Saturday, November 3, 2018

Finishing Up, Getting Ready to Go

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I have been winding down my summer island sewing adventure, getting ready for my annual fall migration, and have been working on a very scrappy granny square quilt.  These blocks were made every once in awhile over the last couple of years, and when Crafty Daughter asked for a quilt for her guest room bed, I decided it was time to make good use of this collection of blocks. 

I had accumulated over 30 blocks, and thought that was pretty good, until I did the math.  For a twin size quilt I’d need quite a few more!  But, by adding sashing, I could reduce that number, so I got to work and kept adding to the pile during the summer.  I kept the quilting pretty simple.

The scraps are rather randomly selected, and individually, are quite ugly.  But all together, they aren’t too, too bad.  With the addition of some quilting, it looks pretty good in person!  You see, my daughter has multiple cats who love the quiet, safe space that a seldom used guest room affords, so the request was to make a quilt that wouldn’t show cat fur.  Hmmmmm.  I think that was the deciding factor for choosing these blocks.  It just a scrap quilt, right?  A utility quilt.

Well, scraps or not, it’s still a lot of work!

My time is short, so I took advantage of the quiet before the storm,
to lay it out on the deck to spray baste.
This Texas Star Spangled BOM quilt was almost ready
to come off  the Janome 

and I wanted to be prepared to start quilting granny squares right away!

Guess what?  
Spray basting doesn't work when it’s only 46*F outside.

There has been a bit of chatter out there regarding free quilt patterns hurting the sales of commercial patterns.  I just can’t help but throw in my 2 cents worth, as an everyday, run of the mill quilt maker and consumer of Quilty goodness.  If I see a free quilt pattern that I like, I will make it.  If I see a commercial pattern that I just can't live without, I will buy it.  (Herein lies the problem, I have purchased so many quilt patterns, I can't possibly make them all!  So, I have to really, reallly, realllly need that pattern to buy it!)  IMHO, the market is flooded.  With both.  And don't forget magazines and books.  But, offering a free pattern on the internet is not going to impact sales. 

There, I feel better.  It's not as if quilt designers visit my blog.  Well, not many, anyway.  

I'll finish up by showing you the wallet I made
for Crafty Daughter's birthday.

(A purchased pattern!) 

This is a Mini Diva Wallet by Sew Many Creations.  I thought it would be difficult.  
But it was fun!
(Thanks, Linda, for supplying the pretty fabric.  
Crafty Daughter absolutely loves it!)

Now I"m off to make some binding.  
Enjoy your weekend.
I'm pretty excited to get an extra hour tomorrow morning!
Wish I could have an extra hour every morning.
Mornings are my favorite time of day.



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I feel the same at you Karen - there are so many patterns available that there is a glut on the market and more and more quilters are trying to sell patterns on their blogs now too. If I really want a pattern with a price I will buy it but I think long and hard - the cost of materials to make the quilt - fabric and notions- have gone up a lot over the last 5+ years and I will make free patterns more than purchase. Some might need to think about this before they spend the time trying to market their patterns. I also look through all my old books to see if there are patterns in them that I want to make before I purchase a new pattern. I most likely have enough sources to make a quilt without buying a new pattern and some are way over priced in my opinion.

Love your scrappy quilt and have a good journey to Texas.

Fiona said...

I love your scrappy Granny squares (I have had a jelly roll put away for ages to make one) … and a lot of quilting done on your other one..... you have been busy getting ready to migrate....
Yes, I share your view about the free patterns.... and I have so many bought patterns I am not likely to make them all!

Carol R. said...

I love the granny square quilt...another way to make those blocks go further would have been to set them on point, which you probably considered and veto'ed. :). I'm with you on the free vs. purchased patterns - I have a couple of boxes filled with each and now I'm trying to go through them to see which ones I REALLY REALLY want to do as I'm slowly downsizing my quilting tools and 'stash' to something that doesn't take up several rooms in our home. I've been reminded that I'm not going to live forever and my kids don't want to have to deal with it when the time comes.

Sondra said...

Hello my friend...your work is so inspiring! I love that scrappy quilt! The way you blended your colors light to dark is perfect It's very attractive. IM allergic to cat hair! So funny, when I did upholstery and a chair came in even if it was sitting across the room I'd start to sneeze. When my Mom worked with me, (she was my employee for 11 yrs) she did the ripping off of the old cover, she'd bag up the cat haired pieces and put them in the back room so I could work without sneezing all Free is just too wonderful not to take advantage of!
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen what a lovelyscappy quilt and I love the new purse you made for your daughter,well done my friend xx

Lin said...

I love that Granny square quilt which has given me an idea about using up some more of my scraps - a free design idea, thank you! Like you I have way more projects to work on than I will ever need, some purchased, some free. If I see something I adore I will buy the pattern but again there are lots of purchased patterns on my to do list! The Texas Star looks fantastic as does the wallet. xx

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

I didn’t know about spray baste being sensitive to temperature Karen, I don’t think it will affect me at all, but it’s good to know anyway. You made such a good job on the wallet and I love your fabric combination too. I have to agree with you and the others about free patterns. I think the reason sales may be affected is that the market is saturated with so many new books published every year, on top of which there is a plethora of magazines and individuals selling patterns. I too use free patterns, patterns from books and magazines, and purchased patterns, although I think long and hard before I lurches them as I have several bought on impulse I haven’t used yet. I have bought two this week though, paper pieced dresses, which has tempted me for two years, and Our Song your Reflection, which was an expensive purchase but worth the cost as it is such a complicated pattern. I will definitely make this one. What I do find annoying is some pattern are different prices on different sites, Etsy is more expensive than Craftsy for me in the UK, I never buy from Etsy for that reason, I always think I will be ripped off.

Unknown said...

Beautiful...Work ..Karen xxxxooooo

Maria said...

Lucky daughter receiving the great Scrappy Quilt and the beautiful wallet.
Lovely Texas Star Quilt ....
Can't believe it's already time for your migration.. happy packing.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

So very nice pieces. I just love the Texas Star Quilt. I am not a lover of little pieces stitched together to make a marvelous quilt. I like the modern quilts much more. But just this morning I bought an instant download on Etsy from the Brooklyn Quilt Company. I have ordered paper pattern. I collect free patterns and tutorials. I love books and will buy a magazine if there is something in it that interests me. Even though the market is saturated, I think if we love it and want it, we buy it.

Gosh, it's time for you to travel south already. Time is flying by. Our winter in Northern Indiana may set in next weekend with rain/snow mix in the forecast.
xx, Carol

Janice Holton said...

Now that's true love! Making an entire quilt for a cat to lay on. LOL! I have never made a granny square quilt but it is the pattern that I decided I would use for my daughter's best friend. Do you have any tips for me about making that block? I haven't even read the pattern yet but I do know that's the one I want to use for this quilt. (I did purchase it)

You are so right about patterns. The market is saturated and somewhat overwhelming! I see a pattern one day and I swear I saw one just like it or very, very similar on somebody else's blog just in different colors. And so many of them are things anybody could put together on their own.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Louise said...

I love your Granny Squares! The fact that some fabrics are ugly but the quilt is lovely is the magic of scrappy quilts, isn't it? It looks like you deliberately put the darker fabrics in the central "X" of the that right? I'm looking forward to seeing a full sized glamour shot of this one :)

You know I'm all about the free patterns, too! Especially since I tend to modify things anyway, or reverse engineer them. I understand that writing a good pattern takes time and effort and some folks can't do it unless they are compensated. But there are also good reasons to produce free patterns, such as not being willing to go through the enormous hassle of publishing. Hey, I retired from the publishing industry. I never want to deal with printers, distributors, or customers ever again, ha!

FlourishingPalms said...

I always admire your quilts, Karen, and this new scrappy one for Kirsten's guest room is no exception. I love that you used your stash, mushed all sorts of prints together, made blocks now and again, and quilted it yourself. You're definitely my kind of quilter! Also, the mini diva wallet is as cute as can be. I'm impressed that you inserted a metal frame closure. As for using free quilt patterns, I guess I missed the controversy about that. But I completely agree with you... if I want it, I'll use it for free or buy it! What never fails to surprise me is how many designers release new patterns and think those patterns are different, or unique. So many designs are from basic blocks that are free (public domain), so why would I spend my money on their pattern?

Bernie Kringel said...

The scrappy quilt is gorgeous. There always seems to be a spot for those fabrics we no longer really like - when pulled together with others, it just looks wonderful. Lucky daughter. The wallet is gorgeous. I haven't tried a wallet yet tho I keep seeing so many pretty ones.

The pattern pricing issue is a tough one. I believe the original discussion was begun to illustrate the costs involved as people don't understand why patterns can be so expensive. Also, the designers were frustrated when quilters looked at their design and tried to 'figure it out' on their ow.n. In the original post, Kirsty explained her support for free patterns. She actually has a number of free patterns and so many tutorials. She just didn't want people to abuse her purchased patterns because she relies on those for a bit of income to support her blog. I also use free patterns at times (which is how I began following Kirsty in the first place) But I also do purchase some. Magazines are shutting down left and right. As for books, I agree there is a glut and many are redundant to others that are already published. That is a tough one. I do not buy many books. I have a few that I go back to and love to look at but I can't say I buy the new ones very often at all.

I love reading all of the discussion around this and respect your opinion too!! Good luck with the southern migration Karen!!

Sandi said...

Well I guessed correct;h that you are heading south again soon. It looks like you’ve been very busy with all your quilting this summer. You’ve completed some great quilts, your machine quilting is beautiful!

I keep adding to my pile of UFO’s! I’m behind on my two current BOM, I’ve partially prepped some appliqué pieces to get back on track with them.

Safe travels when you head down south, I look forward to seeing what you get up this winter.

Ioleen said...

Love your granny square quilt. The colours are bright and happy. Cats are going to love it. I buy pattern, magazines, books etc. I also download free patterns. I have more patterns than time to make them. Let me know if you need more blocks for the shelter in Texas. Willing to make more if needed. Safe travels and enjoy your trip.

Needled Mom said...

Your Granny squares look so nice with the sashing. Scrap or not....any quilt is a lot of work.

I have not heard the free vs. paid for patterns, but I agree with you. I make both. I'll also NEVER finish all of them in my lifetime!! lol

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

Your granny square quilt is a great way to use up scraps and I like the way you did it - taking your time and working on it here and there. I made the Mini Diva wallet and loved it. It's an easy make...I thought it might be more difficult. Congrats on some great finishes!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

It's amazing that scrappy quilts always end up looking good. You wouldn't think so with the many colours and prints. I have far too many patterns, both purchased and free, that I am not going to have time to make them all.

Margo Yang said...

I love your beautiful scrappy granny square quilt and wallet!! Lucky daughter!!
I share the same feelings with you about patterns. I have several free patterns that I'm working on and will post them on my blog when they're done. I think that's the way to go in the quilting community. I usually don't by patterns much but I love to buy books from the quilters whom I admire. Too bad that too many publishers are closing down their publishing business.

Margo Yang said...

Oh, forgot to say Happy migrating south and have a safe trip.

Tish Stemple said...

That scrappy quilt is gorgeous! She's going to love it! I LOVE the quilting on the Star Spangled BOM...I need to see more of that :) And I agree with you that the market is flooded with both to buy and free patterns. It's almost new fabric, both free to me and that I've purchased.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful scrappy quilt, the wallet you made for your daughter. Safe travels on your migration. I also have many patterns I have bought, but at present am doig a free quilt many patterns not enough time 😆

Karen S said...

Your scrappy quilt is looking great and i love the pic of your star quilt, too.
Have to agree with your thoughts on the patterns as well.

Julie said...

I slow quilts are fun like the Leaders & Enders idea or cleaning up scraps from our last quilt, but picking which one to do is hard. You're right. There is an endless stream of free quilts online, but in my opinion these are the simpler quilts most of us could figure out on paper. Often they are based on straight lines or HST at most. If I am thinking of buying a pattern, I want it to be a little more complicated, and teach me how to do something I wouldn't encounter in a freebie. We do get some of these in QALs, but those patterns are usually only free during the QAL, and Hey, we are the pattern testers then. Wait long enough, and the cycle for free vs. paid will cycle.

Your quilting on your red, white, and blue Texas quilt is awesome, btw! Is that one also migrating with you?

Enjoy wrapping up your last weeks on the island. I'm sure it's bittersweet leaving even if it's for warmer digs.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Really a great scrappy.

JanineMarie said...

I love Granny Square crocheted afghans, so of course, I love your scrappy quilt version. And just think, when you are a guest at your daughter, you can use it (or at least visit it), too. If the kitties will let you. I do use some free patterns, and on occasion, have bought patterns if I really want a particular pattern. But throughout my years of quilting, I’ve always really enjoyed drafting my own patterns—not that they are highly creative—often based on old patterns in the public domain. At this stage of my life, I’m pretty frugal. That doesn’t help designers or quilters who have businesses, but I’m hoping they are well supported by people who prefer or rely on buying a well-explained pattern. Beautiful fabrics in the wallet!

Createology said...

Gosh this tear has been going by all too quickly. Safe travels south dear. Your scrappy quilt is beautifull and the cats will enjoy it very much. I am not a quilter but I completely understand your views on free vs. purchased patterns...there are enough of both to satisfy everybody. Free does not always take away from sales. Love the wallet you made for crafty daughter. Keep enjoying your quilting dear fr they are gorgeous. November Blessings...<3

Susan said...

Good to know about the cold and spray basting. I try to do it outdoors, but I often wind up basting the living room floor to the back of my quilts, too. =) That's going to be a great quilt, as is the one coming off the machine. I tend to agree with you on the market for both free and purchased patterns. I couldn't begin to make all the ones I have, so I'm downloading fewer and fewer of both kinds. It takes something really special to get me to start a new quilt from a pattern I didn't already have. Quilting has gotten a long way from the inexpensive art it once was.

Allie said...

That scrappy quilt is GORGEOUS!!!! Perfect in every way. I love the wallet too. I agree about the patterns - glad my tiny design business is just a hobby! I wouldn't want to try to make a living out of it, there aren't enough hours in the day. I didn't know spray basting wouldn't work in the chilly air.....yikes. said...

Oh your wallet turned out fabulous. I have fun choosing fabrics and changing up the zipper colors.

Lesley said...

I adore your granny square quilt! It is a stunner...and the star quilt also takes my breath away. Awesome projects!