! Way to go!

Oh, my goodness. The scenery you're sharing is so gorgeous. I'm imagining all that peacefulness being so refreshing. I can't imagine a more wonderful way to spend summer!

Lin said...

Beautiful quilting but what amazing photographs of your trip! I had never heard of the Tobiatic Wilderness so this has been great for me. Thank you. xx

Linda said...

What a fantastic trip! So glad you got to experience it. Your FMQ is nearing expert! What a lovely stitch your machine has. Can't wait to see you on Saturday. It's been a long time.

Teresa in Music City said...

As always, I am enthralled by your pictures Karen!!! And your FMQ is looking pretty darn great too :)

Barb said...

Just beautiful....I so am envious of your adventures.

Judy said...

What an AWESOME place to camp! Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful photos with us. I need to get my kayak out to do some paddling, soon.

FlourishingPalms said...

Quite honestly, I'm most impressed with that picture of your white on purple quilting! Really beautiful work, Karen. It's apparent you've been quilting for a while and only needed a great sewing machine to make you look even better. Glad you had a nice getaway too.

Vickie said...

You go to the most enchanting beautiful places ! You are such an adventurer thanks for taking us along in your pictures !

Kathie Brown said...

What a delightful trip! I love all the pics! I hope to visit Cape Brenton one day!

Carla said...

wow what awesome views and pictures.
Thanks for sharing!