Monday, April 29, 2013

Dewlap-py Thing-a-ma-jig

While spending time in the southern US,
I was fascinated with the little lizards -
anoles and geckos.
My challenge was to be quick enough to
photograph them with their dewlap-py thing-a-ma-jigs
displayed.  I don't have a fancy camera
and it wasn't an easy thing to do.
They didn't exactly care for my company
and didn't linger for a photo shoot.
A dewlap is an inflatable flap of skin under their necks.
It is sometimes referred to as a 'throat fan'.
Scientists believe it's display is part of the mating ritual,
as well as to lay claim to their territory
when other males invade their space.
They simultaneously bob up and down, or 'do push-ups', as
a non-verbal form of communication to drive the point home!
I believe they inflate their dewlap any time they feel threatened
because whenever I'd come across one, it seemed my presence
triggered a dewlap extension.  Without the push-ups.
Guess that meant I was warned,
but in no danger from these little 4 - 6" reptiles.
I was thinking that it's too bad humans don't have something similar.
Could eliminate a lot of strife in relationships of all kinds!


TexWisGirl said...

that's too cool. great catch!

grammie g said...

HI Karen...Yes that might work...I know I wouldn't hang around,he might be smaller then me,but I would back off! lol : )
I think you got a good shot of the "Thing-a-ma-jig" ; )

Angie said...

LOL LOVE the last part of this post the most---I too think we all need one. :D You got an awesome photo, IMHO, not to have a 'fancy' camera. I don't have a fancy one either but we can get some pretty awesome photos. :)

Stephanie said...

Cool shot.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

neat shot - I have never gotten a shot of a lizard like that

Fiona said...

well done in getting the picture....
I do like lizards...

Carrie P. said...

I see about 5 different lizards around my garden. I have seen them do the little push ups but never the dew lap. I am not sure if they do that. I am sure that was tricky getting the photo.

Mary-Frances said...

What a great photo! Hahaha love the end of your post!

Just Ramblin' said...

You got some great pictures, but I still think I'd back off when her showed his dewlap, no matter how small he was. Of course, I'm not a fan of lizards. But, I'm happy you were able to get such good pictures. Nola

Linda Reeder said...

I'm trying to picture a human adaptation of the dewlap. I love it!

Lily Hydrangea said...

or maybe he "liked" you! what part of the southern us were you visiting?

Di said...

Fabulous capture of the dewlap! I've never heard of this creature, so it's doubly fascinating. I agree, it could be very convenient to have such a signal in humans that says "I don't want to talk right now" :-)

Nora at Island Rambles said...

Yes Yes I think we all need to have a dewlap, and every country needs one. When it feels threatened it could just pop out its dewlap. No more wars. Thanks for sharing these little creatures. You do not need a fancy camera, you did just fine.

Michelle said...

We've seen them do the angry little pushups, but I've never seen one show off its dewlap -- neat!

DeniseinVA said...

I'm impressed you caught it, a lovely shot. I saw one the other day but wasn't fast enough to get a photo. I also enjoyed the information you gave, never knew that things was called a dewlap. I've only seen them on the little green lizards when I was down in Florida several years ago. Well, now I know. Have a great weekend :)

Sheila said...

How neat and what a pretty color he has :-)

Julie G. said...

Awesome! I learned something new today from reading this wonderful, informative post. How terrific that you were able to capture the dewlap extended. Very cool!

Kathie Brown said...

I like the way you think! Love the pic! Are you still here?