Friday, July 31, 2015

Don't Break the Chain

July 31st.
How can that be?
We're still waiting for summer up here!

I have been piecing quilts for over 30 years,
and it still amazes me
 that there is something new to learn every day.

My latest discovery:

I already knew that the drawn line is actually my fold line,
and my stitches must just kiss the line.
But I did not know that my unit would be more square
if I pressed it open BEFORE I cut the excess.
It has made a huge difference in my blocks,
especially when I am working with small squares,

such as these star points.  They only started out at 1.5" square.
I enjoyed making my niece's "Reach for the Stars" quilt so much,
that I decided it would be fun to make another.
This has been my leader-ender project 
while I construct my zebra quilt and my houndstooth quilt.
It's almost a flimsie!

My goal has been to see how long I can chain stitch
without breaking the chain.
When working on three projects at once, 
you can go for days!

One little finish that I can show you.

This was a UFO from last fall.
I made a darling wallhanging from the bonus half square triangles,
but gave it as a gift without taking a picture of it!
I kid you not!

Although it's been chilly, wet, and usually windy,
the birds still flock to the feeding station.
My sewing machine is set up 
front row, center!
(Who needs t.v.?)
There are babies everywhere...

Here's a quick pic of two baby Purple Finches,
waiting atop a tree for someone,
to come feed them!
Both parents assume that responsibility!
I had four breeding pair of Purple Finches this year,
and the babies are everywhere!
They are so cute.

Long (non-holiday) weekend in Canada...
and the weather looks a little better for the next few days!
Hope everyone enjoys!


TexWisGirl said...

cute little fledglings!

Sondra said...

I'd love to give my friend here a quilt that says Catch a Falling Star that's her life Motto. You will save an entire spool of thread keeping that chain going...
cute birdie babies!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, the quilt is beautiful. And I love the cute finches. Have a happy weekend!

Lesley said...

Wish Upon a Star is stunning! Love those colourful letters. Great Heart quilt too and excellent quilting!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love purple finches they are at my feeder all winter long! love the quilts.

Createology said...

I am not familiar with Purple Finches and these are beautiful. Your quilting pieces are fabulous...and sew tiny. Great tip on the pressing of seams before cutting. Enjoy your long weekend beginning August and Summer Smiles...

Raewyn said...

I love your star quilt - no wonder you are sewing it again! I wonder how long your chain is now - hope you measure it eg 3 times around the house - or something daft like that! I like to press my squares before trimming too - have found that having the original square as a guide is really helpful - that's what I love about this sport of ours, always something to learn! Lovely little wallhanging.. and great show outside your window :-) HOpe summer comes soon!!!

Julia D @ Jada's Quilting Adventures said...

Love your quilt! And reaching for the stars is adorable! Summer has definitely hid from us this year. Hoping August will be good :)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your "RFTS" quilt is adorable; but those baby birds are simply the best! I'll remember this "press open before cutting" tip, thank YOU!

Karen said...

Wish a upon a star is awesome. I love star blocks. I have never seen a purple finch. We have yellow finches.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Now I've learned something new as well. This old dog thanks you....grin. Love all your blocks!

Fiona said...

love your quilts... I have to say when I saw your title I thought you were threatenign a chain letter!!! haha....

FlourishingPalms said...

That's a quilting tip I've never heard before... nor tried. It's so nice that you shared! I will pass this along at our next Central Florida MQG meeting, during our "Tips and Tricks" time. That "Reach" quilt is one of my favorites of yours.

Carrie P. said...

Never to old to learn something new! Anything to make our blocks come out better is a good thing. Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear your summer hasn't been so great. I have to say I will be glad when it is over down here in NC.

Karen Ackva said...

Hi Karen! Great tip about ironing the HST before you cut them! I will have to try that! ;-) Great projects you have in the works. I love the wonky star and text quilt. It is just gorgeous! The quilting on the heart quilt is very impressive! You are quite the pro quilting away FMQ now! Awesome!
Hugs from a sun kissed Karen. Summer is is full swing here! I am loving it too! ;-)

Simone de Klerk said...

Never too old to learn (o:
Did you free motion quilt the cushion yourself???
Love your Wish Upon a Star quilt!
This summer we've had some very very nice summer days already. Today we have rain - good for nature and after that several days of summer weather again. We are very lucky this year!
Keep up your wonderful work!

Podunk Pretties said...

Well what do you know, I didn't know that either! Thanks for the handy tip and sharing it on Podunk Pickins. Good luck in giveaway!

Carla said...

That Wish upon a Star quilt was really cute and I love the heart quilt. The quilting on the heart quilt was really nice.