Thursday, April 14, 2016

RIP Kenmore

I have been working on a 1964 Kenmore, a cadillac machine.
But Tuesday,  the little wire that helps govern the tension
broke right off while I was sewing.

I think my machine is cooked.  All because of a little wire.
Guess we'll see after a little research!

I wasn't quite finished with all my little projects
and I leave one week from today.
I'm not totally without.
There is an old portable White .
It's not the best, but I cleaned and oiled it and it's ready to sew.

I did manage to finish this cross body bag.

my favorite little quilt shop, in Schertz, TX
during a shop hop weekend,
and received a free fat quarter even though I wasn't shop hopping!

I chose Michael Miller's Urban Garden
and it made a sweet little bag.

Yes, as expected, Crafty Daughter claimed it!

I decided my bags needed little zipper pulls,
so during our last little shopping spree at Hobby Lobby,
I loaded up on some charms.

I make a lot of bags for a lot of people
of all different shapes and sizes.
I decided it was time to learn how to make adjustable straps
to eliminate the guess work!
I found a great tutorial at Sewplicity.
Easy  peasy!


(Click picture to enlarge.)

This is Mistletoe.

I never even wondered where mistletoe came from
until I moved to TX in the early 90's
to be near my dad and his family
and it was growing every where.
Who knew it is a parasitic plant that grows on trees?

Have a great day!

Keep it simple,
and make it fun!



Bernie Kringel said...

Sorry to hear about your machine. I hope it can be fixed! I gave away my Kenmore from 1981 during a "sewing slump" when I wasn't using it very much. I regret it though. It was a workhorse. Oh well.

Very pretty bag! our area has a shop hop this weekend but I don't think I will participate. I have so much fabric and going to various quilt shops just isn't a good idea!!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

RIP Kenmore. So sad....but maybe it can be fixed. Your bag looks awesome. I've been looking for zipper pulls, without success. Guess I need to make a trip to Texas. LOL

Carrie P. said...

very cute fabric for your bag.
we have mistletoe growing on some trees around here. I will have to look closer to see if it is blooming. It is pretty high up in the trees though.

Our photos said...

What a lovely bag!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hope your machine can be fixed, the bag sure is cute. We have mistletoe growing here up in the trees too.

Sondra said...

try that link I bet you can find that little wire if not make one out of a paper clip :o)
LOVE your bag and the charm sooooo cute! You're the smartest on the shoulder strap!!

Roy Norris said...

Looking forward to your scenic images shot from the Kayak Karen.

Linda Reeder said...

A 1964 Kenmore - I'm impressed. I think T\things were made to last back then.
Mistletoe grows in oak trees in Oregon's Willamette Valley where I grew up.

Judy said...

I'm sorry about your machine! That's an awesome bag and I love the unique pull. There's something really satisfying about having an unique bag-your daughter's lucky :-) That's interesting about mistletoe and how it grows. It sounds a bit like kudzu!

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh no! There are few things worse than to have a beloved machine die on you!!! Hopefully it can be fixed - most of those older ones can. I was once told the only thing that would kill an older machine is if the motor goes out on it.

Love your bag!!! And thanks for the link to the tutorial. I've got a few bags on my To Do list and this will come in very handy indeed. Sending encouragement your way to help you prepare for your trip. Safe travels and enjoy yourself girlfriend!!!

Needled Mom said...

Cute little bag. I can see why it was quickly claimed.

If it is the little wire on the tension dial, I am pretty sure you can get a replacement for it, I was able to get one several years ago for my old workhorse.

Lin said...

Sad news about your machine. I love the bag and it's pretty zipper pull. Plenty of mistletoe around here - I think I have always known it as a parasite, there is something niggling in the back of my mind about a childrens book I read many, many, many years ago about Christmas and the story of mistletoe but I just can't remember what it was. Safe travels. xx

Anonymous said...

I knew it was a parasite. Saw many clusters in Oak trees while crossing France. As it stays green in Europe, no wonder the Druids worshipped it. Love the bag. How talented and clever you are.

Anonymous said...

How sad! I hope you can find a place that can fix that little wire. It seems that should not be enough to call it over on a machine that has served you well. I had a Kenmore from about 1972, the one with cams, that I adored. I used it for twenty-five years, and only had it in the shop once. That thing just worked and worked. I actually still have it in Phoenix, with everything else! I know I would be so upset if my Viking became unusable. I, too, have other machines, but it isn't the same.

Your bag is delightful. I would never have imagined that fabric as a bag, and now I can't see it as anything else. LOL What a great project. That daughter is certainly greedy. =)

Fiona said...

Kenmore will have a few stories to tell and worked it's way through life. I wouldn't be surprised if it can be repaired though.

Lovely bag - we have weedy mistletoe here ..


FlourishingPalms said...

Don't I know how tough it is to have sewing machine woes. So sorry for you that it happened. Love the little bag you made from the fat quarter though. Never thought about getting zip charms at Michaels. Thanks for the idea.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh dear - but I'm sure it can be fixed - those older machines take a beating and hold up so well! I hope you can get it repaired. I love that bag, the fabric is incredible = adjustable straps? I don't make bags anymore but that would have been lovely to know how to do!

Carol S. said...

I hope your machine can be fixed! Love your bag and adding a charm makes it look even more cute!

Sandi said...

Love the print you used on the bag and even better that you got it as a freebie.

You've been busy with your sewing, sorry to hear your tension broke, I'm sure you must be able to replace it.

Love your wonky monkey wrench quilt it looks like a big check mark to me. Have fun quilting it.

When are you returning to Cape Breton or are you alreqdy there?

Have a great time when you get there, look forward to seeing how you quilt those beauties you've lined up.

JanineMarie said...

Oh, it is so disheartening to have a beloved machine break down. But don't give up. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find a replacement part.

Carla said...

I have a Kenmore. My husband bought it for me for our first Christmas together. 38 years this September. I've kept for decor since I haven't used in 5 years. Maybe it'll be an antique. LOL
I just learned about mistletoe being a parasite this year.
Sweet bag.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Great bag and I love your FQ choice! I didn't know Hobby Lobby had "handmade" charms. Perfect! Lucky daughter to have such a talented and giving Mom.

Sandra Walker said...

Who knew about mistletoe? Not I. Very interesting. Good that you immediately created something with your free fat quarter. Love the bag.

sunny said...

Sorry to hear about your machine. When I started quilting, I traded in a 1975ish Kenmore. I love my new machine, but sometimes I wish I had kept the Kenmore, too. Your little bag is cute. I need to get brave and try a zipper project some day.

Linda said...

Oh no! Hope you can your Kenmore repaired. I know how much you love it. Great idea to learn to how to make adjustable straps. Your newest bag is awesome. Love that MM print.

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

So sorry to hear your machine died on you. Nightmare. Your bag is lovely, i'm not surprised your daughter claimed it, she obviously has good taste. Take this as an opportunity, how about doing hand work, appliqué or english paper piecing. Fingers crossed it can be fixed.