Monday, October 7, 2019

Forever and a Day

When Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs
announced her plans to have another mystery quilt along
I attempted a fabric pull,
but I didn't have enough background fabric on hand.

I did, however, have the fabric ready for her
State of Being
so I decided I'd work on that instead.

It was lots of fun to make.
Orientation of the half square triangles
kept me on my toes 
as I was sewing the diagonal rows together.

I couldn't wait to start free motion quilting it.
I used dot-to-dot quilting 
in all the gray and green triangles and squares.
Then I filled in the white background with concentric swirls,
pebbles, and straight lines.

My island quilty friend had a whole bolt of a gray print,
so we struck a deal,
(more about that in a future post)
and she gave me enough to back the quilt.

(As always, if you click the picture, you'll get an enlargement.)

I love this quilt.
It's the perfect size, 54" x 60".
I used Kona solids
(I prefer Free Spirit, but they're hard to find)
and Auriful thread.

Now, it's time to make a label.
I'm seriously considering renaming the quilt
to Forever and a Day
because that's how long it took
for me to FMQ it.


We had our first frost the night before last.
While this isn't my favorite time of year
(I'm a summertime gal)
I was pretty excited because it means
I can harvest the cranberries
from up in the meadow.

Enjoy your day!
Thanks for popping in.


julieQ said...

Your quilting is so, so beautiful!! Love that fun quilt!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Forever and a Day is a perfect name! We're probably still a month off from the first frost here(I'm a summer gal, too!); so I still have a bit of time for the potted plants outside to shine. Hugs~

Cheryll said...

The quilt is gorgeous & your quilting sets it off to perfection.
Well done...xox

Fiona said...

the quilt is great and I love the bold colours you have used in it.... yes that quilting must have taken quite a bit of time but it looks wonderful and has added great texture.... fantastic quilt...

Hugz said...

Your quilting is lovely. Oh cranberries how cool. I agree I am not thrilled about the impending winter. I am a summer, hot weather girl. I don't want to put away my shorts and tank tops yet!

kiwikid said...

Beautiful quilt and your quilting is stunning!!! 😯😀😀😀 enjoy those cranberries.

Maria said...

Fabulous quilt and your quilting is terrific....

Lin said...

That's a lovely quilt Karen and the quilting is beautiful. Great backing fabric too. No sign of frost here yet although we can get an early one about now. xx

Jo said...

That's a lovely design. You did a great job.

Cheryl said...

I love your version! The colors are excellent and your quilting is amazing!!

Allie said...

What an amazing quilt - the quilting really makes it pop! I have trouble keeping hst's arranged properly too, they can turn on you so quickly, lol. Love the new name for it - perfect, lol!!!! Now tell me why you prefer Free Spirit to Kona - I do love Kona but have never tried Free Spirit solids.
Take some pictures of harvesting cranberries!!!

Louise said...

Ta da!! You finished! And wow, is it gorgeous!! Your quilting looks fantastic, and I love that particular dot-to-dot design. It's very striking and fancy-looking. Yup, gonna borrow that one, for sure :)

Congratulations on completing this wonderful quilt, Karen. Will you keep it for yourself?

Terry said...

I love that quilt! You did a great job on it! :0)

Needled Mom said...

That is beautiful and that lime gives such a nice pop to it. The quilting on it is beautiful too.

canuckquilter said...

It's a fun design, but your quilting adds a whole layer of pretty to it!

Margo Yang said...

Love your version of this quilt and the quilting is perfect. How wonderful to be able to harvest wild cranberries!! No cranberries here on Koh Chang or Elephant island, only mosquitoes, but we’re having a blast.

Christine B said...

What a beautiful quilt Karen and your quilting is fabulous! How lovely to be able to pick your own cranberries! Christine xx

Karen S said...

This is a lovely finish. A gorgeous quilt.
Love the colours and the quilting.

Preeti said...

In a world that has gone crazy with loud noises and crazy shouting, this quilt is like a gentle whisper. Love the minimalism and the peace that it represents. The simplicity allows the quilting to shine - no matter how long it took. Hope you are having a great day. Hugs to you.

Susan said...

How fun to be harvesting your own cranberries! Your quilt looks marvelous. It might have taken a while, but it was worth the effort.

Raewyn said...

Gorgeous finish Karen - and the quilting on it looks great. (How wise to make a quilt you were already organised for, rather than starting a new one!)

Barb said...

Love the quilt, love the pop of lime...