Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where's Cupid When You Need Him?

With Valentine's Day just around the corner,
this guy needs a little assistance!

He never did get the girl!!


There's still time to make a special
Valentine's Day project.

I found this pretty wallhanging at


Last evening, I turned on the news, an activity I
usually go out of my way to avoid.
I generally find the news to be disturbing.
Last night was no exception.

I learned that for every dollar already spent on the primaries,
one person in the US is living below the poverty level.
The astounding total is approximately...

...are you ready for this?

47 million.

Is it just me?  Or is this an astounding number?


TexWisGirl said...


your pigeon friend is a cute fella, though.

Ash said...

Glad I'm not the only one to avoid the news - if its really important I will find out...eventually.

Rambling Woods said...

I was thinking of all that wasted money and how it could really go to help children....

Just Ramblin' said...

Aw shucks, he didn't get the girl! I also avoid the news, but that is really wasted money that could help so many. I don't see what a limit can't be set and only have this go on for a couple of months. I'm tired of it already! Thanks for the website. Nola

Carrie P. said...

Poor guy! maybe next time they meet
OOO! that is a pretty wall hanging.
Don't get me started. I think going to the moon and setting up a colony is absurd. Use the money to help those who are hungry and living on the streets because they can't find a job. I think going to the moon is a total waste.
(gingrich's idea)

Lynn said...

All the money that's wasted (oops I meant spent) just a fraction of it would do such good. Wouldn't it be nice if the politicians said instead of spending a million dollars (or 8.5 Million in one candidate's case) that they would donate that money to a food kitchen, or coats and school supplies for needy kids, or scholarships to a community college, ugh don't get me started.

Kay L. Davies said...

Yes, I love the pigeon photos. I enlarged them and laughed and laughed at the rejected suitor with his chest puffed up to impress the uninterested lady pigeon.
As for politicians wasting money, it is ridiculous how much is wasted in Canada and the US. I can't even begin to believe it. I also avoid the news. My husband now gets the news on his computer, so I don't even have to hear him watching it.
Such a sad, sad world these days.

Marvin said...

Wounded pigeon pride.

Impossible to argue that all the time, money and BS devoted to campaigns gives us better elected leaders, isn't it?

Dog-Walker said...

47 million sounds a lot, but I love Valentine's Day. I have a friend who has a birthday on Valentines day. I'm giving her a heart necklace as saying Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday. Can't wait to give the gift to her.

Kathie Brown said...

Pitiful that we can find that much money to spend on advertising yet we cannot fund our school, police and fire departments or feed the impoverished children!

On a happier note, that is a cute tie-in with that wall hanging and the pigeons! that old boy is certainly strutting his stuff!

Bob Bushell said...

Nice one Karen, the pigeons and 47 millions dollars????????????

Julie G. said...

Astonishing figure! All that waste... I too avoid watching the news these days.

Poor Mr. pigeon! I thought he looked rather handsome strutting all puffed up and strong. Perhaps he should try online pigeon dating. Cute photos!