Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Making Progress

Oh, my goodness!
Another post, and so soon!
If I told you that it's because there is a heat register
under my desk and I'm cold,
would you believe me?

It is cold and rainy this morning,
but we just had four heavenly days in a row,
and instead of sewing, I was working in the yard,
so I'm glad for the break.

I did manage to sneak a little machine time in here and there,
so I will show you the progress I have made
on my June OMG project.

I am hoping to manage four more blocks from the scraps.
That might require a little extra piecing,
but that's okay.
When it's all quilted up, no one will notice.

Probably one of the smartest things I ever did
was to designate a 'just okay' quilt flimsy as a practice quilt.  
I would go from a small practice sample, 

to the practice quilt,
to the quilt I was working on for real.

It was a nice inbetween step from little to huge!
Point is, it's not only finished, but it's already in the mail,
3-1/2 years later.
You can see it and read about it here and here,
because I couldn't wait out the weather any longer
and never did get a 'finished' photo.
Sorry about that!

But, I do have a photo of a finish to share.
A former student of Crafty Daughter's,
now a colleague,
is a retired disabled vet
and a very deserving recipient of my first ever 
(scrappy) QOV.

She's in the white t-shirt.
On Good Friday, we had her  over for a late lunch.
My SIL prepared a delicious pulled pork dinner
AND cleaned up after!
He's such a dear!

Last but not least,
I always have a leader/ender project.
These green blocks were pieced in 2013.

I thought it was time to finish them up.
I have 20 of them to surround with neutrals,
and am half way there.

My goal for today is to complete a few steps 
on a Sew Together Bag,
a very special gift, if it ever gets finished!
So, off I go!

Hope you have a wonderful. funderful day!


FlourishingPalms said...

Well my goodness, but you've been busy! I love those scrappy blocks that look so modern and improv-y. And your quilting is great. Gosh, I am so impressed with your diligence about learning and improving your FMQ, and coming up with the idea of good - better - best! It's just great! How wonderful to have made a Quilt of Valor for someone you know personally. And that last leaders and enders quilt is beautiful! You've curated a lovely combination of 2-1/2" squares to make a great quilt. Love seeing everything you've been up to!

Nann said...

The detailed FMQ is really neat! The star-and-green blocks look like a great scrap-buster.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the quilting looks great- and what a nice quilt for a vet!

Sondra said...

As always your work is so wonderful! I love the big project the quilting being the art very fine looking! Glad you are a busy bee

Julie @ The Crafty Quilter said...

I love seeing what you're working on, Karen. The weather can really direct how we spend our time. I LOVE your leader/ender project! I've been making 4-patches with mine, but I think I'll try to turn them into something like you've got going. Good luck on your Sew Together bag. That's been on my list for quite a while!

julieQ said...

Just perfect...great quilt for a great vet!!

Lesley said...

All of your projects are beautiful. Love your latest blocks! Your quilting is exceptional. The quilt you donated is gorgeous and will be well loved!

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

You have been busy. I so love the black and white blocks with the touch of colour, and your quilting is wonderful Karen. You are so good at thrifty quilting, it makes me think I should really get organised for a leader and ender project.

Scrapatches said...

You have been sew productive. Wonderful QOV. Your quilting is fabulous. I like the modern bright and black blocks and the leader enders from 2013. You have some fun projects going on. Looking forward to seeing more ... :) Pat

kiwikid said...

Beautiful quilting, lovely to see a veteran getting a quilt. You are going well with your scrappy blocks.

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

You have so many great projects to work on! Congrats on gifting your first QOV, it's a lovely quilt. I like your idea of practicing quilting on smaller pieces before taking to a large quilt. I need to do more of that.

Fiona said...

lovely post with so much to see... you certainly have made a lot of progress and beautiful work it is.... we are having a warm spell here so I think you took some of our winter back???

Ioleen said...

Beautiful projects! Your quilting is outstanding. Your QOV will be loved and appreciated.

Lin said...

Good to see you here again. Am loving your blocks and your quilting looks amazing! Beautiful quilt that you gifted. xx

Barb said...

I love all of your creative goodness today but I have to say your FMQ is just fabulous.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So many pretties. Love your quilting.

Louise said...

Oh, you're getting tons done! Love that QOV especially, since I come from a military family. I always picture the quilts going to gray haired old guys, so it's great to see a female vet honored in this way.

OK, two blog posts done from you, and two from me this week. I'm not committing to anything, but I think we MIGHT be getting our blog mojo back, LOL! :)

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I've had to use my heater at work from time to time. It's been so nice to see the sun. We have had more than fair share of rain. Your black and white blocks look wonderful.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Great idea to have a "practice" quilt for quilting. In the Spring and Summer our days are governed by the weather. Our pattern has been two sunny followed by 4 rainy. I am totally sick of this pattern.
xx, Carol

Bernie Kringel said...

You're back!! I knew you hadn't left us forever. :-)
It is a treat to see what you have been up to. The black and white quilt is wonderful as is the green leader/ender - Thanks for giving us an update! Hope you are well and happy. Enjoy the warmth of the heat register. We are experiencing highs in the 90's so I am spending the afternoons inside for different reasons!

Just Ramblin' said...

Each time I see the things you are working on I am so impressed with your talent and abilities. Your quilting is amazing! I love your Quilt of Valor, it is so bright and cheerful. You truly have an eye for color and piecing. The black and white blocks are coming along nicely. Makes me wish I could get to my sewing room. But, maybe in time and then it will be trying to decide what to do. Have a great day!

Createology said...

Wow! You really have been busy. Four days of working outside would do me in! Your blocks are lovely. You are so smart to sew from small to huge and get lots of practice. Congratulations on your QOV and what a wonderful gift for a very deserving recipient. I actually have made blocks for QOV quilts. Mine were so very simple. How fun to see you posting! Summer Sunshine Smiles Dear...

JanineMarie said...

I sure do like all the variation in print and scale of your black and white fabrics in your scrap quilt. And your “practice quilt” quilting—I just want to reach out and touch it. Perhaps whoever you sent it to will photograph it and send the photo to you? And you can share it with us, maybe? Sweet picture of your friend with her new QOV quilt. And finally, I do wish your leader/ender project habit would rub off on me. Just can’t get myself organized, but it sure does work for you!

Maria said...

Good to see you pop up again... great blocks and fabulous FMQing....
Lovely Valor quilt you made and donated to the young lady.

Susan said...

All of those are wonderful projects! I remember the 2013 blocks, it was what got me interested in that pattern, but I've not made one yet! The B&W is coming along nicely. Scrappy means sometimes you have to piece together parts, too. This looks so great! I really like your quilting sample, too, but the QOV is what steals my heart. Such a great story and a wonderful quilt!

Christine B said...

So many wonderful projects Karen..... love them all. I liked seeing your FMQ practise piece, that is exactly what I did for a while, go from small practise piece to larger practise flimsy to the real thing. It really helps with the weight adjustment and how the quilting changes as a result! Your quilting is looking fabulous!! Have a great week! Christine xx

canuckquilter said...

I love those green blocks with the star tucked inside them!