Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Magic Hour

I'm one of those people that can't wait to get up every morning,
the earlier, the better.
This morning was no exception.
Calm, warm, quiet.
Not a whisper of wind,
not a ripple on the water.
I take my first cup of coffee out of doors,
sit, listen, and wait for the sun to rise.
And then the magic hour begins.
I knew it would be a good one today
because just as I made myself comfortable,
I heard a Common Yellowthroat in the willows,
but it was still too dark to see.
I thought they were gone!
Then, as it became lighter, I saw a small moth fly in front of me,
and suddenly, this little bird swooped down out of nowhere
and grabbed it out of mid-air.
Right in front of my face!

Isn't he just adorable!!  You can just see
the black mask beginning to develop.

This photo isn't quite as clear,
but gives a better look at his little face.
He was hard to photograph
because he didn't sit still for hardly a second.
You think I'd learn.
It's the same every year.
The different species that co-habitate with me
fill my air space with song all summer,
bringing me so much joy,
and then, all is quiet.
"Oh, darn", I think, "they're gone already."
Then after a couple of weeks, *poof*, they're back again.
The juveniles.
So darned cute.
While I sit, I THINK I'm going to get some stitching done.
A special label for a very special quilt.
But there's so much activity,
I seldom accomplish much.

This sweet young thing
is taking a much needed break
after chasing around with her siblings.
It's like the Daytona Speedway!
They are out there before first light, too.

Then, as quickly as it begins,
the Magic Hour is over,
and it's time to jump in the shower,
while I pretend to sew!
My dad was an early morning person, too.
He used to always say, "The early bird gets the worm."
He wasn't kidding!
Quite some time ago,
I received this beautiful stitchery
from Nola at Just Ramblin'
that says it all.



Carrie P. said...

what a sweet face on the yellow bird. You got some good shots. I love watching the hummingbirds at our feeders. They get so close to us when we are sitting on our patio.

Terry said...

Lovely pictures! And what a sweet stitchery! I love it! :0)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am lazy in the morning and I am rarely even dressed before 9 in the morning. I would love to be an early bird though - I need to try harder!

TexWisGirl said...

such sweet little birds! i wish i was an early riser! these days, not so much!

Allie said...

There are two magic hours for me every day - not sure which I like best. I love love love early mornings, and after being a night owl all my life, I had finally trained myself to wake before sunrise. And now, with my new job, I work til the wee hours - so I miss the sunrise. But the other magic hour, just before and as the sun sets, I love the quiet, the birds calling each other home, such a peaceful time. I'm glad I can see one of the magic hours, at least!

Fiona said...

the mornigns are lovely here too... I love your little fat bird.... I woke up in the early hours with the raucous laughter of a kookaburra!

Barb said...

I am not a morning person at all...gotta give me at least 30 minutes before you talk to me...( I am getting better) but can't sleep past 7:30 so maybe I am a morning person?

FlourishingPalms said...

I was quietly sitting beside you as you observed and photographed these birds. What a lovely, peaceful time you've described. I'm a morning person too, but have no place to visit that's as soul-filling as what you've shared.

grammie g said...

HI Karen...What a way to start the
It is like there are birds and chirping everywhere then July all is quite, pretty much!!
Just in this past week I have been seeing some of my old pals returning to the being the Chickadee!!
The Common Yellow throat is a delight, I can attest to that!!
So is your photo of it and the hummingbird very nice!!

I have Hummingbirds fighting over the feeder, one darn near ran into me!!
It is hard to get things done when all that interesting wildlife is on display, might as well put you needle down lol!!
Your gift from Nola has a perfect saying!! It is lovely!!

Have a good week

Linda said...

I admire you early risers, but I'm not in your ranks. I rarely see a sunrise, so I'm always glad to see photos of sunrises from other bloggers. You describe your morning so beautifully, though, that it makes me envious. Lovely shots of the bird and the calm water.

hetty said...

What a cute bird! Great pics! And I love that little stitchery too. I am also a morning person. I love the calmness and quiet of that early morning magic hour as I drink my coffee with the birds serenadeing me from the tree tops. This afternoon I was sitting in my backyard and a hummingbird flew right up to me and stared me in the eye. It made me smile.

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful birds Karen, and the message, superb.

Montanagirl said...

Good shots of that cute little bird! I really like the verse in the last photo.

Sheila said...

I love the early morning too , loved your post and loved seeing your little feathered friends . Great message in the stitchery :-)

Just Ramblin' said...

I'm a morning person also and love sitting on my patio observing the birds in my yard. But, it is nothing like what you get to see and enjoy and my view is now where's near as spectacular. These little birds you photographed are so sweet. I always think I'm going to get some early morning writing done, but like you I find myself watching everything that is going on around me. I have some little hummingbirds that are so fun to watch, but recently we've had a renegade one who is quite aggressive and is causing a few problems. I love the saying on that little stitchery and am happy that you enjoy it. Nola

Linda Reeder said...

What a lovely post! Now that the sun is rising later, I am closer to an "early riser", but still not up before sunrise if I can help it. If I am it's because pain got me out of bed. When I'm up I need to get moving.

Judy said...

What a great post! Thanks so much for sharing the outstanding bird photos with us. I love watching the birds and it's always a sad time when the hummingbirds aren't with us anymore. I love early mornings too, when it's quiet out and the sun is just coming up :-)

Susan said...

I like your quilt label what are the words on the lower half?

walk2write said...

If it weren't for early mornings, I probably wouldn't get outside at all in the summer here! It's too hot once the sun has been up for a while. Even the birds seem to go into hiding. That little yellow bird is adorable. You can't help smiling when you see something like that first thing in the morning.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Really captures of the birds Karen. It is so neat to see those pretty small birds.

Kathie Brown said...

Karen, I am not an early riser but when I do manage to get up that early I love it as well. More often I stay up all night writing and then go to bed just as the magic starts to happen! I guess I am an owl instead! Love the pictures and your delight in "All things Bright and beautiful, All Creatures Great and small!"

Quilt Rat said...

LOVE seeing your little visitors...they are just so captivating. It is like the changing of the guard here.....the Nuthatches, Junkos and Woodpeckers have suddenly all appeared again.