Friday, January 13, 2017

Shopping Joann's? BEWARE!

First of all,
Happy 2017 from Texas!
I just know it's going to be a banner year 
for everyone!

I haven't been very motivated to blog of late,
until today's shopping trip to Joann's.
I guess this post is mostly for my US quilty friends.

I don't purchase fabric from Joann's,
but I do avail myself of their multiple coupons
to stock up on essential items throughout the winter
to bring back to the island with me,
like thread, sewing machine needles, rotary blades...
you get the picture.

This morning, I walked up there armed with three coupons and a list.
(Yes, I walked.  It's less than a mile away.  
Sometimes that's good, sometimes not so much!)
One coupon was for 50% off my total purchase 
of items on the Notions Wall.
The other two coupons were 50% off one regularly priced item.

I shopped the Notions Wall - one coupon,
then picked up two more items 
from a different department - the other two coupons.
Pretty simple, you'd think.


Even though I thought I'd already learned my lesson 
and presented the Notions Wall coupon first,
the cash register still used 50% off one regularly priced item
on two of the Notions Wall items,
charged me full price for the two regularly priced 
non-Notions Wall purchases,
then gave me the overall 50% off 
of the remaining Notions Wall items.

Bottom line #1, I still paid full price for the 2 non-Notion Wall items
that I had two 50% off coupons for.

The customer has to make two separate transactions
at the cash register in order for the coupons to work out right.

Bottom line #2, ALWAYS check your receipt before you leave Joann's.
That's not the only sleazy trick they pull.

I feel better now.
Thanks for listening.

(I'm still thankful for the coupons!)


Sandra :) said...

The way they print their cash register receipts is awful - I have a terrible time checking to see if everything has been discounted properly. However, I'm in Canada, and we pretty much only have Fabricland (or Fabricville, in the eastern provinces), and quilt stores. Joanns, with their selection and prices and coupons, is my dream shopping trip. Between frequent sales, remnants, end of bolt discounts, coupons that can get me a bolt of Pellon iron-on interfacing for $24 (48 yards @ 99 cents less 50%) or 10 yards of 45" muslin for $20, I'm happy to do my best to keep that chain in business, lol. Hubby came up with the perfect Christmas gift for me several years ago - he offers me a post-Christmas Joanns run - we hit the 4 stores in the Buffalo area (and other stores as well) and I am one happy wifey!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hardly ever use Joannes as the closest is about 85 miles away although I think a new one opened 45 miles away but I haven't checked to be sure so I have rarely ever used their coupons. I guess I just assumed you could only use one coupon - I didn't know you could do it as you had planned to. I will try to remember that next time I happen to go in one.

Binsa said...

Oh boy how confusing.

ytsmom said...

I have had this problem also. I kind of feel sorry for the checkers, it makes more work for them, but that is Joann's problem. Don't shop there as much as I used to, they just don't seem to have as many things that I need/want!

Sondra said...

Don't you hate when you feel like you just been sucker punched?? I sure do...but you are well armed for a quilting frenzy when you get the itch! Hope you have a great winter in the "states" HUGS!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Sorry to hear about your trouble. I always am mindful of the coupons, and often get my sister and nephew to make purchases for me so I can benefit fully. Plus a girl's gotta stock up on notions when I only get to the USA once a year. LOL

Linda Reeder said...

JoAnns is just about the only source for sewing materials around me. Since most stuff is marked down most of the time, I find it difficult to use the coupons too.

Lynn said...

Not a fan. I feel like they raised their prices so much I might as just buy on line or at my lqs.

Lin said...

Sounds like a nightmare! xx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I really dislike Joann. I often head there with coupons in hand only to leave the store empty handed because most of what I want is already on sale at a smaller discount than the coupon would give and that really turns me off to buying. thanks for posting about your experience. I have never had it happen to me, but I usually only use one coupon at a time.I'm always up for a deal, but usually go to my favorite quilt shop for fabric.
xx, Carol

Linda said...

Not nice! But what is nice is that you rose to my challenge and posted. I haven't yet, but the week isn't over. I am trying to get a decent photo of my latest finish but with all the gloomy days it has been difficult to get my quilting to show up in photos.

Louise said...

I read a scathing article not too long ago about how awful it is to work at JoAnns. It's such a shame that America's biggest craft and sewing store isn't a more upbeat, fun and pleasant place to both work and shop. We love our hobby so much that it's a bit shocking to encounter these kinds of roadblocks, isn't it?

In my travels, I'm lucky to visit lots of different local quilt shops. They are almost always light hearted and fun places to be. Unfortunately, they are often so much more expensive that it's painful to buy notions and batting, etc. there. So JoAnns definitely is needed!

Createology said...

I rarely purchase at Joanne's for the very reason you have explained. The stores are crowded with really long lines and their fabrics are not quality. My coupons never work correctly at the register and I have wasted a great deal of time...not including the hour drive down the hill and another hour back up the hill. And shopping online only allows one or shipping special. Sad! May you have a Wonderful 2017 with lots of Creative Bliss Dear. XO

Jeanna said...

I think our JoAnn's, at least, has gotten worse. I bring my husband along when I think there may be an issue with my purchases. He will make an additional purchase for me, if needed.

sunny said...

I live near a JoAnn's, so pop in there frequently. Like you, I don't buy fabric, but get my batting, yarn, and notions. My complaint is that if you have a 50% off coupon, it's only good on regularly priced items. And whatever I want will be on sale for 30% off, so can't use the coupon. I will be stocking up on batting right now as it is all 50% off!

Anonymous said...

I rarely go any more. When I do have a coupon I want to use, most of the time I can't because the item I want is on sale - until the coupon's no good. Interesting how they've programmed the cash register!

Sandi said...

My closest JoAnns is across the border in Bellingham and usually forget to print off coupons and can rarely find a flyer. So I look for what's on sale in the notions.

Yesterday I was at Michaels and was watching the display, I don't like that you can't see till the end that a buy one get one reduction is added and they don't show the original price just the discounted price without noting what the percentage was. I did query the salesgirl and she showed me but one should be able to firmer it out as the display is shown.

Just Ramblin' said...

Sorry you had to go through all that. I don't shop much at Joann's any more for that very reason and if I do, I take my daughter along. About the only thing I buy there are notions if I can't get them at my local craft store here in town. They offer a 40% off coupon that can be used once a day. Don't buy fabric there as it doesn't seem like the quality is what it used to be. Sadly, the store doesn't seem to be what it was a few years ago. Nola

Michelle said...

You've got to watch those coupons and how they ring them up! There's always something to get caught up by. I can't remember if it was a coupon or a sale, but I had to have a long discussion with the cashier about how the item I was going to buy said "Olfa Rotary Cutter" on the package, so it wasn't somehow not a rotary cutter that was included in the Olfa rotary cutter sale.

I buy sewing machine needles and batting and the occasional skein of yarn, but I've been shopping less at Joann's these days. Unless the boys need hot glue gun sticks or craft sticks.

Maria said...

Customer never wins !!!!!!!

Teresa in Music City said...

I'm right there on that bandwagon with you sister! Just last week I told the checker to tell her management that they are running off their customers. I had received a 50% coupon the day before - and it was already expired! No notice that it was a one-day coupon anywhere! The coupon listed above it didn't expire until the following week, and that date was listed, but the expiration date for the 50% coupon was not written on it until you clicked on it to use it. I was NOT happy! They overprice everything, so by the time you use a coupon you aren't really getting a deal - you're just paying the regular price. And now they are reducing the size of their coupons, from 40% regularly to 30%. I've decided not to shop there unless I have an emergency. I'll shop online for what I need.

Sheri said...

It's a good reminder and I know it's good to vent sometimes! They want to get us into the store to shop, but still make their profits, which is okay if it's reasonable. I did stop by with your post in mind yesterday and got some kona cotton with my 50% off coupons and some fleece to make my dog a new sew throw since it was 70% off.

FlourishingPalms said...

I am familiar with their shenanigans. However, I will say that if you subscribe to their email and text message coupons too, they allow you to use them as well as the paper ones. So, if you'd had the two 50 percent off per item paper coupons, AND one or two of the email or text message coupons, you would have gotten each item half price. But I do agree that their methods feel underhanded. I also don't like their checkout lines which are most often long and slow. I'm sorry for your experience.

Lois Evensen said...

Very interesting. I don't shop as much at JoAnn's as I do at other similar stores so am not aware of how their coupons work at checkout. Thanks for the heads up in case I suddenly have a desire to use one or more of them.

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

It sounds very confusing Karen. The saleI like most is the one my LQS has, 25% off most of their regular stock and notions (except magazines, books and stuff which has a small mark up), I know that is a bargain.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Joann's coupons are always a mystery to me....:) Impressed about the walk. Sometimes I walk to my mailbox....LOL...but mostly send DH.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Yep, make sure you do more than one transaction - I don't buy much anymore, mainly embroidery floss or a cutting mat every 5 years lol, but you do have to watch them!!!

Sandra Walker said...

I know what you mean, and I am always very polite and ask to be sure if I need to do a second transaction...A couple days ago I was back in my local JoAnn's (and you know I like to get 50% off notions like sewing machine needles and marking pens and interfacing as Fabricland prices and their sales just don't compare even with the pathetic exchange right now) anyhow, Kona, amazingly is NOT on sale right now, so I was able to get 4 cuts of 4 different colours, and got her to use my two 50% off email coupons and my two 50% off online coupons! She was the manager and a great lady and checked that each one went through as she scanned it. Love that! However, I have experienced the frustration similar to yours on other trips...

Karen Ackva said...

Oh, that sounds a little disheartening. I hope you got it under control and got your money back?? I had the bad experience that I payed full price when I first went there in Jul/Aug. 2016. I didn't have any coupons, but now I know! Thank you for sharing your experiences!! <3 Hugs, Karen

Nora said...

glad you are blogging again, I think we have blogged together for many years. I always love it when I have a coupon for something. Fabric has gone up in price so much over the years. I used to quilt but now I just collect fabric.

Bernie Kringel said...

I feel your pain. When I use coupons at JoAnns - really anywhere - I try to watch carefully when they ring my order. I hate getting home and finding an error (JoAnn's is an 80 mile round trip for me!!) It is probably a good think I don't have one within walking distance tho!!

Kris said...

I think we all have some horror story from JoAnn's!! I know I do!! Thank goodness, I have a quilt shop in my basement!! :-))

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen that sure does sound very confusing my friend .

Heidi said...

ah,hahaha, ditto what Kris said..