Monday, November 17, 2014

Canadian Quilters Connect

Sew Sisters Blog

is sponsoring this fun way to 
"celebrate Canadian quilting bloggers"
and perhaps become acquainted with a few new-to-you blogs.
Today's Canadian Maritimes host is none other than
the lovely Linda from Scrapmaster.
Linda has her hands in so many pies, I can't believe 
she has found the time to do this, too!
Thanks, Linda!

If you are visiting from Linda's blog today,
hello and welcome.
My name is Karen and I'm a quilt-a-holic. 
I make Cape Breton my home for 6 months of the year.
Right about now, I'm supposed to be packing up my 
sewing mess stash for the winter,
to head for south Texas.

Cape Breton is a wonderful refuge,

with a little bit to offer everyone.  

I go hiking,


and paddling around in my kayak.

If I'm not out of doors,
I'm quilting and sewing.

Free Motion Quilting is my newest challenge.
It's hard, but it's a lot of fun.
I've been quilting for over 30 years and needed something new!

A few of the projects I am still working on 
and haven't packed away are:

My version of Stephanie Dunphy's Hailee Bag,

a mix using an old corduroy shirt and suiting wool.
It was pretty ugly
until I put the Purple Coneflower on the front.

And here is my take on one of Stephanie's newest bag patterns, 
Prairie Tote,
still in the audition stages on the 'design floor'. 
It was on my list to make yesterday,
but I just haven't gotten to it.  Yet.
Perhaps today!

This will definitely reflect living in the maritimes.
(I tried to embellish the picture with a few of my shoreline treasures.)

I pulled out my Christmas fabric, finally,
and like every year, I'm wishing I had pulled it out earlier.
It's not like there wasn't a lot of inspiration
to focus on Christmas projects
from the quilting bloggers.

I can't show you what I've been making with it just yet.
It's a secret!
As are the rest of my most current little projects.

I'm in a real mess here.  I leave in 8 days.
Every time I organize one pile of my stash
and take it upstairs to store away,
I come down with 3 more to spread out and play with.
At this rate, I'll never be ready to go!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

If you haven't been to Linda's blog,
please pay her a visit
and meet a few other quilters 

Image result for canadian atlantic provinces
from the Atlantic Provinces.



Deborah @Patchwork Atelier said...

Wonderful natural pictures, dear Karen!
Your free motion quilting is amazing and the Hailee bag is so lovely..
Hugs, Deborah

Lesley said...

What a wonderful post to read with my morning coffee! Love seeing pictures of this glorious part of the world. Your quilting is what you are working on. You have some great projects underway, and I'm sure you'll have them all done in a few days!

Lorna McMahon said...

Nice to meet you, Karen! Lovely pics of the beautiful outdoors where you live. And some pretty projects, too! Love those lighthouses! Thanks so much for sharing!

DeniseinVA said...

Always love your quilting and those are lovely photos.

Kate said...

Nice to meet you Karen. You've shared some beautiful projects and lovely photos. I like your old Scottish proverb. I'm visiting from SK. ^^

andrea @ tideline quilts said...

I love your photos of Cape Breton, and am drooling to see the lighthouse block tote!!!! Totes are my newest quilting adventure, I'm about to embark on my first one and have a fantastic Fresh Lobster panel I'll be using as part of the design...Have to admit, I am green with envy - you are living my dream, Cape Breton for six months, South Texas for six months! Another few years, and I'll be doing that, too! So nice to meet you via the Canadian Quilters Blogathon - thanks, Sew Sisters!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

glad to read more about you! and I will go look at the blog you mention - get busy packing :) your time is running low!

Stephanie said...

You make your neck of the woods so inviting with your always gorgeous photos. I love that you're using corduroy and Hailee Bag is pretty. But oh my goodness Prairie Tote is looking amazing with the lighthouses! Happy's better than packing, right?

Carrie P. said...

the coneflower is a very nice addition yo the bag. it reflects your love of nature.

Sondra said...

What a wonderful idea to share all this creativity...I'm getting inspired to try something more than a rip repair!! I look forward to the secrets revealed!

Sheila said...

Wonderful post Karen , lovely projects on the go , the bag is lovely and your free motion quilting is really coming along so well . Hard to believe it is time for you to head south . Have fun in your sewing space today . Hugs Sheila

sherry said...

oh you have the life, what a wonderful spot to summer in

sunny said...

So that's the secret! I visited your lovely Cape Breton in October, and totally fell in love. But I'm not sure I could handle the winters. But you've got it all figured out! And I could bring my kayak. Your quilt projects are beautiful - thanks for sharing.

Sandi said...

Hi Karen,

Such lovely pictures, I've not been by for awhile and need to come more often.

I love how you perked up that handbag by adding the coneflower to it.

Have fun in Texas y'all. Look forward to seeing your other quilting life.

Lynn said...

What beautiful pictures, they make me want to run away and live there. But for someone who's not too keen on the cold that may be a deterrent. Your new bags are wonderful. Love the flower!

Fiona said...

lovely post to read... and some great projects happening.

Linda said...

Love the pic of you standing on the craggy outcropping. Beautiful! Your quilt is coming along just great and your fmq is wonderful. Love your corduroy bag. Very creative!
All I can say is that we are so lucky to have you for six months!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

The tote is wonderful and I really enjoyed your pictures. So nice to meet fellow Canadian quilters.

Julia D @ Jada's Quilting Adventures said...

Love the Hailee Bag! And beautiful job on the Free Motion Quilting. Enjoy the rest of your time in Cape Breton :)

Karen Thurn said...

Hi, Karen. Nice blog post and pics of the area. I just retired and hope to do lots of quilting too at least that is what I told my husband to explain the recent purchases of fabric. One of these days, he might "wise up" as to how much I exactly "need" for a quilt. Thanks for pushing all that cold air down here. Makes me want to move south too for the winter. Enjoy the Texas sun.

quiltmom said...

Have a wonderful trip down south- my son's in- laws live in Sydney and our son and his wife live in PEI. It is a beautiful part of the country.
You have some gorgeous Christmas fabrics- love the rich designs in the Christmas fabrics.
Warmest regards from Alberta,

Doris Rice said...

Cute Halilee Bag and good luck with the FMQ. More importantly, good luck with packing and Welcome to Texas. I live in Central Texas. Where do you winter in Texas?

Dominique said...

Hi Karen, Enjoyed your pictures of Cape Breton and the quilt you are machine quilting!

Leanne Parsons said...

I love your Cape Breton pictures! Where in Cape Breton are you? My parents grew up in Louisbourg, and that's one of my favourite places in the world. Your projects are all beautiful. I hope you manage to get everything packed in time to leave!

Janet said...

Isn't it great how quilters have to pack as much fabric, thread etc as anything else they take with them when they travel. :)

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely photos....good luck with packing xx

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop said...

What a beautiful place to live!
Thanks for sharing!

Linda H said...

What a great post Karen! Sharing the beauty of the Maritimes with the rest of Canada and the world, gotta love it! I should have put some "local" pics on my post too. Never thought of it! Duh!Good luck with your packing and safe travels to you!! I'll be checking back in to see your Christmas projects....

Allie said...

Cute quilt, and bag! I'm thinking maybe you should just take everything with you.....*g*

StitchinByTheLake said...

KaHolly I loved seeing your pictures - I didn't realize you go to south Texas for the winter. My parents used to do that too. I live in Arkansas so our winters aren't usually too bad here but south Texas avoids all the nasty days! blessings, marlene

Barb said...

Beautiful pictures....and yep that cone flower did the trick!!

Lin said...

Great post Karen and stunning pictures of where you live. xx

Renee said...

What a pretty area you live in! How cool that after 30 years of sewing you are picking up FMQ! I can never decide what to take for sewing on a trip and usually end up with some cute fabric and making hexies the whole time.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your quilting looks gorgeous!

Vickie said...

Your doing amazing things with your Janome.. What an inspiration you are!

eileeninmd said...

Hello Karen, lovely images from your home. Your quilt pieces are lovely. The bag is beautiful. Have a happy week and Thanksgiving..

Judy said...

What a great post! No wonder you love being outdoors with the awesome views that you have. Best wishes on getting ready for your trip. I like your bag, that's a nice touch to add the coneflower :-)

Nora at Island Rambles said...

I love how you posted on all the things you do! Varied interests you have. Love your quilts.

Bob Bushell said...

A girl with open air quality, great images Karen.

DeniseinVA said...

Hi Karen, thanks for popping in and wishing me a Merry Christmas. I enjoyed looking at your posts again. Just popped in to wish you all a Merry Christmas also :)