Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dragons and Damsels

Yes, indeed, the Nature Gods are smiling down upon us,
with yet another long anticipated field guide
that bridges a gap.

by Dennis Paulson
And the good news doesn't stop there,
because Dennis and the Princeton University Press
have also published the companion volume
(drum roll, please)

Up until now, I cross-referenced between two excellent guide books
and a couple of internet sites.

Now I can have it all in one!  AND damselflies, too!
Imagine my delight!

I am particularly pleased with the fully-illustrated text,
explicit, yet easy to comprehend.
And truly fascinating.

Dennis Paulson does an amazing job
covering description, identification (no easy task),
natural history (so much is still unknown!), habitat,
flight season and range maps. 
Each family is represented with general information
before introducing the 336 stars of the show
with a beautiful array of full-color photographs!

Blue-striped Spreadwing
Cherry Bluet

To learn more, go to  this Princeton University Press page.

Dragonflies are a favorite among crafts persons,
from stained glass

to jewelry

needle work


and even soap!

Everyone loves dragonflies.

Order your copy today!


Kay L. Davies said...

The pale blue one is just gorgeous, Karen. And now everyone can have a matched set of books about the dragons and the damsels — super!

Sana Saroti said...

You are absolutely right! I looooooooooooooooooooove dragonflies! Since my native language is not English I didnt always know that that's what they are called. But the word Dragonfly is so fitting! In Geman they are called Libelle! Also pretty pretty but not so fitting ;-)

Miss Holly said...

What a book to add to my library ....we always called them darning needles....I still garden is filled with so many different ones and I really don't know that much about them...but I love them...thank you so for letting us know about the books!!

grammie g said...

Hi Karen...Great to watch and "try ; }
to get photos off these guy's!!
They certainly are very popular in many circles of items!!
Thanks for the book info...

Bob Bushell said...

Good book I would presume, but, I have a friend who is scared of them, can't even be anywhere.

John said...

These are amazing creatures, to thin that they have not changed in millions of years. Well worth studying and the books sound amazing.

Lasso the Moon said...

How fun. These are beautiful.

Kathiesbirds said...

What whimsical crafts!

Dog-Walker said...

You know, I have earned the Insect Study Merit badge. All I had to do was collect different bugs, especially some dragonflies. Some of my sisters, like Teach, don't like bugs as much, because, they're not much of tree huggers or bug-lovers. At least you got to learn about dragonflies as much as I did on other bugs for the Insect merit badge.