Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Softer Palette

A softer palette,
which is a little out of the box for me.

I saw this pretty little quilt, designed by Erika Bea,
 in the February 2018 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting,
and thought it would work well with the plethora
of blue fabrics I inherited a few years back.

So, I picked up some very pale yellow background fabric,
which doesn't show well in the pictures,
kitted it up, and brought it back to Cape Breton with me.
I don't have anything suitable for the back right now,
so it will be relegated to the bottom of the pile,
until the perfect backing materializes!

I was able to cut this fabric into strips (2"),
not all wof, but long enough to strip piece the 9 patches,
which was nice for a change.
Usually, I'm building blocks with little pieces.

I'm not really into blue,
but as long as I'm sewing,
I'm happy.
I enjoyed making this simple, straight forward quilt top,
which finishes up at 68" square,
and I look forward to quilting it.
It will be just the right size to ward of the chill
on a cold, winter's evening.


Butterflies at the Beach

I recently spent a few beautiful summer days
along the southwest shore of Nova Scotia mainland.
While hiking this one magnificent headland,
I saw more Monarch Butterflies
than I've ever seen before in any one location.

The Monarch is just as beautiful
on the flip side as on the top.

They were so intent on feasting upon this patch of knapweed,
they didn't mind if I got up close and personal
for just a few minutes.

I hope you are having a sewlful week!
I have been having such a good time
visiting your blogs and seeing what you've been working on
or places you've been vacationing.


Binsa said...

Love the colour blue Karen your quilt is gorgeous

FlourishingPalms said...

Your blue and (invisible) yellow quilt is pretty, Karen. I'm so glad you've been sewing. I know exactly what you mean about backings. I now have four quilts needing yardage to make them ready for quilting. As much as I like to piece backings, I'm pretty much past the point of even having "chunks" of fabric big enough to piece a backing! I am slowly using-up my stash! Though I think the next quilt needs to be scrappy. Have you seen the free pattern for "Plaidish?" It's a study in light, medium, and dark values that might just be my next scrap quilt. Happy for you to have had walking time with butterflies. That sounds lovely, and I can almost picture you.... "The Butterfly Whisperer."

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Well done. That's a great pattern.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that makes a nice soft pretty quilt! love the butterflies

Cheryll said...

Your quilt reminds me of a stained glass window...
NiCe job...xox

Pamela said...

Blues with yellow are gorgeous!

Carla said...

I really like the quilt. I always have a hard time going simple in colors but they tend to make really pretty quilts like yours.
I love watching butterflies. We haven't gotten our landscaping in at the farm yet but in time and when we do I hope to see a lot of butterflies.

Louise said...

That's a classic pattern! Makes me want to sew together a bunch of nine patches that I have lurking in a pile :)

Maria said...

Oh Blue's are my favourite colour and this is a love,y flimsy...
Always lovely to go wondering along the beach and great to see the batch of butterflies....

Margo Yang said...

The blue quilt is just beautiful, can’t wait to see it quilted. Thanks for sharing your beautiful butterfly picture with us.

Lesley said...

The quilt is so sweet! Love your use of blues! Your photos are amazing...felt like I could touch that butterfly!

Ioleen said...

Blue and yellow is a great colour combo. The butterflies are also so nice to see. They do drive my cats crazy when they’re in the rose bushes. The cats will watch from the back of the couch for as long as the butterflies stay.

Lin said...

What a pretty quilt top Karen. Gorgeous butterfly picture. xx

sunny said...

I love it! I do tend towards the lighter colors, though. I sure wish I could be walking on your beach with you.

Sondra said...

I love it, and your monarch is so pretty..And thanks for the plant name I've seen this and mistaken it for thistle...have a good rest of the week!

Susan said...

I DO like blue and it always looks great with yellow. That's a very pretty quilt. I hope a back pops up soon! The monarchs are so beautiful, thank you for sharing that.

Createology said...

Lovely in blue and pale yellow quilt. You will see that it brings a smile to your face when Winter dreary surrounds you. Butterflies are the bearers of 10,000 Happinesses. Awesome August Dear...

Preeti said...

Gentle as a Baby's Breath. The beautiful monarch butterfly against the sandy beach and blue water background is very picturesque.
I have a feeling you are in love!!! I can almost feel it in my fingers :-)

kiwikid said...

Beautiful quilt. Love the monarch pictures, we don't seem to have them here, but I grew up with the everywhere in NZ.

Carol S. said...

It's a beautiful blue quilt and I love those butterflies!

Judy said...

I love the soft colors and how the pattern is subtle. Sometimes it's fun to go a different direction, and try something new. Thanks for sharing the butterfly photos with us!

Frédérique said...

Even if it's not your favorite color, those blues are very pretty all together, beautiful quilt top! Cute butterfly too ;)

canuckquilter said...

You may not be into blue, but I am and I love your blue/yellow combination. It's a berautifil, soft, quiet, curl up with me quilt.

JanineMarie said...

I’m not typically a “ blue” person, either, but the colors in this quilt are delightful with the sun shining through them. There is something satisfying about sewing nine-patches. They connect us to all those patchworkers that went on before us. Your monarch photos are breath-taking. Are the monarchs gathering for migration yet, or is it still too early?