Friday, February 17, 2012

Creative Attempts and Yummy Give-away

As if I wasn't busy enough birding and sewing,
sewing and birding,
I thought it might be fun to try my hand at
cake decorating.

Yeah, I know, pretty funny.

Not only did I blow through my
monthly allowance in less than 2 weeks,
it really wasn't my thing.

But I learned a few fun tricks, and I'll be able to play
cake, cookies, and cupcakes for special occasions.,
as long as no one looks too closely.

So here's cake #1, made during lesson two.
The owl pattern was taken from a Connecting Threads quilt.

Here's cake #3, after the fourth and final lesson,
inspired by a

for Colourque or Stitchery
© Helen Stubbings, Hugs ‘n Kisses.

(Notice there aren't any roses. Not my thing!
I'll have to practice more.
That is if I can put the binoculars down
and unplug the sewing machine for a little while.)

If you like to play with your food
before you serve it,
I found a most delightful site and a new book.

As a matter of fact, there is a give-away for this
newly released book at Bake at 350,
another fun-to-eat site!!

Cake for breakfast?  You bet!  And now I'm going to
ride the sugar high
and get busy at the sewing machine
take a walk.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, i'm really liking both cakes, but the dragonfly is my favorite! :)

FlourishingPalms said...

How fun for you! Are the cakes edible? I'm seriously asking because when my mom took cake-decoration many years ago, I recall her using a fake cardboard cake as a form for decorating. Then, after more lessons, she had to bake a cake every week to take to class. Even with five of us in the family, we became pretty tired of eating cake! What a good experience for you though. Even if you didn't get along with it so well, you learned something about yourself. It's just as important to know where we don't excel, as well as where we do. But in my humble opinion, these look great! Thanks for sharing.

Rambling Woods said...

Those are really beautiful...

Fiona said...

those are great... Ilove the idea that you are using ideas from quilt sites for your cakes... will we be seeing some churn dash cakes... or maybe irish chain????

Kay L. Davies said...

"playing with your food" — what a great way to put it, and you seem to have succeeded, Karen.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Those cakes are so cute!
I would like to learn a few techniques to make cakes or cupcakes for look a little fancier for special occassions.
All I do now is throw a few berries in the center. lol

Love your dragonfly!

Kimberly :-)

KirstenNB said...

They were real cakes, indeed! Luckily, only a few. But, yes, I think I'm tired of eating cake. And now have to hit the gym to rid myself of the extra pounds Mom's cake adventures left behind!

Just Ramblin' said...

...And you are just a beginner? I don't think so. The cakes turned out great. Think I like the dragon fly best. There is a hidden talent there. You can come decorate cakes for me anytime! How fun to go to quilt sites for ideas. I would never of thought of that. Nola

Unknown said...

They look too good to eat!! :0) You can't beat a cute owl! Very well done. xo

Mary-Frances said...

That owl is sooo cute! Great job. Way to combine quilting, birding and playing with your food! :-)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

they are amazing.....

Cuby said...

I love the word cake and these look wonderful. I think it is a good thing you are not nearby as resistance is not a strong quality of mine.

Tammy said...

beautiful cakes Karen! I especially love the Owl, my son's favorite bird! You must be very talented!

Binsa said...

Hello Karen, beautiful cakes you have made, my one weakness is cake besides chocolate of course....Hugs, O'faigh

Kathie Brown said...

Nice job! Love the dragonfly cake!

DeniseinVA said...

Your cakes look great you know. The recipients at birthdays and special occasions would be very happy to get one.

Ash said...

I love trying new things, your cakes look wonderful - but it always goes back to the stitching!!!

Bob Bushell said...

I hope your walk is satisfying as a chunk of those cakes, ummmmmmmm.

Allie said...

Dang girl, you did good! I love these!

Anonymous said...

Can I just say -- I LOVE that you didn't do roses! And the owl cake is SO CUTE!

Linda said...

You certainly keep busy! You did a great job, by the way!

Dog-Walker said...

Very nice birthday cakes. My mom made a Food For Thought on Birthday Cakes on her blog. If you like to, you can go check that out.

Dog-Walker said...

You should see my Mom's Food For Though on Birthday Cakes. They are the same as yours, I think.